LOST slash fic recs

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"Promises" by gregoria44 R - Jack's life with the Others is fake but he has a promise to keep.

"Making Do" by Yahtzee NC 17 -- The story of an obviously straight man, his obviously gay boyfriend, and the law of supply and demand.

"drabble" by caroline crane -- "What, like a date?"

"Curious Harp" by caroline crane -- Jack's a professional

"This Is Not Sixth Grade" by queenofhell -- This is a sequel to the previously recced "The Eternal Mystery of Ghost Donuts", kind of funny, kind of sad, and the characters are dead on.

"Better" by foxxcub -- They're words, and nothing more.

"Five Minutes In Heaven" by brapolitics -- Just a short moment between them.

"Loss of Balance" by uberaeryn NC 17 -- A fight for balance

"The Use of Force " by halfdutch and " A Show of Strength" by halfdutch NC 17 -- Jack wants to teach Sawyer a lesson, and Sawyer repays in kind.

"Wild Horses" by halfdutch NC 17 -- Futurefic: Finding it hard to cope with being back in civilization, Jack and Sawyer head for the nearest bar

"I Never, Until Now" by kHo R -- It was supposed to be just a game.

"Bedshaped" by foxxcub NC 17 -- After being returned to the real world, Jack and Sawyer meet once more.

"Truce" by kHo NC 17 -- Sawyer and Jack are sick of Kate's games.

"Giving In " by kHo NC 17 -- He was too tired of it, too dragged down and worn out.

"On Being God" by uberaeryn -- “One thing he was certain of, God was definitely an asshole, and he knew Sawyer would agree.”

"Me,too" by uberaeryn -- Torture. Kind of.

"The Song Remains the Same" by uberaeryn -- You’re stranded on a deserted island, what in the hell else are you gonna talk about?

"Distraction" by Madelyn -- Jack doesn’t know when to give up.

"Sawyer Sometimes" by RagnarokSkurai -- Jack and Sawyer are friends now, like two rivals who end up bonding over beer because the head cheerleader they were fighting over broke both their hearts.

"Black Coffee" by halfdutch PG -- Sawyer and Jack bond over a cup of Dharma coffee

"It Was a Pleasure" by halfdutch NC 17 -- Sawyer has something Boone wants.

"How to Succeed on the Island Without Really Trying" by foxxclub NC 17 -- Unfortunately, Boone always made things harder than necessary.

"The Killing Kind" by starstillwonder R -- Sawyer stands over Boone, naked and unashamed, wearing his “I’m going to kick your ass” smile.

"Cat Burglar" by trajictale NC 17 -- Boone just wants his book back.

"Nocturna" by Neko PG 13 -- Some flowers bloom under the moonlight.

"Double Negative" by Mala PG 13 -- A tiny bit of filler for 1.22, "Exodus."

"A Matter of Life and Death. Kinda." by hackthis -- Hurley’s having withdrawal issues."

"Nicotine Stained Papers" by nekosmuse --Sawyer's never needed anyone but himself.

"Making Nice" by shrift NC 17 -- It's a fair trade. Or maybe rough trade. Well, some kind of trade, anyway.

"Dead Man's Float" by Mala R - Sawyer's just trying to get clean.

"Some Kind of Wonderful" by Mala PG 13 -A scene set sometime before the Sawyer episode actually airs. It's considerably less overt and smutty than the dream that inspired the story.

"Taking A Shot" by Jaye and "Settling Scores" by Jaye NC 17 -- Sawyer gets more than he bargained for when he takes his revenge on Sayid.

"Reparation" by Jaye and "Consideration" by Jaye NC 17 -- Sayid's guilt leads him to make Sawyer an unexpected offer.

"Adulteration" by lillyjk NC-17 -- adulteration: The alteration, especially the debasement, of a substance by deliberately adding something not ordinarily a part of it.

"Living In The Future" by Lavinia PG-13 -- Three years after the rescue, Sayid receives a call.

"Nicotine Stained Papers" by nekosmuse --Sawyer's never needed anyone but himself.

"Nothing Will Come of Them" by kHo PG 13 -- Sawyer/various - Kisses and what they mean

"Five Ways Boone Gets Off" by trajictale NC 17 -- Boone/various - It's a crowded island.