Gossip Girl slash fic recs

Chuck/Dan  Chuck/Eric  Chuck/Nate 

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"Every touch a welcome bruise" by R -- Dan had no clue what he was doing. NEW

"Aberration" by R -- It happened once. Just once, when Chuck made one snide remark too many, when his numerous cronies were missing. NEW

"Brotherly Love" by PG-13 -- Chuck's still holding out the cigarettes, so Eric elects to take one, even though he's never smoked before. In for a penny, he thinks, ruefully fingering his striped scarf and admiring his expensive shoes, so like the ones Chuck is wearing. NEW

"Hands Off" by amchara R -- Push him far enough, and he'll react. NEW

"Take The Edge Off" by R -- Carefully laid traps can have unintended consequences. NEW