History Boys slash fic recs

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"Somewhere, One Day" by rilla PG-13 -- Years later, a reunion at a funeral.

"the theories of beautiful young men" by SA R -- Honestly and he won't admit this to anyone, let alone himself, he thinks about Irwin quite a lot of the time when it's his own hand on his dick in his room at the end of the hall, where the sounds of the bronchial radiator drown out any noises that might escape.

"Chemically Induced Coma Dreams Are the Best!" by Michelle PG-13 -- What would have happened if they had gone out for that drink as scheduled?

"Barring Accidents" by justholdstill R -- What if Dakin and Irwin really had got together after Hector’s death? Dakin tries to teach History a lesson, but History ends up teaching him.

"immune" by solvent90 R -- “I wondered if you might want to get that drink, later.”

"notes from a subjunctive history" by solvent90 PG-13 -- "even highly educated speakers sometimes use non-subjunctive forms in such utterances"

"Barring Accidents" by erath PG -- The Sunday That Never Happened.

"Corpus" by kdbarbaro R -- That 'drink'. Oh, and guilt.

"Red Pen" by emiime NC-17 -- Tom Irwin has had more of a correcting influence than Stuart Dakin realises.

"Paradigm Shift" by Signe NC-17 -- He's a sad sod, he thinks. Secretly.

"MCMXC" by pun NC-17 -- Some of his former pupils come back into contact with Irwin.

"Hope; feathers" by fiercynn R -- Dakin's not one for art; it's nothing more than idle curiosity that gets him into the museum. But now he's old enough and experienced enough to take lessons in unexpected forms.

"Teleology" by cindyparker R -- Dakin considers his past and his present and comes to a decision.

"Through the Side Door" by jaebi_lit PG-13 -- You're disingenuous. You never meant to carry through with the euphemism. The wheelchair's only an excuse.

"Underneath the Underneath" by R.C. McLachlan PG-13 -- Even after four years, his immunity is still weak. Hector's inoculation had done nothing, although the man had been right about the pain. NEW

"Conquering Poland" by R -- They're not in the subjunctive anymore, even if it took them ten years to get there. NEW

"adult" by solvent90 R -- It's only Scripps. Who is, in any case, still saving it all for Jesus.

"The Incredible True Story Of Two Not-Entirely-Gay Boys In Love" by misplacedmarble PG -- The story of two not-entirely-gay boys in love. And those other two. (Posner/Lockwood)

"except you ravish me" by "solvent90" R -- "Skepticism, like chastity, should not be relinquished too readily." - George Santayana

"If, then" by "holycitygirl" PG-13 -- Scripps settles him, always has. He manages to take the piss, or get the truth, just by being himself - the antithesis of Dakin.

"Praying for Love and Paying in Naivety" by falling_words R -- This is what three years of not wanking has gotten him: placement at Oxford, and his best friend pressing him against Dakin's bed, his body warm between Dakin’s knees as he pressed Scripps back against the pillows, and he couldn’t even remember how he got there.

"the kings and queens of england" by solvent90 R -- Dakin does remember some history.

"The Accompanist" by Earis PG-13 -- Playing the piano was, in origin, a way to keep out of the muck of things. Unfortunately for Scripps, the muck of things is impossible to escape. (Scripps)

"always true to you, darlin', in my fashion" by solvent90 R -- It's like seeing a ghost.

"Exhalation" by katilara PG-13 -- It's all wrapped up in what it should be, and not what it is.

"Reverence" by orangesparks R -- He's surprised to find himself falling into a comfortable rhythm he hasn't remembered since the private talks he used to have with his former student, all those years ago.

"On the Cusp" by orangesparks PG-13 -- Scripps is beginning to think the initial reason for his celibacy was not entirely to do with God, but more a subconscious attempt at avoiding these kinds of messes.

Untitled Ficlet by be_a_rebel PG-13 -- There’s a snicker from outside. He knows that snicker.

"In Between Dreams" by Janne R -- This fic follows the progress of Don Scripps and David Posner's relationship during their second year in Oxford.

"Not Really" by Arfoo PG-13 -- There's two, really three times that Scripps could've stopped it in it's tracks. Subjunctive history, like. But he's not really that sort of person, is he? He's not there to avert history, he's there to watch and console it's victims. He's just there.

"Able was I, ere I saw Elba" by fiercynn R -- "We learn from history that we do not learn from history."

"51 Sentences of Posner & Scripps" by Kat PG-13 -- 51 sentences follow Posner and Scripps through their relationship.

"to put away childish things" by solvent90 R -- He clasps his hands over his knees, watches the slow brightening of stars over the still, peaceful spires of the University and feels his heart pound in bass, rough and chaotic. It will pass. It will pass. NEW

"The Incredible True Story Of Two Not-Entirely-Gay Boys In Love" by misplacedmarble PG -- The story of two not-entirely-gay boys in love. And those other two. (Dakin/Scripps)