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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's, The Lost World Roxton/ Malone
"The Journal of Ned Malone " by drovar PG -- Just a little vignette, but beautifully written and very poignant.

Bright Lights, Big City Jamie/Michael "The Meeting of the Lines" by Hecate R -- You made love to your brother once, when you were 16 and still golden and he already hated you but it was still covered in love. INCEST

Batman (DC Comics) Dick Grayson/ Bruce Wayne "Hanging Work" by Cereta R -- Two tickets to a circus never used, a little boy forgotten, and a chance meeting. Of such things are legends made. AU

Bruno & Boots Bruno/Boots "The World Is Crumbling All Around Us" by rageprufrock NC 17-- Boots blinks and looks at the plate from three separate angles, before he snorts and shoves it back at Bruno, saying, "Man, grow up. Making butt-prints in food stopped being cool in the fourth grade."

Clarissa Lovelace/Arabella, Lovelace/Clarissa, Lovelace/James "A Rake’s Progress" by evremonde PG-- There is always a greater goal and a greater challenge.

Dracula Dracula/Jonathan "Horror of the Mind" by serraduchiPG-13 -- Imprisoned in Castle Dracula, Jonathan's not sure what to be afraid of.

Igby Goes Down D.H./Ollie "The Summer of Lions" by Ishafel R -- Lions are known for their pride and for their pragmatism.

Imaginary Heroes Tim/Kyle "A Song Tied to a Melody" by SQ R -- Some things are best left unsaid, and unheard.

Gone with the wind Ashley/Rhett " Five Things That Never Happened to Ashley Wilkes" by Bonibaru NC 17 -- In the tradition of "five things" fanfiction, this story will consist of five scenes which never actually took place (but I have tried my best to tie them into book canon so that they could have happened, somewhere, perhaps while we weren't looking). The pairing is Rhett/Ashley.

Gone With the Wind Ashley/Rhett "Something of Grace and Beauty" by amalcolm1 PG -- After Rhett leaves Scarlett, he finds himself back on the road between Tara and Twelve Oaks. There he meets the one man he thought he had nothing in common with.

Good Omens Aziraphale/Crowley: "And When He Falls" by flambeau (PG) -- There are many ways to celebrate having avoided the apocalypse. NEW

Good Omens Aziraphale/Crowley: "Living Arrangements" by bravecows (PG-13) -- Everyone is more or less human, even when they aren't. NEW

Neverwhere Richard/de Carabas "Favors" by Ryenna -- Back in the underground

Three Musketeers Richelieu/Aramis "Red Duke" by Taelle PG -- What's in a name...

Three Musketeers Athos/Rochefort "Corps à Corps" by meadowlion PG-13 -- They meet in other alleys, in the woodlands bordering the barracks, and elsewhere, but never in either's bed.

Vampire Chronicles Louis/Lestat, Louis/Armand, Louis/other "Death of the Virgin" by pigeongirl99 R -- Louis and bridges and art galleries and sex and blood and death

Vampire Diaries Tyler Smallwood/Dick Carter "Quicksilver" by Elektra Pendragon NC 17 -- Disturbing content - After Klaus is taken away, Tyler returns to his only friend to lick his wounds and end his hunger.

Vampire Diaries Stefan/Elena, Stefan/Matt "The Things You Miss" By Rhiannon -- "I guess what they say is right. No one ever really recovers from highschool."

28 Days Later Jim/ West
"The love after" by Hecate PG 13 -- Being in love with a dead man or being in love with an image of someone who never lived at all. - This is so very clever I can't stop gushing about it. Very dark and raw and poignant!

28 days later Jim/West "The Sleep of Reason" by DevilChild NC 17 -- Jim makes a devil's bargain with Major Henry West.

American Pie Stifler/Oz "A Nice Guy, Romantic Crap, and Stifler" by Matthew Haldeman-Time NC-17 -- Jim was a loser. Loser. Kevin was a self-serving bastard. Finch was - - he didn't want to talk about Finch. And Oz, Oz was...a good guy. A nice guy. It was fucking disgusting.

Amadeus Salieri/Mozart "Absolution" by evremonde PG -- This is what might have been going on behind closed doors during the opening sequence of Amadeus.

Alexander Hephaistion/Bagoas "Uninvited" by ruric R -- Unrequited love from afar.

Bad Boys II Mike Lawry/Marcus Burnett "Chocolate Denial" by Blackkoda R -- Denial is funny for only a little while

Batman Begins Wayne/Crane "Par for the Course" by xzombiexkittenx NC 17 -- How many minutes does it take for one fetish-dressing neurotic to find another and will it be too late?

Batman Begins Wayne/Crane "Redemption" by Lizzie NC 17 -- Dr. Crane comes to Batman for help. Bruce gets more than he bargained for.

Batman Begins Wayne/Crane "Untitled" by lanthano PG 13 -- Post-movie, Bruce tracks down Crane in Metropolis. - I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's hard to find post-movie Wayne/Crane fic that fits canon but isn't all too dark, and this is a pleasant exception. Very well written, with brilliant interaction between Bruce (who's clearly in over his head, despite being the one who initiated the encounter) and Crane (who's very sarcastic and almost sane).

Batman: The Dark Knight, Bruce/Harvey: "Closer" by Twi R -- He hadn't had any kind of a plan when he'd found himself going up to the roof, found himself loitering, pacing anxiously, before turning on the light. NEW

Batman: The Dark Knight, Bruce/Harvey: "Between" by Noelia PG -- Post-TDK, Bruce finds himself with a responsibility he didn't expect, but somehow doesn't find too troublesome. NEW

Batman: The Dark Knight, Bruce/Harvey: "The Knight Shift" by monimala PG -- Harvey Dent has no use for men like Bruce Wayne. A gap filler that takes place during the film. NEW

Black Hawk Down Jeff Sanderson/Mike Steele "No Safe Bet" by Brenda NC 17 -- Peace is where you find it.

Black Hawk Down Jeff Sanderson/John Grimes "Situations" by M’lyn NC 17 -- The Rangers and Delta Force celebrate coming home from Somalia.

Blade Blade/Deacon Frost "Twilight People" by ficangel The style is partly a bit to describtive for my taste but that is the only thing that bothered me.

Blade Deacon Frost/Blade "Sacrosanct" by Brenda R -- What Frost wants and what he gets.

Blade/Blade 2 Deacon Frist/Scud "Negotiations" by Brenda R -- There are special kinds of deals.

Boondock Saints Murphy/Connor, incestuous undertones "paronymous as brothers tend to be, and sepulchral as romances tend to go" by gymnopedies PG 13 -- This fic. Killed me. Y'know how in every fandom there's that fic that really, really hits you? Like, at the end there's this tightness in your chest and you're thinking, "That's it, man. That's it. That's the fic." I was beginning to think that maybe the Boondock Saints fandom has no such fic for me, but now I think this next one would make a pretty damn good bet.

The Breakfast Club John Bender/Brian Johnson: "A Lobotomy and Some Tights" by shrift (NC-17) -- Of stalking by skinny math geeks, broken ceramic elephants, and Bender's specialty bongs. NEW

Brotherhood of the Wolf Fronsac/Thomas "Something Lost" by toxictattoo R -- After Mani's death and while Marianne is resting from her attack, Thomas provides a measure of comfort to Fronsac. - The story I've waited years for. Wistful and bittersweet and so very beautiful!

Brotherhood of the Wolf Fronsac/Mani "L'eau Vivante" by Falstaff R -- "Because they were not fish, not plants or snakes or beetles. They were warm bodies, flesh and blood, racing heartbeats and kisses so hard that teeth cut into lips. Breath by breath, taking the biology out of sex." - Again, very well written - and deliciously erotic!

Cabaret Sally/Brian, Brian/Max "Verbatim" by Lulamae Barnes PG -- A conversation between Sally and Brian over their relationship with Maximilian. Inconsequential and dreadful in equal measures.

Closer Dan/Larry "Fickle Fingers" by Bartleby NC 17 -- Dan wants forgiveness; Larry wants revenge

Closer Dan/Larry "The Choices We Make" by Grace NC 17 -- Dan hadn't planned it, that first time. In fact, he hadn't planned on ever seeing Larry again, and had been more than a little pissed off to find the bastard drowning his sorrows in the same fucking pub as himself. - My gift story, and I'm so very, very happy with it. The relationship between Dan and Larry is very true to the nature of the relationships in the play, and the characterization is spot-on. It's awesome!

Closer Dan/Larry "Someone Else On Top" by shanalle R -- I positively adore how this story handles Larry, retelling certain events of the movie through his eyes and adding an entirely perfect epilogue to the Larry/Dan scene which sounds as if the lines were plucked straight from Marber's play. *loves*

Collateral Vincent/Max "Relax" by The Tenth Muse1 NC 17 -- Vincent thinks that Max needs to relax.

Collateral Vincent/Max "Red Light" by switchknife R -- Blood, dust and smoke. The scent of murder.

Cruel Intentions Blaine/Greg "Not Pretty, But Something" by Belinda NC 17 -- Blaine reflects on Greg's eventual submission as he sets the stage for Sebastian's surprise visit.

Cruel Intentions Blaine/Sebastian "Competitive Sport" by Eyebrow of Doom NC 17 -- Blaine has been trained to keep his hands off the merchandise. Sebastian performs an impression of the vaunted virgin débutante. - Excellent characterization here, and a sizzling hot sex scene. If you know this movie at all, an absolute must-read!

Cruel Intentions Blaine/Sebastian "The Go-To Guy" by pesha R -- Blaine Tuttle weighs the pros and cons of doing a deal dirty with Sebastian Valmont in an extended, alternative style scene from the film.

Fantastic Four Reed/Johnny "My Impractical Hurricane" by Morning Hell PG-13 -- Life lesson number 1. Do not, repeat, DO NOT...develop feelings for your brother in law.

Fantastic Four Johnny/various "A Bottle a Day" by SullenSiren NC-17 -- "So there were guys." Five men Johnny had drinks with.

Fantastic Four, Reed/Johnny: "Five Times Johnny Kissed First and One Time He Didn't" by skypipe PG-13 -- Johnny had always been the one to start it. Always. Except for one time. Maybe he would let Reed go first more often. NEW

Gattaca Jerome/Vincent "Living Dreams" by Pouncer NC 17 -- Jerome liked to torture himself with thoughts of what could never be.

Impromptu Franz Liszt/Frederic Chopin "Seeking Fire" by evremonde PG -- It's all surprisingly easy.

Iron Man Tony/Jarvis: "The Value of Secrets" by Maya Tawi NC-17 -- Pepper had once accused him, after downing a few too many martinis notable for being the only time Tony had to prop her over the toilet, instead of the other way around), of treating Jarvis more like a human being than her. If only she knew. NEW

James Bond: Casino Royale Bond/Villiers "New Years' Resolutions" by manic intent NC-17 -- James would not have agreed to go for the New Year's company party if Villiers hadn't insisted on his company.

James Bond: Casino Royale Bond/Villiers "Dealing a New Hand" by Morgane PG-13 -- AU, in which they did find out what Vesper was up to beforehand, and sent Villiers instead.

James Bond: Goldeneye James/Alec "Easy" By Hecate PG 13 -- It's all surprisingly easy.

Jurassic Park III Alan/Billy "Creepy" by Fabula Rasa NC 17 -- Creepy old professor, was his new identity.

Jurassic Park III Alan/Billy "Billy Brennan, Prince of Humbugs" by vissy PG 13 -- After Isla Sorna things finally change.

Jurassic Park III Alan/Billy "Warmblooded" by anais NC- 17 -- Conversation and stuff. Mammal to mammal.

Kingdom of Heaven Balian/Nasir "Seeking Wisdom" by linaelyn PG -- Setting is mid-movie, before Balian reaches Jerusalem.

King Kong Jack Driscoll/Englehorn "Not Yet A Tiger" by captain_w0w PG 13 -- Before reaching Skull Island Driscoll loses his inspiration to write and wanders to the bridge for a conversation with the Captain.

King Kong Jimmy/Englehorn "Chocolate & Cigarettes" by captain_w0w PG 13 -- There's a storm coming and Captain Englehorn gets to know Jimmy a little better while they wait it out.

King Kong Jimmy/Hayes "Mistletoe and Bare Feet" by ladysapphirekym PG 13 -- "Skipper says Christmas makes us lazy." Jimmy and Ann bond with one another; Jimmy seeks to share his newfound Christmas spirit with who else but Mister Hayes?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harry/Perry: "Trials by veracious PG-13 -- But it's not like that happens, really. Except this time it did really happen with me and Perry.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harry/Perry "Noir enough" by thefourthvine PG 13 -- So I guess this thing with Perry started when we were locked in the box

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harry/Perry/Harmony "Day 378: And Now, Tomorrow" by tzikeh NC-17 -- "Shithead." -- "Fag."

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harry/Perry "The Case of the Very Gay Detectives" by Michelle Christian NC-17 -- It's not easy waking up one day and realizing you're Rupert Everett.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harry/Perry "The other line" by GiddyGeek R - It wasn't Perry's fault exactly although, okay, it was Perry's fault.

Latter Days Aaron/Christian "Once Upon A Midnight Dreary" by Troll Princess R -- Fairy tales pun not intended) aren't real. But sometimes it feels that way.

L.A. Confidential Exley/White "At Odds and Evens" by Cyc NC 17 -- "Why did you come back?" Ed asked softly, desperate to see a spark of intelligence in that watchful gaze.

Life as a house Sam/Josh "Hand Me My Leather" by Proserpina NC 17 -- Dude, I cannot believe I forgot to rec this the last time. 'Kay, so like, Ian Somerhalder and Hayden Christensen, and erotic asphyxiation. I'm like, GUH. GUH.

Lord of War Yuri/Vitaly "Warning Signs" by Nev NC-17 -- He didn't know what Vit was thinking. He'd never known what Vit was thinking. INCEST

Madagascar Alex/Marty: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by shaychana PG-13 -- Hunger is more acute at night.

The Matador Danny/Julian: "Mozo de Espada by Guede Mazaka PG-13 -- Danny talks Julian into doing the job.

The Matador Danny/Julian "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Wright" by Dorinda NC-17 -- What happened during the rest of that night in Mexico? Oh, you know.drinking, shooting, fleeing, stealing, lying, sexing, smoking. Business as usual.

Matrix Neo/Smith "Eventuality" by Nescienx PG 13 -- The aftermath of the War between Man and Machine. A beginning to an end.

My Own Private Idaho Mike/Scott "Underdog" by clocks R -- Scott is trying to cope with Mike's campfire admission.

My Own Private Idaho Mike/Scott "A Better State Than This" by Hyperfocused -- They are what they need.

Ocean's 11 Tess/Rusty, Tess/Danny, Rusty/Danny "Six to Eight Months" by cherryice PG 13 -- Don't "eww, het" me, bitch. It's O11 and it's cool and do you know how rare that is? Good Tess characterization in this one. Takes place during the six to eight months after Vegas, like the title says.

Ocean's 11 Danny/Rusty "Confidence Men" by Dorinda NC 17 -- The fic has a great voice, first of all. The tone of the fic fits. This story's as fun to read as the movie was fun to watch. It's also got great dialogue. I'm a sucker for great dialogue, because great dialogue implies great characterisation. There are tense and serious moments in this fic that are not angsty, and that rocks. Unangsty serious moments are highly underrated.

Platoon Chris/Elias "How It's Done" by Epigone R -- Five Things That Never Happened to Private Chris Taylor

RENT Mark/Roger "Of Silence and Songs" by SylverIce2 PG -- Mark was never entirely sure when friendship became relationship between them. It happened, slowly and gradually, over the years that they were together, all the sleepless nights they sat up, talking or being silent, Roger strumming on the guitar.

Remember the Titans Sunshine/Gerry "Tasting Sunshine" by Gryvon -- Sunshine, Gerry and changes

Saw Adam/Lawrence "Rebirth" by MorningHell R -- Scarred them for life, yes. But did he also help them?...What do you take for granted now, Doctor?

Saw Adam/Lawrence "Sense in Madness" by sayafterme PG -- Some people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not anymore

Sin City Dwight/The Salesman "Straw Man" by Guede Mazaka -- Dwight goes through some personal shuffles.

Spy Game Nathan/Tom "Hunde" by Dira Sudis NC 17 -- A well-trained agent is a happy agent.

Spy Game Nathan/Tom Tom/m "The Art of Compromise" by Vyola NC 17 -- Every building, every room, every situation is a snapshot. What's wrong with this picture?

Stand by me Chris/Gordie "Letting Go" by Kass R -- What really happened that night in the woods?

The Crying Game Fergus/Dil "In His Nature" by karolja NC 17 -- As the days are counted.

The Faculty Zeke/Casey "10 Dollar Favors" by closingtime101 R -- Zeke and Casey have an agreement. Once a week, in return for money, Casey will go to the bathroom with Zeke and spend half an hour with him. Doing whatever Zeke wants.

The Last Samurai Algren/Katsumoto "Relax" by The Tenth Muse1 NC 17 -- Algren gives Katsumoto what is truly necessary and finds the other half of himself in the process.

The Three Musketeers Rochefort/Aramis "True Colours" by Brightbear PG 13 -- Pre-movie Rochefort/Aramis. Rochefort tries to identify Aramis' loyalties. - Not exactly your usual pairing, but the writer makes you forget that very quickly. Splendid dialogue!

Threesome, Eddy/Stuart: "Past and Pending" by hi_falootin R -- Eddy can't stop sabotaging his life.

Things to Do Before You're 30 Adam/Cass "8 Ways To Touch Him (Before He's Sober)" by Aja R -"You're supposed to be helping me change."

Tigerland Bozz/Paxton "The Biggest Part" by endlessfever PG 13 -- There's things you'll leave out of the book.

Tigerland Bozz/Paxton: "A Means of Peace" by Destina Fortunato NC-17 -- Some memories are too painful to share.

Top Gun, Maverick/Iceman: "Belonging" by Lizzie NC-17 -- A decade or so on, Iceman and Maverick meet again.

Top Gun Maverick/Iceman "Attitude Adjustment" by thefourthvine NC 17 - "Is that what you're looking for? You want someone to punish you?"

Top Gun Maverick/Iceman "Two Hearts In Your Chest" by Hecate PG-13 -- Falling, flying and everything in between.

Velvet Goldmine Brian Slade/Curt Wild: "We Walk Like A Ghost" by flambeau (R) -- Curt thinks about dreams, reality, and Brian. NEW

Zoolander Derek/Hansel "The Lives of the Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking" by shanalle NC 17 -- It hits the mood of the movie. Which means you like it ir well...you think it's way too silly.

Cabaret, Brian/Max, Brian/Sally, Sally/Max:
"Tomorrow Belongs" by Olivia CirceR -- There is a world war and Brian fails to move on.

Chess Anatoly/Freddier "Bangkok Nights by Isabeau PG 13 -- The Russian and the American reach an understanding of sorts.

Elisabeth Death/Rudolf, Death/Elisabeth: "Closer to the Veil" by Beth Winter R -- Death plays his dark games whenever Rudolf or Elisabeth come near him.

Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus/Judas, Jesus/Mary Magdalene " Everything's Fine" by 142978 PG -- It's kill or be killed

My Fair Lady Higgins/Pickering "Gravity" by Chash PG -- In which the air is finally cleared.

Rent Mark/Roger "Baby Steps" by pocky_slash R -- It all evolved so gradually...

Rent Mark/Roger "Shoot Without A Script" by Purple Mango PG 13 -- An hour or two before the start of the show up to the minute it opens, Mark and Roger share a moment.

The 4400, Shawn/Jordan:
"In mercy, whisper low" by BlackEyedGirl PG-13 -- Tom told Jordan that he would have to mend fences with Shawn.

Being Human, Annie, Mitchell/George: "Self-Empowerment for the Modern Ghost" by Q R -- It's not fair, but it's not like there's a place for ghosts to register complaints, and if there was such a place, she's positive it's no place she wants to go. NEW

Blood Ties, Henry/Mike: "Forget Me Not" by Spikedluv NC-17 -- Someone -- or something -- appears to have made Henry Fitzroy lose his memory. While Vicki searches for the cause, Detective Mike Celluci is drafted to keep Henry safe. NEW

Blue's Clues Steve/Joe, incest "Stripes" by Elektra R -- "There's a bark of concern at the door, but Blue doesn't come in. She's a good puppy, and always waits for Steve to open the door first."

Bones Booth/Zach "Plausible Deniability" by Mel NC-17 -- A man gets to a certain stage in his life, and he no longer wants a roommate.

First Monday Julian/Jerry "Collegial" and "Ex parte" by harriet-spy NC-17 -- So much for the 'heterosexual' thing.

Jericho Jake/Hawkins "Slowest in the Making" by cerebel NC-17 -- Post-ep for "AKA". Jake has a few more questions for Hawkins.

Jericho Jake/Jonah "One Day at a Time" by cerebel NC-17 -- "You're too damn eager to get yourself killed."

Jericho, Jake/Jonah: "If Wishes Were Horses" by Spikedluv PG-13 -- Episode tag for 1x11 Vox Populi. Jake sees Jonah out of town. NEW

Justice, Tom Nicholson/Susan Hale: "Ours Is Not A Fairytale" by PG-13 -- Tom, Susan, and the night before a verdict. NEW

Moonlight Mick/Josef "Lost in the Shadow" by chaotic4life R -- 80's party revisited.

Moonlight, Mick/Josef: "An Idea With Legs" by Miriam Heddy NC-17 -- Sustaining a half-century friendship with anyone requires a good deal of give and take. Sustaining a half-century of friendship with Josef Konstantin requires patience Mick doesn't really have. Luckily, Josef isn't going to hold his breath.

Moonlight Mick/Josh "Learning Curve" by Mari NC-17 -- AU for "Love Lasts Forever": Mick heeds Beth's request.

My So-Called Life Brian/Ricky "like how you are" by wearemany PG 13 -- A lengthier fic that you can really get into, with moments of poignant honesty that, like, made me feel all warm inside.

My So-Called Life Ricky/Jordan "on earth as it is in heaven" by throughadoor PG 13 -- Jordan drives Ricky... home. But not quite. A series of could-have-beens that made my heart hurt.

My So-Called Life Brian/Jordan "Stairway" by lalejandra PG 13 -- Brian and Jordan go for a drive after the 'final' episode.

One Tree Hill Chris/Nathan: "Keeping Score" by Rebecca Carefoot PG-13 -- Chris Keller doesn’t get how there can be people out there that don't like him.

Primeval, Lester, Nick/Stephen, "Watching Brief" by Luka R -- Lester envies Nick and Stephen their plans for the evening. NEW

The Tudors, Henry VIII/Cardinal Wolsey: "Privy Council" by Jimbo PG-13 -- "My home is yours, Majesty, whether I am here or not."

The Tudors, Henry VIII/Thomas More, "Utopia" by Kylie Lee NC-17 -- Thomas More reaches Utopia. NEW

Space: Above and Beyond Nathan/Cooper "Wreck or Die " by Juxian Tang and " Balance of Victories And Defeats " by Juxian Tang NC 17 -- West has endure more than just torture while Hawkes is being tortured by the silicates ... [I'm usually not a fan of rape recovery stories. In fact, I like to stay away from them as far as possible. This is different. It's well-written and surprisingly un-cliched.]

Sports Night Dan/Casey, Dan/other "Five Things That Never Happened (to Dan Rydell)" by shrift NC 17 -- It goes something like this: death, sex, agony, agony, kid. Five things that never happened to Dan Rydell

Star Trek: TNG Picard/Q "Past Duties" by shalott PG -- Late in life, Picard has an uninvited guest.

Star Trek: TNG Picard/Q "From Me to Q" by Julia Houston and "Q Music " by Julia Houston PG-13 -- [A pairing which I find rarely written in a believable way, but those two stories are exceptional. The plot is well-developed, the original characters intriguing. Go read it.]

Star Trek: TNG/TOS Kirk/Spock, Picard/Q Out Of The Big Black and series sequels by Rae Trail (Sequels: Onto The Deep Blue, Amid the Great Greys, Beneath the Azure Skies) NC-17 -- This is the story of a second chance at life. Q finds a de-aged Kirk in a temporal rift they/it work on and return him to Starfleet, to Picard and the Enterprise. To prove that Kirk is indeed himself, returned from the Nexus, Starfleet contacts Spock. This is the story of a second chance at life for Jim and Spock away from Starfleet, on Earth, on a ship, on the ocean. AU

Star Trek TOS Spock/Christine, Kirk/Spock: "Requital" by J S Cavalcante NC-17 -- Christine Chapel finds out that she's not the only one aboard the Enterprise to bear an unrequited love.

Star Trek TOS Kirk/Spock "Improvisation" by Varoneeka and Ruth Gifford NC-17 -- On a mission to Romulus, Kirk and Spock find themselves playing very interesting roles among unusual company. But when the mission turns wrong, will those roles save them?

Star Trek TOS Kirk/Spock "Dawn" by Jenna Hilary Sinclair R -- Spock slowly comes back to himself after the fal-tor-pan, the extraction and transfer of his katra from McCoy to his new body. post ST III - The Search for Spock

The 4400 Tom/Shawn "Painful Life" by j_folked R -- It's inappropriate and wrong on too many levels and sometimes the guilt is eating him up.

Ugly Betty Marc/Daniel, Marc/Alex "ashes, dust, and the people left behind" by mardia PG-13 -- Daniel doesn't look exactly like his brother, but the resemblance is strong enough to take Marc by surprise sometimes.

Ugly Betty, Daniel/Alexis, Daniel/Alex: "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing" by Troll Princess R -- "I wonder if she kept it," Daniel slurs after Betty's dragged him back to his loft.

Ugly Betty, Marc/Justin: "They Do Grow Up Quick, Don't They?" by Troll Princess PG-13 -- Futurefic, in which Marc will stop feeling like a great big perv eventually.

Computers PC/Mac
"Cybersex" by googlebrat NC 17 -- Just read it. *g*