CSI slash fic recs

Nick/Greg   Mac/Danny

Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"It's Not The Same As Running" by beingothrwrldly PG -- Nick tries to sort things out, before and after.

"When You Can Only Watch" (1/1) by amazonqueenkate PG -- When Greg and Nick are each in the hospital, there's one person missing from both recoveries. Spoilers for "Play with Fire" and "Grave Danger."

"Post-it" by cinderlily PG -- Greg has a thing for Post-its

"Three Ways They Didn't Find Out (1/1) by iamtheenemy PG -- Three ways the other CSIs didn't find out about Nick and Greg.

"Fractured Moment" by just1tearforme PG -- Title says it all, one moment taken, and fractured.

"On Dissappointment" by Caster G -- The question is how long Bill Stokes is going to keep disappointing his son.

"What We Remember" by Caster G -- Greg remembers all the things he could have lost and decides to make his move.

"Autre Ne Vueil" by geekwriter143 NC 17 -- "I'm not expecting you to be my boyfriend if that's what you're worried about."

"Breath, Eyes, Memory by scarletts_awry -- Across from him Danny's eyes have turned suspicious, and Mac experiences a sharp flash of déjà vu. They've ended up like this again.

"Long Way Down by Stellaluna NC-17 -- A July heatwave, a broken air conditioner, and an ill-timed bout of nostalgia all add up to Danny finding himself in sore need of some distraction.

"Merry Gentlemen by Stellaluna PG -- Good tidings of comfort and joy; let nothing you dismay.