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Colin Farrell/Jared Leto
"Cigarettes" by lassiterfics -- They smoke really fast.

Cross Over
Jake Gyllenhaal/Ewan McGregor:
"Cadence and Angles" by RD. R -- There is a short and half-hearted stretch of time when Jake really tries to hate Ewan McGregor.

William Fichtner/Sean Bean "Just Might Find" by helens78 NC-17 -- D/s. warnings for quite a lot of kink and a little bit of incidental angst -- Bill Fichtner runs into Sean Bean at a certain kinky club in London. Sean bottoms. Bill tops. And neither of them have plans for the afternoon....

William Fichtner/Sean Bean "Push Comes to Shove" by helens78 and telesilla NC-17 -- Slight D/s -- Both Bill and Sean are tops who end up striking out on a slow night in a bar--and if that doesn't convince you that this is fiction, I don't know what will, but anyway. When they settle for each other, who ends up on top?

Chronicles of Riddick
Karl Urban/Linus Roache
"Fling" by Brenda PG 13 -- This wouldn't last.

Elijah Wood/Josh Harnett
"Listen" by Brenda PG-13 -- Strange things happen when you least expect it.

Elijah Wood/Josh Harnett "Uncomplicated" by Brenda PG-13 -- Josh wants it simple.

Elijah Wood/Josh Harnett "Not Part of the Plan" by Ibonekoen NC 17 -- Kissing Elijah hadnít been part of Joshís plan.

Nathan Fillion/Sean Maher
"Please Don't Free Me " by nyghtpet NC-17 -- Prompt: Say itís mine so give it all up to me now, And walk that line, donít let this go. Kink: Rough sex.

Gossip Girl
"I Love You (But You're Green)" by seedyapartment NC-17 -- It starts like this: "I'm Ed. I play Chuck." NEW

Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia:
"the wilds of canada" by just_katarin NC-17 -- Adrian goes to retrieve Milo from the wilds of Canada. A party, marijuana, cheap diner food, Mikey and sex ensue.

Adrian/Milo: "Suspension" by linaerys NC-17 -- There is filming and then there is sex. Not complicated, people!

Jake Gyllenhaal/Peter Sarsgaard:
"three two one" by one900 R -- 3 takes of a scene. weird little doodad.

Jake Gyllenhaal/Peter Sarsgaard: "The King of Wishful Thinking" by dirty-diana -- Peter is not having sex with Jake fucking Gyllenhaal.

"Sunset" by Jo PG -- Sunset colors in action

Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom "Birthday Boy" by Green Queen. -- Short and very hot. Enjoy!

Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom "fucked*" by Buffett R

Karl Urban/David Wenham "Painting the Sistine Chapel" by Julie PG 13 -- Karl has to paint a room, and enlists David's assistance

Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom, Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen "Falls the Shadow" by Brenda NC 17 -- Orlando only wants one thing.

Elijah Wood/Dominic Monaghan "Cow" by circe_tiganat

Elijah Wood/Dominic Monaghan "Bat Care for Beginners" by sheldrake -- Light and funny story..."Hey," says Elijah, handing him a horse. "I brought you a horse."

Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen: "Voices, Whispering Together" by Brenda R -- What one wants and what one gets are seldom the same. Prequel to "Falls the Shadow".

Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom "Beg" by Jennandanica NC-17 -- Karl's a nasty fucking bastard. Warning: Definitely not a pleasant fic, if you're easily squicked, might want to give this one a pass.

Sean Bean/Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom "Better Late Than Never" by Vivi and Nienor NC-17 -- Flinching in the middle of getting a tattoo was not a good idea...

Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom "Fucked (series)" by Buffett. NC-17.

Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom Cuddle ficlet for Jo" by Brenda. K. NC-17 -- There was something so sublimely beautiful about waking up next to Karl.

Sean Bean/Elijah Wood Fall" by azrhiaz NC-17 -- PWP. Sean keeps falling down.

Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom "The Exorcist" by Jaq. S. NC-17 -- Sean has a problem that needs the skill of a professional to resolve.

Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom Secret" by Brenda NC-17 -- What *really* happened after the Ďhuman scumí kiss.

"third-hand information" by Gale NC-17 -- Josh has to find out about Barbara and Naveen third-hand, which, in retrospect, is what really fucking pisses him off.

Matt Damon/Ben Affleck
"The Next Level" by Brenda PG -- Matt's worried about Ben. Ben's not quite happy about it.

"The Last Resort" by Brenda PG -- All good things must come to an end, or so they say.

"Marked" by cupidsbow NC 17 -- "Don't mark me," said Matt, voice hoarse and uneven. "I have to shoot close-ups tomorrow."

"Really Fucking Freudian" by lardencelover R -- It was truly fucking embarrassing to admit that it all started with one of those absurd, teenager-y wet dreams, particularly since Ben had long since ceased having them.

Gary Oldman/Tim Roth
"Cutting Room Floor" by cyrilavenue PG 13 -- Sometimes the story goes on for days after the actual thing has happened. He has always preferred his own world to the real one

Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller
"Practice" by khohen1 PG-13 -- "So," he said, flinching slightly as he couldn't quite meet Owen's eyes. "That kissing scene."

"Fusion of Souls" by khohen1 R -- Soulmates are a tricky thing, even when youíre old enough to not really believe in it anymore.

"Asides & Vibes" by khohen1 PG 13 -- It all started because we agreed to be interviewed for a college newspaper by two college sorority sisters over dinner.

Romulus, my father
Eric Bana/Marton Csokas:
"Tainted" by Brenda NC-17 -- Marton was unlike anyone Eric had ever known. NEW

Tom Welling/Michael Rosenbaum
"Life, Non-Fat" by toomuchplor NC 17 -- Broken marriages, friends and coffee.

"Half the Devil's" by dirty diana PG-13 -- They don't kiss in John's trailer.

Brad Pitt/Garrett Hedlund
"Chemistry" by Natasha NC 17 -- Wherein Brad has a clause in his contract; and Garrett is not quite as shy as it seems.

Brad Pitt/Garrett Hedlund "The Killing Time Series" by LadyJackyl NC 17 -- Brad and Garrett clash--that's what happens when you have chemistry. But will they survive it?

Brad Pitt/Garrett Hedlund "He War" by Keelie R -- Brad finds himself in over his head where Garrett is concerned.

Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom "Casual Conversation" by Brenda PG -- Orlando has a question.

"Capital Letters" by Sarah PG-13 -- Shawn is thinking in capital letters again.

Hugh Jackman/James Marsden "People Will Say" by Karabair R -- Shawn nods, thinking about all of them. Thinking about the movies they're in. "If you're Wolverine, he's basically Jean Grey."