Firefly/Serenity slash fic recs

Jayne/Simon  Mal/Jayne 

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"Tetchy" by debchan -- Declarations of war, escalating hostilities and peace treaties. .

"Dancing Lessons" by kirby crow and "In the before" by kirby crow NC 17 -- They both have to learn these steps.

"Reclamation" by inlovewithnight NC 17 -- After 8 years Jayne comes home and everything has changed. Sequel to "Salvage Mission"

"Doesn't react well to situations not involving money or violence." by claireweasley PG 13 -- River locks Jayne and Simon into a room and they bond. Kind of.

"Painkiller" by ashinae PG -- The exciting adventures in sitting really aren't so bad compared to the thrilling hi-jinks of being pounded into a bloody pulp.

"Time to Dream" by scribewraith NC-17 -- Jayne and Simon have been skirting around each other for years when it finally happens.

"Touch of Silk" by elynross NC-17 -- Simon thinks Jayne is a hero, and Jayne thinks of Simon far too much.

"Noel" by Eleanor K. NC-17 -- Mal walked into the kitchen and got yet another evergreen branch right in the face.

"Happy Paws" by claireweasley -- There would be fights for years after about whose fault it was, though everyone secretly thought it was much more likely that Jayne had pissed off the old wizard with the greying hair and the lightening shaped scar on his forehead, but nothing could change the fact that on this particular day Jayne Cobb and Simon Tam had woken up as felines.

"Full to Bursting" by sidereal -- There's no more room in Simon's heart for any more love, River drank it all down. Unfortunately, Jayne is there filling it to bursting again, and there's only one possible outcome - rupture.

"Town of the Backberth Freaks" by Ana NC-17 -- There is no way Jayne's doing that.

"An Arrangement of Parts" by Ana NC-17 -- Against all odds, Simon and Jayne actually work well together.

"Lancet" by Sionnain (PG-13) -- Simon doesn't think he's as crazy as everyone else on this boat, but maybe he's wrong after all.

"Boxed" by ana_grrl NC-17 -- Simon knows what he wants. He always does.

"Making God Laugh" by puritybrown R -- Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is... Well. Three times would mean something.

"Not Some Romantical Encounter" by ana-grrl NC-17 -- Jayne's shoulder hurts, and his pants are too tight.

"Like Describing The Alphabet" by Mosca -- In which Mal unbuilds some walls; Jayne learns to kiss on the mouth; and nobody gets left behind.

"Call, The" by Maystone NC 17 -- In the middle of a Reaver attack Mal and Jayne find a way to distract themselves.

"Unification Day" by Eleanor K. NC 17 -- It's U-Day again, and Mal is looking for a distraction