crossover slash fic recs

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"Issue Fifty: The Super Crossover Extravaganza" by Sara Alias/the OC crossover R -- Seth/Sark, Seth/Zach/Summer -- In which CIA agents are on the doorstep, Seth's game is out of control, and Julian Sark is a bad, bad man. But a hot one.

"Making Contact" by Nestra Alias/Spooks crossover NC 17 -- Sark/Tom Quinn -- A spy walks into a pub.

"The Biter Bit" by Tigertrapped Alias/Spooks crossover NC 17 -- Sark/Vaugh, Sark/Jools -- Contempt is nature’s aphrodisiac

"Getting Harder to Breathe" by elishava Alias/Spooks crossover NC 17 -- Sark/Tom Quinn -- Tom's having a crisis; Sark's got some downtime.

"Filled With the Lives of Fire" by miladygrey Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover R -- Doctor/Jack -- "A well-meant gift, but one not meant for your kind. You are too fragile."

"(You) Bend (Before I) Break" by crippled Iron Man/Incredible Hulk crossover NC 17 -- Tony/Bruce Banner -- Bruce thinks too much in bed for Tony and Tony talks too much in bed for Bruce. NEW

"Paparazzo" by basingstroke Iron Man/Spiderman crossover R -- Tony/Peter Park -- Tony Stark, Peter Parker, and a whole lot of scientific banter (and smut). What could be more appropriate? NEW

"Three Steps Forward" by imadra_blue Iron Man/X-Men crossover PG -- Tony/Cyclops -- A series of drabbles featuring a resurrected Scott Summers and Tony Stark. NEW

"What Miracle Is Wrought" by cerebel Heroes/Jericho crossover R -- Mohinder/Sylar, Elle, Molly -- The bitterest irony is, of course, that New York survived.

"Jacking Gehenna" by Mirabella HP/Constantine crossover R -- Harry/John -- Evil never does know when to quit.

"Looking For Them" by mandysbitch OZ/L&O:SVU crossover R -- Beecher/Stabler -- A clever, sad little crossover. Stabler is not Keller, but for a while, it's close enough.

"Reality of a Dream" by pride_of_erin OZ / L&O:SVU crossover -- Beecher/Stabler -- "My name is Elliot," he says, although they both know that Beecher already knows this. "Say it," he continues.

"Best Friends," by Brenda Antrim Smallville/Spider-Man movie crossover) Clark/Peter, Harry/Lex NC-17 -- I'm pretty sure that at least a couple of you have already read this, but even so, it's worth a re-read. *g*) -Clark wins a trip to New York City. Lex takes care of business. Peter gets in touch with his Spidey side as he discovers mating season. Harry makes a decision. It's an educational experience for everyone.

"Lovers and Dreamers," by fox1013 Smallville/the Muppets crossover -- no, really. Clark/Lex, and some others for which I categorically refuse to spoil you. PG. -- I lost count of how many times this story made me laugh out loud, usually until I was completely out of breath. Enjoy!) -Did you ever stop and wonder why the characters from Smallville never met the Muppets? ...Okay, just me then.

"Rodney McKay, Meet Death" by Janne SGA / Discworld crossover PG 13 -- McKay/Sheppard, Death -- "Don't you know not to sneak up on a person?" Rodney shouts and the arm waving is implied, since currently Rodney's hands are occupied with the P50. "I could have killed you! Er." Rodney stops and rethinks that last statement as he stares at the cloaked figure. NEW

"One Night at the Hard Rock" / "Rolling with the Punches" by Ras Elased SGA / CSI:LV crossover NC 17 -- McKay/Sheppard, McKay/Mike Sheridan -- In the six weeks Rodney spent on Earth during The Return, he met Mike Sheridan at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

"Mona Lisa Box" by tzzzz SGA / The Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover R -- McKay/Sheppard -- Rodney McKay is one of the geniuses who created Skynet. John Sheppard is sent back in time to find him. NEW

"Blood Beat Back" by synecdochic SGA/SG 1 crossover R -- Michael/Daniel -- Because who lays their hands on a Wraith? Daniel Jackson, apparently.

"Where Eagles Dare... We Will Be Playing Poker a Hundred Miles in the Opposite Direction" by svendra SGA/SG 1 crossover PG 13 -- McKay/Sheppard, Teyla/Lorne, Sheppard/Mitchell -- "Let me get this straight," John said with a frown. "The SGC sent us SG-1? Aren't you guys needed on Earth?"

"The Sea, Cold" by siriaeve SGA/First Monday crossover NC 17 -- Julian/McKay -- They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains the hottest blood of all, and the wildest, the most urgent.

"A Thing Decided (res judicata)" by Yin SGA/First Monday crossover NC 17 -- McKay/Sheppard, McKay/Sheppard/Julian, Julian/McKay -- Rodney thinks that Julian is everything John could have been, if things were different; it also strikes him that John is everything that Julian might yet become.

"Like a Dream in the Morning" by leahwoof SGA/Torchwood crossover R -- Sheppard/Mckay -- John's Dead. Rodney can save him.

"another man with firmer lips" by synecdochic SG1/Sandman crossover PG 13 -- Jack/Daniel -- He says to Jack: the first time I died, I was six years old. That was when I met her.

"Finding hell" by mayatawi Supernatural/Hellblazer cross over NC 17 -- Dean/Constantine -- Dean runs into Constantine and things get heated.

"On Taking It Like A Bitch And Ten Other Ways to Say I Love You" by phaballa Supernatural/OC crossover R -- Seth/Ryan, Seth/Sam, Sam/Jess -- You can never go back. You can't stay gone.

"Triple Threat" by stellamira Supernatural/POP RPF crossover PG 13 -- Sam/Justin Timberlake -- Dean shook "call me Justin"'s hand like a professional, shortly and with a good grip, but then Sam had to go and embarrass him by stammering a "H-hey, n-nice to meet you." Dean elbowed him in the side discreetly.

"1947" by mandysbitch Torchwood/Heroes crossover NC 17 -- Jack/Nathan -- "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Jack says. -- "You'd be amazed at what I believe," Nathan says.

"Gonna Teach You Tricks That'll Blow Your Mind" by robin1618 Torchwood/Supernatural crossover R -- Ianto/Sam, implied Sam/Dean and Jack/Ianto -- Sam ends up in Cardiff and in a ghost infested Hub.

"Action Heroics" by Corona Torchwood/Primeval crossover PG 13 -- Jack/Stephen -- Dinosaurs, always bringing people together.

"Pandora" by Melina Torchwood/QaF crossover NC 17 -- Jack/Brian -- It's been a long time since Jack has met someone like Brian Kinney.