Brokeback Mountain RPS fic recs

Heath Ledger/Jake Gyllenhaal 

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Heath Ledger/Jake Gyllenhaal
"The Ghost Sounds of Horses" by Chelle PG 13 -- He'll wake up to the smell of leather.

"Like the Sea is Red" by Julissa PG 13 -- He can't remember what Kirsten was wearing the first time he told her he loved her, not with any real clarity, but saying it makes him feel warm.

"Sacrificial Lambs" by hackthis PG 13 -- It doesn't matter if Jake's in love with Heath -- he's not - and it doesn't matter that Heath's shorter than Jake is - he is - Jake just has to be in love for this scene.

"Intrinsic or The Working Mechanics of Kissing Guys" by foxxcub PG 13 -- "Kissing a guy is not like kissing girls."

"Staring Contest" by leici R -- Heath only had about three tones of voice when he wasn't in character: witty, quiet, or angry. Jake was on the other end of angry most of the time as Heath tended to save witty for the females and quiet for Ang.

"A Little Research Never Hurts" by deviant_dev NC 17 -- Jake and Heath decide to do a little research for their roles. <

"The Fourth Time" by Jaded PG 13 -- The first time Jake suggests it, Heath pulls a face that is so comically terrified Jake can't help but laugh.

"Too Long" by seedyapartment PG -- With Michelle, it's nothing like the movie.