House femslash fic recs

Amber/Thirteen  Cameron/Cuddy 

Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"The History of Being Wrong" by ohno_fairies NC-17 -- If you're afraid of failure, it's usually because you've done it before.

"the space between" by hotelsugar PG -- In the space between, you leave the hospital together.

"Hate to the power of 13" by ijemanja R -- Amber really hates Thirteen.

Oversight" by recrudescence R -- Wherein Cameron contemplates the significance of suffering, Cuddy disses Leonardo DiCaprio, chardonnay is consumed, and psychoanalysis abounds. Co-starring an immaculate living room, ulterior motives, and the futility of the ingénue. (Absolutely exquisite writing, gorgeous characterisation – an amazing fic).