Buffy/Angel femslash fic recs

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"Zen and the Art of Stake Maintenance" by m_phoenix -- Buffy likes to watch Faith whittle.

"Virtue, or, Seven Things that Might Happen to Buffy and Faith" by thelastgoodname R -- Buffy has faith now.

"Downtime" by Voleuse R -- Faith can be patient.

"Insatiate #9" by moodfic PG 13 -- strong sexuality, really short

"Tissue" by Shati PG - Coffee, old scars and reunions.

"Gemini" by only-passenger PG - If she could cut herself in half, part of Buffy would follow Faith anywhere.

"Moon Stung" by Voleuse NC 17 -- When Kit starts crying for her, it feels perfectly natural to kiss away her tears.

"The Whole of the Moon" by doyle_sb4 -- Christmas in England, and Dawn's growing up.

"Void" by issuegirls -- Somewhere between Sunnydale and Los Angeles, she lost her soul.

"After" by thelastgoodname PG 13 -- Faith finds out what happened in LA, and goes looking for her future.

multiple pairings
"Five Futures Full of Alcohol and Sex" by Kyra Cullinan --BtVs B/F, B/X, B/G, B/W, B/S/A -- Five futures Buffy could have. Post-Chosen