Jeeves & Wooster slash fic recs


Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"Jeeves and the Summer Visitor" by peak_in_darien, PG 13 -- An unexpected visitor intrudes on the Jooster household.

"JA Most Indecent Proposal " by peak_in_darien, PG 13 -- Bertie can’t bring himself to give up the cummerbund. (My version of what happened…)

"Jeeves and the Monetary Imbalance" by trieduntrue (PG) -- Jeeves comes into a bit of money. Enter ruses, angry words over gentleman's accessories, Bingo attempting to be helpful, and a trip to India. NEW

"Jeeves and the Patience of a Sain" by lucylou (NC-17) -- Jeeves endures a series of trials... Vacations, crowds, snow, mountaineers, tableauists, and an inconvenient absence of a respectable barber. His patience is legendary, but he is no saint, and one man can only endure so much. NEW

"Jeeves and the Psychologist" by lucylou (R) -- Mr. Wooster is lucky enough to visit with one of Jeeves' favorite psychological researcher. One never knows what will be uncovered in the course of a session with a good therapist! NEW

"Jeeves in the Glove Boutique" by lucylou (R) -- Jeeves is shopping for some new gloves for Bertie Wooster, and he lets his mind wander a bit... NEW

"Yes, Sir, Jeeves" by skyblue_reverie (NC-17) -- Jeeves and Bertie swap roles at an upstate New York manor house as part of a plot to help Bertie's friend Larky. Wacky hijinx, along with a large helping of slashiness, ensue. NEW