The Fast & The Furious/ 2 Fast 2 Furious slash fic recs

Dom/Brian  Brian/Carter Verone 

Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"The Fall" by The Tenth Muse1R -- When the world ends in a hail of bombs, Dom comes back to LA for Brian and Mia.

"Cover" by Kay Deluca R -- One of the first things he learned about going undercover was that cover stories are best simple.

"Thirty-six hours. Thirty-five. Thirty-four." by Estrella R -- He's fucking the case up - he knows that.

"No Net Below" by lyra_sena R -- Dom could take him, Brian knows, but maybe they both want to see just how far Brian's going to push this.

"Inevitable" by Elfin PG 13 -- Set in 2F2F. Brian remembers how it came to this.

"Sway" by MaygraNC 17 -- A corollary in the Unfinished Business universe, but mostly it's a PWP with a hefty dose of kink. My profound thanks to Meghan & CKR for their nth hour and very timely beta duties.

"I Don't Ask For Much" by spasticat R -- I don't ask for much these days and I don't bitch and whine if I don't get my way

"Getting Somewhere Fast" by shrift NC 17 -- "I got a full stomach, a car with a sweet engine, and a fully stocked garage, man. What more could a guy want?"

"Testing Gravity" by Gwyneth Rhys NC 17 -- Brian goes looking for Dominic in Mexico, with a goal to setting things right between them.

"The Devil You Know" by sandrine --Brian gets caught by Carter and things get twisted.

"Flashes" by graceandfire NC-17 -- Three scenes or flashes of Brian and Dom taking place at the very beginning, the middle and after the end of the movie.

"Wasted in the Afternoon" by sori1773 NC-17 -- Brian can just see his feet, big, clunky motorcycle boots that look completely out of place on a Mexican surf beach.

Brian/Carter Verone
"The Devil You Know" by sandrine --Brian gets caught by Carter and things get twisted.

"Mule by carodee R -- Verone gives Brian one chance to make a different choice.