House MD slash fic recs

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"Mourning" by hawkeyecat PG 13 -- Chase visits his father at Sloan-Kettering and finds an unexpected visitor.

"All The Rooms You Wander Through" by tangleofthorns R -- There's something wrong with people that most doctors never diagnose. There's something missing, something hollow that keeps everyone--keeps you--always searching for more.

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" by AndreaLyn PG-13 -- Foreman's Secret Santa gives him twelve day's worth of gifts.

"Houseboy Blues" by Little Alex R -- With this huge mess of half-understandings and misunderstandings, a logical person would think that they would never get along with each other, let alone striking up a friendship.

"Long Day –- A Differential Diagnosis" by sarcasticsra PG-13 -- What starts out as a normal day for Foreman quickly turns into the exact opposite.

"Deny, Deny, Deny" by cerieblue819 R -- He didn't want to admit it, didn't want to feel the pull.

"Fair Play" by onewayfreak NC 17 - The games we play - Chase, Foreman and videogames.

"Stolen Things" by recrudescence R -- Chase can be a little bit of a bastard, in his own understated way. NEW

"Artifact" by spleenage G -- After their fellowships end, what happens to the ducklings - and their mentors? NEW

"Tentative" by PG-13 -- Five steps toward togetherness. NEW

"Ineffective Cures" by amazonqueenkate PG 13 -- Two doctors can't cure the one disease they share.

"Names" by kohl_rimmed_eye PG 13 -- House can't be anything but House because that's who he is. But for everyone else, they've simply become split personalities.

"Maybe..." by runaroundkid R -- He's hiding outside when Wilson finds him, on his back on the cold brick wall separating their balcony, eyes closed and leaves in his hair.

"Not Quite" by Nuala R -- Wilson wants to love and be loved. You can’t always get what you want, as the philosopher Jagger said, but sometimes you get what you need.

"As You Are" by karaokegal -- "I hired Chase because his father made a phone call and I hired you because you are exceptionally pretty."

"A Slow Burn" by cordeliadelayne NC-17 -- Wilson isn't interested in Chase. Which is good, because Chase certainly isn't interested in Wilson.

"And at least the trains all run on time but they don't go anywhere..." by kohl_rimmed_eye PG-13 -- Chase and Wilson are trapped in a relationship that's going nowhere.

"Black Cherry" by kohl_rimmed_eye PG-13 -- A look at the future for the people of PPTH. Ensemble.

"The Why's and Wherefore's of Kilts" by andrealyn R -- Chase finds House lying on the floor and they get to discussing a myriad of things. Including Catholic schoolgirl kilts.

"Palliation" by cordeliadelayne PG 13 -- Chase finds out about his father.

" Wearing Blinders" by breakfastserial PG 13 -- So the new question is, what is it about House that makes people wear blinders and just go along with everything he does? Set in the end of the episode "Control."

"The Fine Lines of Fairness" by andrealyn PG -- House makes up that date he had with Cameron to the guys; to be fair.

"In That Way" by acidic_flower PG 13 -- Chase, House, and impure thoughts.

"There's Beauty in the Breakdown" by acidic_flower PG 13 -- In the aftermath of his father's death, Chase comes to terms with the relationships in his life: the one he had with his father, and the one he has with House.

"Ataxia" by acidic_flower PG 13 -- A familiar lack of control.

"Truth Begins in Lies" by angelgazing R -- Chase doesn't know, except he does, he's being punished, except he's not, and everyone really is a liar.

"Seeking Solace" by andrealyn PG 13 -- Some things are bound to happen. An AU: Robert Chase never finished medical school, but he finished seminary and still wound up at PPTH.

"Fairy Tales" by karabana PG 13 -- Somnophilia, and a sudden awakening.

"Flaws" by andrealyn PG 13 -- House watches Chase and pushes until he breaks. That's when House can put him back together.

"Marathon" by andrealyn R -- "She stole a kiss from Chase. What have you done lately?" "I'm pacing myself." In which House runs a marathon of odd proportions.

"Fight or Flight" by Julia PG -- Chase sees himself going nowhere with a job that requires hours of mind-numbing tasks and a boss who hates him. Sometimes it just makes more sense to run away.

"Liar, Liar" by plausive G -- Chase doesn't tell little white lies, House doesn't ride a white horse.

"An Exercise in Etiology" by karabana PG -- You don't understand; I want something in my life not to be about my dad, Chase wants to say. I want it just to be you and me, me and you.

"Broken" by black_eyedgirl PG 13 -- House knew that he should be smug or angry at Chase, and that neither of those two reactions would have surprised anyone....Instead there was something almost painful about it

"Daredevil" by yuna_firerose R -- It wasn't enjoyable being a daredevil all by his lonesome. Usually.

"Ineffective Cures" by amazonqueenkate PG 13 -- Two doctors can't cure the one disease they share.

"Duck Soup" by amazonqueenkate NC 17 -- As House drinks, his mood shifts. And as his mood shifts, all the rules change.

"Looks" by Shelly Webster R -- The real reason Chase got his job was his looks.

"Meant to Lose" by acidic_flower R -- Aggressive House, frustrated Chase, rough hate sex ensues.

"Ulterior Motives" by black_eyedgirl PG-13 -- Chase does something nice for House. House, naturally, has to find out why. Or that's what he says when Wilson asks him how it started.

"Sinner's Salvation" by AndreaLyn PG-13 -- Chase is curious about fire. Maybe he just wants to get burned. Maybe House is willing to help.

"Voices Wake Us" by goldatamera -- The call comes a little after midnight, as Chase is drifting somewhere between sleep and not.

"Correct Usage and Application of Canes" by johanirae PG-13 -- Someone really should tell House the rules of using that damned piece of wood.

"Like That's Gonna Happen" by hawkeyecat -- "You can't be harder on Chase just because he’s sleeping with you," Cuddy informs House one icy Tuesday in December as he's lounging in his office.

"Kinks" by Acidic_Flower PG-13 -- Ever play good cop, bad cop?

"Drag the Sunrise Down" by kohl_rimmed_eye PG-13 -- How Rowan Chase's death should have been.

"Still Verdictless Life" by simmyschtuff R -- Three stories, what could've happened, what is and what might've been.

"As You Are" by karaokegal -- "I hired Chase because his father made a phone call and I hired you because you are exceptionally pretty."

"Transference" by black_eyedgirl R -- The bruise around his wrist was a faded yellow/green, and there was a roughness to it that suggested a burn. House looked at him. "New girlfriend? Which one of you should I be sending the leather stethoscope to?"

"Zero Sum" by Maya Tawi -- Coda for "All In". "You're good at what you do," House repeats, and pauses. "You just don't do much."

"Ante Up" by AndreaLyn R -- House invites Chase over for poker and the stakes are quickly raised, even though everyone else has gone home.

"Guilt" by Haldane R -- Chase is an expert in guilt and what it does to you.

"Finding God" by kuhori_rei PG -- While House lies unconscious, Chase reflects.

"Ain't That a Kick In the Head?" by Dru and Harem PG-13 -- Chase gets his brains a bit scrambled, but fortunately for him, House is there to help.

Untitled by Vasco PJ PG-13 -- Chase just wants to know.

"Scenes I to V" by lizhowhp R -- Five drabbles about House and Chase and their established relationship.

"Appreciation" by Jay R -- Silence, childish behaviours, spanking.

"Sadism for Lunch" by h0rcrux_no7> NC-17 -- Even the local BDSM scene couldn’t compete with Princeton Plainsboro Hospital’s collection of sadists, at least not in quantity.

"With Great Hair and a Pretty Mouth" by cs_whitewolf PG-13 -- House makes some snarky insinuations. Chase snarks back.

"This Is How It Goes" by paperclipbitch R -- Three years of working with House is enough to drive anyone insane, in love with him or not.

"Revelations" by minttown1 PG-13 -- House, Chase, zombies... living on the road while running from the undead.

"Artful Possibilities" by Chloe PG-13 -- "Do you always need to have something in your mouth?" House asks him out of nowhere on a Tuesday morning, early.

"Polymorphous Perversity: Four Ways" by Yevgenie R -- Three Ways House and Chase Don't Get Caught, and One in Which They Still Don't.

"Double Ironed" by simmyschtuff R -- He died last Christmas.

"Wednesday's Child" by AndreaLyn PG-13 -- One Wednesday morning, Chase doesn't turn up for work. Five days, a messy apartment, a newspaper, a children's book, and a graveyard later, House solves the mystery.

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" by miss-gordon NC-17 -- Chase sometimes wonders if he's being a little creepy and needy about House.

"Forgive and Forget" by seldra PG-13 -- Did House really have to add insult to injury – as though firing Chase hadn't been enough – he actually had to seek him outside the hospital and humiliate him publicly too?

"Piecemeal" by seldra PG-13 -- House barely tolerates him as a person and as a doctor. It is only a matter of time before he loses interest in what they do in bed, as well.

"Point of Value" by Yvi R -- Bowling and backstabbing. NEW

"The Punk And The Godfather" by baked_goldfish PG 13 -- House finds himself under Foreman's scrutiny. Curious and unsettled, he sets about figuring out why.

"Thin Lines" by amazonqueenkate NC-17 -- Foreman thinks there's a thin line, but he's not sure he knows what he thinks.

"In the Business" by lordessrenegade PG -- At some point he had been an honest man, but now every breath he took was dishonesty.

"Flying" by movies_michelle NC 17 -- All roads lead to Wilson.

"Diagnosis: Wilson" by L.M. Griffin "Patient Write-Up: Cameron, Chase, Foreman" by L.M. Griffin "Treatment; House" by L.M. Griffin -- The diagnosis and the treatment.

"Marathon" by andrealyn R -- "She stole a kiss from Chase. What have you done lately?" "I'm pacing myself." In which House runs a marathon of odd proportions.

"Conversations" by Winter R -- Phone sex, House style.

"Blow the Candles Out" by bethfrish R -- Birthday celebrations.

"Defensive Strategies" by m_butterfly R -- In which Wilson has a problem, House has a cunning plan, girls hunt in packs, chocolate cake has unexpected dangers, furniture is unintentionally ordered, several conversations occur, and dinner is repeatedly served.

"Four Blocks of Eden" by Syal R -- If you wanted paradise, you're a little off.

"Ineffective Cures" by amazonqueenkate PG 13 -- Two doctors can't cure the one disease they share.

"Only Human" by peak_in_darien, PG 13 -- It’s a beautiful thing, Wilson is thinking.

"Unwritten Rules" by Jaryn NC 17 -- House realises he’s standing on one of those distinct lines you only perceive every once in a while in life.

"Maybe..." by runaroundkid R -- He's hiding outside when Wilson finds him, on his back on the cold brick wall separating their balcony, eyes closed and leaves in his hair.

"A Game of Chance" by acidic_flower PG 13 -- A late-night poker game, House versus Cameron, goes startlingly awry. In which House cheats and gets an excellent excuse to snog our favorite oncologist.

"Almost Always Wrong" by Jaryn NC-17 -- House and Wilson take a spur of the moment road trip.

"A Holiday to Remember" by acidic_flower PG-13 -- The holiday season with a mad genius.

"He Wants.." by Jay R -- You can do it in a box, you can do it with a fox.

"Never Enough" by amazonqueenkate and hawkeyecat -- Julie learns something.

"Balance" by _simbelmyne_ NC-17 -- House isn't sure what's real.

"The Fine and Subtle Art of Cardiology" by Pru PG R -- And when Wilson answers the door, House says:"Apparently, I have a crush on you."

"Then, Now, Eventually (1, 2, 3)" by amazonqueenkate R -- James gets swept up in it all, every time it happens.

"Ambivalence" by Sketch PG-13 -- One conversation, two ways.

"Past, Present and Never" by nieded PG-13 -- House wanted kids.

"Murphy's Law" by cryptictac PG -- House steals Wilson's food and makes a bet.

"Rumor Has It" by Lady Rori PG-13 -- House and Wilson play into everyone's suspicions.

"Best Man" by Nixa Jane PG-13 -- Gregory House has only ever been to three weddings, and he was the best man at all of them.

"Ties and Signs" by Kelly -- Foreman's tie had certainly not come from Foreman's closet.

"Pregnancy Test" by The Sarcastic Typo PG-13 -- "You're either pregnant or dating James Wilson," House replied, his smirk widening.

"Permutations" by AndreaLyn PG-13 -- House watches Chase sleep with all the people around him. All but one. -- (House/Chase, Chase/Cameron, Chase/Foreman, Chase/Cuddy, Chase/Wilson)