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"A Mystery to Solve" by Hecate PG-13 -- Caplan, post – rescue. He can't let go.

"Chains of Self" by Luna Takes place during Sydney's missing two years. Vaughn turns to Sark for help in finding Sydney

"A Different Life" by Rhysenn R -- It doesn't take much to break Vaughn after all...

"Portrait of a Man, Three Feet Down" by Luna NC 17 -- Vaughn tries to find a way to deal with the truth.

" Line of Fire by verbalthing R -- Vaughn likes to think his marriage was real, at least at some points. Sark's the only one who knows the truth.

"Down Among the Dead Men" by Tigertrapped NC 17 -- Vaughn and Sark work out the kinks; Will plays gooseberry.

"Rules of Engagement" by Luna NC-17 -- This is how the bathroom scene in 'Facade' should have gone down.

"Five Degrees of Convergence" by Sandrine PG 13 -- A series of encounters between Vaughn and Sark, post series finale: "How come I'm only 'Michael' to you when I'm the one with the gun?"

"Compromise" by shrift NC-17 -- Sark is always willing to compromise.

"Safe House," by Nestra NC-17 -- Sark's in custody. Sark is bored. Weiss is in trouble. Guh. Let me say that a few more times. Guh, guh, guh, guh, and did I mention? Guh.

Somewhere Along the Way, And Then Again and Having by Brix R -- Bristling with UST that gets almost unbearably hot when it's finally turned into RST. Read.

"Stuck With You" by elishavah R -- Things don't really heat up until stuff explodes.

"Somewhere Along the Way", "And Then Again" and "Having" by Brix R -- Somewhere along the way - Weiss was sure of it - he had lost control of the situation.

"Round IV" by Fatema Sark and him would go for round two and maybe even a round three because Sark would be insatiable and the need for the dream/reality to never end would be too much....

" Bad Hair and Better Smiles" by Jennifer-Oksana PG 13 -- Will, Sark, and a sticky situation

"Down Among the Dead Men" by Tigertrapped NC 17 -- Vaughn and Sark work out the kinks; Will plays gooseberry.

"Necessary Alliances" by midorinomizu PG 13 -- Too much had happened between them, for Will Tippin not to be pointing a pistol at Julian Sark’s head when he opened the door.

"Into the Wardrobe" by Brix PG 13 -- Post S2 finale. Sydney takes Will to Sark, and asks for a favor.(hints of Sark/Sydney and Sark/Will)

"Things remembered on waking" by shrift PG -- There are a lot of questions that Vaughn doesn't ask.

"Six Months" by Ella NC 17 -- The first six months after Sydney's 'death'

"Going Down" by tigertrapped NC 17 -- Will tests a conspiracy theory

"A Perfect Circle" by Michelle K PG 13 -- He remembers.

"Not Quite Nothing" by LizBee PG 13 -- Will and Vaughn have something, but they can't quite put it into words.

"Treason" by Nicola PG -- There are no excuses, only clichés. Post-'The Telling', Will confesses

"Worn" by agentotter NC-17 -- When Vaughn presses a dangerously full wine glass into Will's hand, Will swallows it down like it's nothing but grape juice.

various pairings
"Antics, or Five Things That Might've Happened in A Man of His Word" by Sara NC 17 -- Sark has had a really busy couple of days.