Firefly het fic recs

Jayne/River  Mal/River  Mal/Saffron  Wash/Zoe 

Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"In Living" by inlovewithnight R -- Darkness. Madness.

"The process of becoming misplaced" by Ana R -- It's not surprising the 'verse changes at it spins; though, sometimes, the changes aren't borne easily. post movie

"Copper" by lindentree R -- The ways in which we begin again.

Cerberus" by babies-stole-my-dingo PG-13 -- Niska decides to take vengeance on Mal by stealing a crewmember or two to sell into slavery and Jayne had promised to protect River.

"Rain Dances" by mollita and "Little Dreamer " by mollita PG 13 -- The first fic is a very well written AU and the second is it's follow-up. Both take place on a Ranch, present time, and it works.

"The last time they met" by dirty_diana -- They see each other, again and again

"The Best Part" by taraljc PG -- It happened slow. Gradually. Until she couldn't imagine a day going by when he didn't make her laugh.

"The Meeting Time" by vr_trakowski PG -- Zoe deals with consequences. post movie

"Always Armed" by DeeDee PG -- Any man can fight an Amazon. Takes a real man to kiss her.

"Of History" by Northlight R -- Loved her, he said, loved her so much and hated that she'd ever been hurt. Couldn't stand to see her hurt.

"Embracing a life of crime" by Macha R -- Wash won Zoe's heart with dinosaurs and flying into a volcano.

"Simply Perfectest" by Voleuse PG 13 -- Courtship of Zoe Plan #1: Thwarted.

"Rara Avis" by kirby crow PG 13 -- The war is still in her and Wash isn't allowed to see these places.

"With Their Eyelids Shut" by Voleuse PG 13 -- She makes the first move when he doesn't expect it.

"Fiddle You Must" by Voleuse PG -- And broken laugh, and a thousand memories, and not a single regret.