Buffy/Angel slash fic recs

Angel/Giles  Angel/Lindsey  Angel/Wesley  Wesley/Gunn  Xander/Spike  Xander/Lindsey 

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"Grief That Does Not Speak" by Estepheia PG 13 -- Of course it's death that brings them together. Buffy's death. Set post-Gift

"Sea Change" by Yahtzee NC 17 -- Lindsey leaves on what he thinks will be the ultimate escape from his past. But his past travels with him -- as does Angel.

"Incarnadine" by Sara -- After the last battle Lindsey comes back

"The Dance" by ely_jan NC 17 -- They had history. Glancing touches that left bruises more often than not, and shattering blows meant to maim and hurt. Kill. None of it a lie, nothing ever really changed. Nothing will ever change, but then there were kisses.

"Catch" by R -- He has no idea how he got here, flat on his back on a hard mattress in a dark cellar, staring up at a flickering orange bulb, at the fly knocking against it, with a vampire lipping delicately - teasingly - over his naked throat. NEW

"Into the Black," by flaming_june_NC-17 --Plot-free ficlet. Spoilers through AtS 4.1, "Deep Down."

"Latency," by shrift NC 17 -- When time elapses between a stimulus and the response to it, it doesn't mean that response is any less

" The Enemy of My Friend" by rayne_y_daze PG -- Xander and Lindsey meet and discuss their feelings for a mutual acquaintance. Takes place right after Lindsey leaves L.A.

"Never-Ever Land" by Shrift -- Xander and Spike and weird curses

"post grad" by Te NC17 -- Life tends to change after high school. - violence, disturbing imagery