BSG femslash fic recs

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"Enlightenment" by ingrid-m R -- She looks and sees the number "14" to her left and that strikes her as a good one to choose, a lucky one, as it's six and eight combined.

"You Are What You Love" by sheepfairy G -- Sharon would not think that Six was going insane, or that she should be boxed. And Six thinks that she might love Sharon for that.

"Your glory defined" by ellen m. PG -- You say, I missed you, and she says, yes. Just like that.

"We Won't Need Legs To Stand" by sheepfairy PG 13 -- But Sharon has always been a fighter, and sometimes Caprica smiles at her, and thats enough to keep her going for now.

"We Are Collapsed in the Act of Just Being Here" by sheepfairy R -- Five Ways Six and Boomer Have Found Time to be Alone

"Steady Like the Ocean" by pirateygoodness R - The buildings were Caprica's idea.

Putting the Adult into Adultery (someone has to)" by pirateygoodness NC-17 -- So maybe she's not so bad.