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Narnia Susan,Lucy
"Growing Up" by sheldrake -- Susan grew up, and when she got there she discovered with surprise that that isn't the end of things. You grow up, and you breathe a sigh of relief. And then you realise that nothing stops.

Narnia Pevensies "Four Quarters" by aishuu G -- the four Pevensies, no pairings - An elements-based short drabble on the Golden Age of Narnia and the rule of the four Pevensies

Neverwhere Richard, Marquis de Carabas "If you'd been listening" by Kastaka R -- "We've got to re-invent ourselves." - Richard and the Marquis after everything.

The Silmarillion Maedhros "They Smote Him Into Dust" sarmajere PG -- Maedhros-centric Fingon death fic, features OC, no overt pairing - in the aftermth of the death of Fingon, Maedhros' scribe tries to help her lord come to terms with the loss.

10 Things I Hate About You Kat
"In Accordance" by corialis PG -- Katarina, when she is older, will look back on her high school and college days and smile awkwardly in the way her father once did when asked about Woodstock.

28 Days Later Henry West "Red Ribbon" by kangeiko R -- He's a fucking hero, all right?

Batman Begins Bruce "Themes in the Key of B [ #14- Education]" by thedeadparrot PG -- Bruce has a few educational experiences

Brotherhood of the Wolf "Stories Untold" by Truth PG 13 -- Beneath the story told by the Marquis d'Apcher lie a wealth of things unspoken. - Beautiful prose!

Ginger Snaps Pam "Empty Nest" by Northlight -- I won't let anyone take you from me, she says

Igby Goes Down "A Beautiful World" by Michelle K PG 13 -- Post-Movie. Everything stays the same.

Jurassic Park III Alan, Billy "Extinct Symmetry" by alyse PG -- Two drabbles in which communication is the key.

The Lion King Scar "Thicker Than Water" by Avaera PG -- Scar was never Ahadiís son in the sense that Mufasa was. A series of vignettes focusing on the events that turned brothers into enemies.

King Kong Englehorn "24 Hours" by ladysapphirekym PG 13 -- Captain Englehorn gave them 24 hours to make it back to the gates before he vowed to leave them behind. So why couldn't he bring himself to do as he'd insisted and leave? Why did he eventually follow them in and attempt a rescue of his own?

King Kong Jack, Englehorn: "Just An Island" by Emily -- Jack has questions. Who wouldn't? He has been trapped by an overly eccentric director on the S.S. Venture with no inkling of where it is headed. Will he get his answer out of Englehorn, or will Englehorn dodge the question?

Matrix Neo "Blue" by cruisedirector PG-- Reality is a treacherous concept indeed.... Go read, that one's just perfect!

Matrix The Twins "Untitled" By mimesere PG-- The origins of the twins

Bones, ensemble
Knight in Dented Armor" by Hematite Badger G -- Booth's quiet night in is interrupted after Zack starts a bar fight. No, really.

Dark Angel Max,White "In the Darkness" by Drea Jackman -- Things have changed and he has to change as well.

Dexter Deb "Use Your Illusion, Too" by Troll Princess R -- Deb copes or something kind of like it following the events of the season finale.

Dexter, Dexter, Brian: "Ask Me How" by Fahye PG-13 -- Funny the way that the past tense only works in one direction: you can be brother to a corpse, but it can't be brother to you.

Dexter, Dexter: "Intimacy Issues" by Lori PG -- Dexter takes some time to deal with old ghosts that haunt him, after some years have passed.

First Monday Julian "His Honor" by nakedwesley PG -- A well-respected judge with family ties to the area going back generations, Jackson Lodge was known to everyone simply as the Judge, or His Honor; even Julian called him Judge.

Joan of Arcadia Joan, Judith "beautiful and broken" by Northlight PG -- There were a lot of things that Judith didnt believe in. Hope was one of them.

Joan of Arcadia Joan, Grace "Opportunities (Missed or Otherwise)" by Inyron PG -- Two friends talking

Justice Ron "Try until you can't" by Sandrine PG 13 -- Ron realizes that it's not always as easy to keep his distance as he would like it to be.

Justice ensemble "Four Ways of Seeing TNT&G" by PG -- Four character studies. NEW

Moonlight, Josef: "Five Times Josef Didn't Bite" by Sowell NC-17 -- Josef has sexual tension with, well, the world. His frustrations in a nutshell. NEW

One Tree Hill Chris, Haley "More Than He Should" by GwenhwyfarRose PG-- Because he saw more than he should. Angst.

One Tree Hill Brooke "Translucent" by Ditey PG--13 -- Brooke's a slut. A bitch. In love.

Prison Break C-Note "And All Your Worst Regrets" by almostforgiven PG 13 -- Five lies C-Note will always regret.

Space: Above and Beyond Vansen "The Hand We're Dealt" by CaitN PG -- A brief glimpse of the aftermath of the series finale "Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best."

Traveler Will "Does it mean that it's the end when I'm alone?" by abhihita PG -- Memories are a funny thing. Sometimes, they're all you have to keep on going. Other times, you wish you had none at all because it hurts to know you can't go back.

Ugly Betty Daniel, Betty: "Last Beautiful girl in the world" by mardia PG-13 -- The first time Daniel sleeps with Betty Suarez is in his office. No, not like that.

Ugly Betty, Justin, Marc: "Setting the Record Straight" by Semmi PG -- Marc finds himself inexplicably worrying about someone. Wonderfalls Jaye "Jesus Complex" by trascendenza PG 13 - Jaye Tyler may be the most unenthusiastic martyr complex I have encountered to date.