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"Forever" by Nicole Clevenger PG 13 -- It's the forever part that gets him

"Fault" by Ins -- She keeps herself awake thinking of ways to kill Angel.

"After the flood" by ascian -- He used to make it sound exciting, so the first place she heads for is New Orleans.

"The Last Summer" by Annie Sewell-Jennings (NC-17) -- After the world is destroyed by nuclear apocalypse, Buffy and Spike meet up in Australia for what may be the last summer on Earth.

"Now I Live Here" by glossing R -- Her mind did not want to settle on any one thought, not for too long. Settling meant really thinking, and thinking meant remembering, and there was too much to remember. Mom in a sundress, Tara in her coffin. Funerals, and Riley; the Master and the look of wonder and hope on Angel's face when she killed him; summer after summer.

"Concerning Flight" by seraC -- Lonely, you finally chose a boy with sweet, brown eyes and unruly hair that fell across his forehead. Spike brought you his eyes in a jar when he found out what you had done. The news anchor, perfectly manicured and appropriately somber, said his name was Justin.

"Five Kisses: Second Kiss" by brighidestone PG 13 -- "You," Dawn said, her forefinger pushing into his sternum with surprising power, "kissed me!"

"You Who Never Arrived" by m_phoenix -- future fic, goes AU after The Gift.

"Sleepflower" by Prophecy Girl -- I might be going crazy, I might be losing my mind, I might be thinking about touching her.. .

"Song of Herself" by doyle-sb4 PG 13 -- Six months in Cleveland changes some things.

"Untitled" by sugarhigh9104 -- Gunn wants to know about Faith.

"THE UNINVITED GUEST" by Yahtzee -- Fred shakes her head. "All we want is the truth." "Like hell you do," I say. They don't want the truth. Nobody does.

"Enough" by Minim Calibre PG -- It's not enough.

"Backbone" by Rowan PG-13 -- It's not about love

multiple pairings
"Five Futures Full of Alcohol and Sex" by Kyra Cullinan --BtVs B/F, B/X, B/G, B/W, B/S/A -- Five futures Buffy could have. Post-Chosen