Grey's Anatomy slash fic recs


Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"50 Sentences: George O'Malley/Alex Karev" by dragonessasmith R -- The only stable thing about their relationship is its complete lack of stability...well, that and Alex’s stubble scratching up George’s face until it looks like the syphilis is spreading again, but...that doesn’t count, right?

"Grey's Apocalypse" by mimesere R -- "This *sucks*," she says. It gets a lot worse after that.

"Reasons Why It Was Alright For George To Be Crying In The Bathroom" by seedyapartment R -- George wasn't the type who cried in the bathroom, he was prepared to swear it.

"something" by _shades_ R -- This, this was new, George found himself thinking, his back pressed into the green tile walls of the deserted locker room and Alex’s fingers curled around his hip hard enough to bruise.

"and it wasn't enough" by _shades_ PG-13 -- Sequel to "something". So it doesn't work out. No big deal, right?

"Amputation" by misery chic PG-13 -- George takes a stand, kinda, and does something.

"Hearts" by Shona PG-13 -- Alex really hates that kicked puppy look that George has. That look has a tendency of making him do stupid things.

"A Traffic Jam When You're Already Late" by kHo NC-17 -- It was one of those days. And George? Just isn't up for Alex and his bullshit.