Live Free or Die Hard slash fic recs

John McClane/Matt Farrell 

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John McClane/Matt Farrell
"Life, Mid-Crisis" by lamardeuse NC-17 -- When Matt was released from the hospital, the NSA put him up at the Watergate Hotel God, the irony, it burned and spent the next four days giving him the third degree. NEW

"Situation Normal" by Pet NC-17 -- Six months after the Fire Sale, and everything is back to normal. Well, mostly normal. Normal-ish. NEW

"Mr Rock and Roll" by ToraK NC-17 -- "So," Matt says, "Doesn't look like you're gonna be my dad-in-law." NEW

"The Walking Wounded" by Kate Andrews NC-17 -- John does "being hurt" very well. John does make it sexy. NEW

"Just That Simple Thing" by ToraK NC-17 -- "Daisy Duke, did you break into my house today? John's voice was extra rumbly when he was pissed. Matt didn't find that hot. Not at all. NEW

"Coda" by NC-17 -- Matt tries to work out how his story ends. NEW

"The Story of McClane's Life" by NC-17 -- He's the wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time. Story of his life. NEW

"A Year in the Life" by Miss Priss NC-17 -- One year later, Matt takes John McClane out for a drink. NEW

"That Guy" by Renae NC-17 -- Matt was trying desperately to ignore the chaos reigning around him, if he got out of this alive then he was never playing Grand Theft Auto again. He'd stick with Frogger. NEW

"Coming Home" by NC-17 -- Lucy's not the only one who thought Matt would be out on his ass in no time and Matt won't let himself wonder why he's still here. NEW

"The Height of Technology is Frozen Pizza" by PG-13 -- Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. NEW

"WWJMD?" by R -- Matt soldiers through. He thinks "What Would John McClane Do?" NEW

^ "Connectivity Five Meals John Didn't Plan to Have)" by R -- The kid holds up the take-out again. "I thought maybe you were tired of eating alone." NEW

"How Enos Finally Caught Daisy" by tigerlady NC-17 -- John's not afraid to try new things. He just likes to take his time, when he can. NEW

"Jock Itch" by Quiet Tiger NC-17 -- John had found the kid insufferably annoying during their ordeal, at least up until he'd started to become useful, but now that he had to return to his real life, he'd found himself missing the kid in spite of himself. NEW

"Epiphany" by sullacat NC-17 -- John McClane isn't gay. Got it? NEW

"Smokin' cigarettes and watchin' Captain Kangaroo" by Hope R -- "He looks just like you, only twenty years younger." Matt smiles at Jack, who's glanced back to watch him. NEW

"Interlude No. 1, or In-Laws in D Flat Major" by lamardeuse NC-17 -- Thanksgiving with the in-laws. NEW

"Romance in a Bottle of Gun Oil)" by Eey PG-13 -- John refuses to leave Matt behind. NEW

"And then along came John or, Five Times McClane Saved Daisy Duke)" by megyal R -- There was... you know, that whole Fire Sale thing. NEW