crossover gen fic recs

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"fragments (on the wall we were leaning)" by fox1013 Angel/Alias/BSG/BtVs/Grey's Anatomy/Harry Potter/Lost/Roswell/SGA crossover PG -- ensemble -- All you need to know you can find on the bathroom walls.

"Dreams of Electric Sheep" by thedeadparrot BSG/Blade Runner crossover PG 13 -- ensemble -- They finally found earth.

"This is the law and the prophets" by fryadvocate BSG/Dead like me crossover PG 13 -- ensemble -- It's the end of the world and the reapers have work to do.

"Cylon Detection Made Charming and Easy" by ana_grrl BSG/Dr. Who crossover PG -- ensemble -- She doesn't look like a robot.

"Not For All Your Sins" by bantha_fodder BSG/Sandman crossover G -- ensemble -- The end has come.

"Pop Divas After The End of the World" by meyerlemon BSG/Pop crossover PG 13 -- That was the other thing about Britney: when she wasn't threatening to shoot you on sight, she was almost always really nice. Crackfic.

"Rough Heals" by Voleuse PG 13 BtVs/Firefly crossover PG -- Dawn -- She never dies. She never even grows old.

"Another Conversation with a Dead Person" by Blinky the Tree Frog PG 13 BtVs/DCU crossover PG -- Jonathan -- Jonathan has a talk

"Ten Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers" by Jedi Buttercup PG 13 BtVS/CSI/The Dead Zone/Survivor/Underworld/Men in Black/Harry Potter/Spiderman 2/The X-Files/Monster House/Stargate: Atlantis crossover PG 13 -- Buffy -- Things that Never Happened drabble challenge. Twenty drabbles, twenty crossovers, two thousand words.

"Can't stop the turtle" by uarazy2 Discworld/Firefly crossover PG -- ensemble -- For the second time in two days Mal had no response available, but was spared the need to reply by Vimes’s resigned sigh. “Captain Carrot, let’s get them to the city.” ‘Before I succumb to the urge to shoot myself in the leg’ was left unsaid, yet unmistakably there. - Vimes and Mal in one story. In a scene together. What's NOT to love?

"Only The Force, They Said" by Afrai Discworld/Star Wars crossover PG -- Death -- "And they said there's no death, only the Force."

"The Scythe" by sparklebutch Discworld/X-Files crossover PG -- Krycek -- It's time for Krycek. Crack Fic.

"The Yankee's Loot" by yahtzee63 Doctor Who/Gone with the Wind crossover PG -- 10, Martha, Scarlett -- The Tenth Doctor has known many Companions over the years, and thinks he's ready for almost anything. And then, God help him, he picks up Scarlett O'Hara. "Five places in which Alex didn't belong, and one place from which he can't escape." by whisp Grey's Anatomy/Dead like me crossover PG 13 -- Alex -- "Natural causes is one of the nicer assignments for a reaper. Especially in a hospital. No chasing anyone down, everyone's got a nametag. Nice gig."

"Three Men and a Jail Cell" by resmin Farscape/Firefly/SGA crossover PG -- Sheppard, Chrichton, Mal -- An astronaut, a flyboy and a space cowboy all walk into a bar

"Res-Q" by AstroGirl Farscape/Enterprise crossover PG -- ensemble -- Q kidnaps Aeryn and puts her on the Enterprise, Chrichton follows.

"Made To Be Lost" by Mara Greengrass Farscape/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy crossover PG -- ensemble -- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about wormholes: Avoid them.

"Going home" by Claire Farscape/Dr. Who crossover PG -- Chrichton, Rose -- He can't go home again. She still can.

"Hitching a Ride" by Meltha PG 13 Firefly/BtVs crossover R -- ensemble -- There’s a stowaway on board Serenity who isn’t exactly what she appears to be.

"Serenterprise-D" by inlovewithnight Firefly/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover PG -- ensemble -- Note to self, stop picking up ships that come out of wormholes. It always ends in tears.

"A Fish Named Cheung" by Roach Firefly/Hitchhiker crossover PG -- ensemble -- The Serenity picks up two unique passengers.

"the sound of one hand clapping" by Gale Firefly/SG1 crossover PG -- ensemble -- “Leaves drift,” River says, perched in the co-pilot’s seat, her knees drawn up to her chest. “But they land, eventually. Even come home, sometimes.”

"Danse du petit cygne" victoria p. House/Firefly crossover G -- House, River -- "Come on now, River. What did you do to my boat? Where are we? Who the hell is he and how did he get here?" "Dr. Gregory House," River answers. "Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. From Earth-that-was. Best diagnostician of his time. He'll take my case.

"What You Need" by violaswamp House/Veronica Mars crossover PG -- House, Logan -- After the events of S1 VMars, House finds himself in custody of his cousin Aaron Echolls' extremely disturbed child, Logan.

"What The Ducklings Did On Their Summer Vacation" by Roga House/SGA crossover PG 13 -- Ensemble -- Wherein the ducklings are recruited, captured, rescued, yelled at, and that thing they’re not going to mention again ever, and discover that brilliant jerks aren't only found on Earth.

"The Made-Up Things" by chaos-pockets HP/Narnia crossover PG -- Petunia -- Petunia, after all, had never seen Lily’s lion. - Once upon a time, there were four children, whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. And then all that was left was Susan, who had two daughters. One was named Petunia, and one was named Lily.

"A Million Light Years from Home" by Victoria P. HP/Firefly crossover PG 13 -- Sirius, Ensemble -- "You're a long, long way from home, but you're a good dog." "The boy under the bed" by eponine119 LOST/Dr. Who crossover PG 13 -- Doctor, Sawyer -- It's the sound of the boogeyman coming, even if the boogeyman turns out to wear white tennis shoes and whisper in your ear so you're not alone anymore.

"A Medicine for Melancholy" by Meret Smallville, Spiderman crossover R -- Lex, Harry -- Lex gives support to a grieving Harry.

"Retrograde" by Martha Wilson SGA/SG1 crossover R -- ensemble -- The SG1 team comes to Atlantis' rescue but someone was there before them. A very good look on the SGA team, how they work together, how much the mission means to them.

"An Undone War Still Wages" by Cherry Ice SGA/Dr. Who crossover PG 13 -- ensemble -- There is always collateral damage. - The Doctor, Rose and Jack in Atlantis after the Wraith attack.

"Nobody knows where they might end up" by fox1013 SGA/Grey's Anatomy crossover PG 13 -- George, Cadman --Everyone needs a best friend, sometimes.

"Where Did All the Physics Go?" by Amireal SGA/Enterprise crossover PG 13 -- ensemble Mckay/Sheppard -- "This has to be some sort of big Ancient induced acid trip." - Sheppard and Mckay end up on the Enterprise and meet Kirk and co. Enough said.

"Drink up, Look at the Stars" by Buggs SGA/Farscape crossover PG -- Sheppard, Chrichton -- "You can't honestly be this boring. So you've got to be hiding something." - Sheppard and Chrichton meet.

"Walk Out of the World" by Martha Wilson SGA/Firefly crossover PG 13 -- ensemble -- "Fell out of our 'verse, into yours." - Kaylee and River on a different planet, the Wraith hunting and Sheppard's team coming to the rescue. Wonderful look on River and how River sees the SGA team.

"X" by trinityofone SGA/X-Men crossover PG -- ensemble -- Scenes from another evolution.

"It Must Be Tuesday" by xphoenixrising Supernatural/Firefly crossover PG 13 -- Dean, Sam, River -- Sam figured you knew the apocalypse was coming when Dean got knocked out by a ninety pound girl.

"Good Deeds" by sanyin Supernatural/Good Omens crossover PG 13 -- ensemble -- Dean gets the Impala back, for a small price.

"Rolling In Your Sleep" by trollprincess Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy crossover PG 13 -- Denny,John -- In the end, it's Izzie who pulls the strings.

"Looking For Salt" by dotfic Supernatural/X-Files crossover PG 13 -- ensemble -- Mulder, Scully, the brothers and a zombie attack.

"Man of War (Both Sides Now Remix)" by trollprincess Supernatural/X-Men crossover R -- Dean -- The day it happens, Dean comes to with a pounding headache and the pattern of the steering wheel drawn across his forehead in furious bruises.

"Given Up" by Yahtzee X-Files/X-Men crossover PG -- ensemble -- Mulder and Scully at the mansion.

"damnation, hellfire and." by Cee X-Files/James Bond crossover PG 13 -- Alex Krycek, Alec Trevelyan -- "The Universe," he said firmly, "is not a Socialist." -- Hell is not what Alex expected.