Constantine slash fic recs

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"The Pilgrim's Progress" by Guede Mazaka and "Illuminated" by Guede Mazaka NC 17 -- A demon in heaven. Interesting concept.

"The First" by only_veetee PG 13 -- The progression of John and Balthazar's relationship.

"the lesser of two evils" by autiotalo -- Troubled by confronting the reality of his death, John is made an offer he cant refuse or can he?

"Hostilities" by consternatio NC 17 -- Being in the same room as Balthazar made Constantine's blood boil

"Visiting Hours" by mercuriazs -- Balthazar visits John in the hospital

"Red" by _bellacosity -- John thought he was being courteous by doing it in the bathtub.

"Puppy" by krichira -- It began the same way it did every time; with a shove, with a snarled obscenity, with a threat.

"Aftermath" by krichira -- After the events of the movie the power balance has changed

"Untitled" by one900 -- Fuck the rules.

"Overheard (Outside the Hospital)" by Trudy West PG -- Its about bloody time. Is this how you usually respond to messages marked urgent?

"Eternity" by Gryvon PG-13 -- Balthazar had to admit death looked good on Constantine, possibly even better than life had.

"Hypothetical" by cupiscent -- While everyone agrees that Chas is a persistent sort where research is concerned, and usually experimentation is the path to further knowledge, there are some areas where pushing the boundaries is distinctly ill-advised.

"Stupid Things" by gravi_girl123 -- Falling for John Constantine had to be the dumbest thing Chas Chandler had ever done in his entire life.

"Time Stops" by Brenda PG -- Wherein there's not much conversation, but that's not why Lucifer's here.

"Symmetry" by collie R -- Playing both sides.