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Ghost World Enid/Rebecca
"12th Of June" by Kate Bolin -- She returns ten years later, on the same bus she left on.

Kill Bill O-Ren/The Bride "Yama" by guede_mazaka and "Kali" by guede_mazaka -- Ghosts and swords and vengeance

Kill Bill Go Go Yubari/O-Ren "The Ballad of Go Go Yubari" by Gale -- The life of a killer.

As Told By Ginger Ginger/Courtney.
"Courtney Kissing Ginger Kissing Courtney" by creativeslumberPG 13 -- Aww :). "Kissing Courtney will be just like kissing Darren, only it's Courtney."

Jem! Stormer/Kimber "Bad Influence" by kannaopheliaPG -- Set during The Bands Break Up. It's humilating to Stormer to beg Jerrica and the Holograms for help, especially when she keeps forgetting she's no longer a Misfit, but she'd do pretty much anything for Jerrica's little sister...

Joan of Arcadia Joan/Iris "Bake Sale: A Mixed Media Collage" by MelymbrosiaPG -- The smile in the photograph is fake and the smile in the drawing is real, but no one else ever seems to notice the difference.

The L Word Jenny/Moira Driving Home" by November NC-17 -- "Something inside me is rearranged, some thing inside me that has become complicated and contrived is touched by her simplicity, her stark honesty, and I become hers."

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Sarah/Cameron "A Helping Hand" by Janine PG -- "I won't get distracted," Cameron responded reaching out for the razor Sarah had abandoned.

Ugly Betty Betty/Amanda "Hello Distraction" by sheepfairy R -- Amanda tends to get grabby after a few drinks.

Barbie Barbie/Teresa
"Doll Parts" by Jane DPG 13 -- The thing about Barbie is that she's not as dumb as she looks