Brimstone slash fic recs


Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"Despair: A Love Story" by buggery NC 17 -- Zeke tries to deal with life

"Man of No Means" by Kelex -- Ezekiel forgot, but Lucifer didn't.

"Second Sight" by Sidewinder PG -- Zeke helps the devil see things from a different point of view.

"Dubious Nutritional Value" by m_butterfly NC 17 -- A light and fluffy tale of sex, snacks, and rock'n'roll.

"The Mind Is It's Own Place" by Sarah T. NC 17 -- Morale-building exercises at work

"Not by Bread Alone" by Sarah T. PG 13 -- Breaking up is hard to do. - Very clever and witty, featuring an utterly delightful Satan!

"How Not To Disappear" by sidewinder PG-13 -- Sometimes he wondered if he really felt anything, any longer.

"Good Times" by trascendenza R -- Just as Zeke tries to have some fun, Lucifer shows up.