Heroes slash fic recs

Peter/Claude  Peter/Nathan  Peter/Sylar  Sylar/Mohinder 

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"Open Wounds" by violet-quill R - Scars are beautiful things; they mean that the hurt is over, the wounds are closed. Except when they're not.

Peter/Nathan - Warning: Incest
"You'll No Longer Burn" by linaerys NC-17 -- Post S1, Peter learns to control his powers.

"A Newtonian Co-Dependence" by Lenore NC-17 -- Their story is in some ways a story about gravity.

"In Vino, Fraternitas" by KindKit PG-13 -- Nathan and Peter keep getting drunk together.

"Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by sparky77 PG-13 -- Thirteen looks into the lives of two brothers.

"Waste the Sky" by mandysbitch NC-17 -- It turned out saving the world wasn’t the end of the story.

"Portent" by "mandysbitch" NC-17 -- Peter needs control and Nathan is controlling; it’s how they work.

"A Game for Fools" by Sinope NC-17 -- A year after Nathan loses Peter in battle, a campaign volunteer with a secret shows up at his office.

"Not the Man" by mandysbitch NC-17 -- To this day, Nathan swore Peter knew when he was being used. It was like Peter wanted Nathan to know Peter didn’t mind, he would never mind, so long as Nathan understood there was a price to be paid.

"Stepped Out Of A Stranger" by linaerys NC-17 -- Peter and Nathan follow Isaac's paintings across the country and find more than they expect.

"Pedagogy" by Lenore PG-13 -- Peter is a true Petrelli.

"What It Is and What It Is Not" by mandysbitch NC-17 -- This is their relationship: Peter gets into trouble and Nathan saves him, right or wrong.

"And This Too Shall Not Pass" by hackthis R -- Nathan said, "You'll get over it eventually, Pete."

"Some Things Never Change" by Katarin NC-17 -- The first time happens when Peter is 14, at the cabin Mom and Dad rent for the summer with its own dock and a little rowboat they can take all the way into town.

"(You Come In) Burned" by likecharity NC-17 -- He's let it in, now. He's opened the box, he's started the fire. And no matter what he does, he knows he's never going to be able to shut it out again. Nathan and Peter, and their beginning. NEW

"The Memories of Trees" by fiorediloto NC-17 -- Inspired by one of S2 deleted scenes, in which Nathan mentions a treehouse Peter and he built together, wherein he "got Peter drunk first time". NEW

"Looking At the World From the Bottom of a Well" by cerebel PG-13 -- Sylar used to dream that, someday, his life would change.

"Brainmates" by fivil R - “He made the pain feel like I deserved it.” - Mohinder, after Sylar.

"The Fine Art of Leaving Things Unsaid" by futuresoon PG 13 - “Haven’t you heard? There’s a convention in town.” - Sylar, Mohinder and the last kill.

"Blinders" by isagel PG - Nathan Petrelli has been president for six months, and Mohinder already knows his way around the White House.

"the only choices you have left are how you're going to die" by cryinq-star R - Please, he thinks again, in the white space where he gasps for air against Mohinder's skin.

"What you wish for" by cerebel R -- Matt Parkman realizes, finally, who's in the Oval Office.

"Gravity" by cerebel NC-17 -- Sylar visits Mohinder, post season 1.

"Recessional" by cerebel NC-17 -- "Do you believe in love at first sight?" asks Zane Taylor.

"Save Me" by cerebel PG-13 -- "We have to fix it," she tells him. "We have to change it, starting now."

"Forbidden Words" by cerebel NC 17 - “You’re not real,” whispers Mohinder. “It doesn’t matter,” says Sylar, and when he reaches out his hand, Mohinder takes it.

"It's What all the Post-Post-Modern Villains Are Wearing" by hackthis R - The second order of business is to get Mohinder back. This Mohinder-less business is even more bullshit. - Crack!fic