Music slash fic recs

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Australian Idol
"Things Change" by Wicked Cherub PG 13 -- Before the end, things were different.

Backstreet Boys
Howie D/Kevin R
"Monkeyshines" by Zoiciten -- Practical jokes, paranoia and bets. Plus, a really, really terrible detective novel.

Boygroup X-over
Justin Timberlake/Trace
"Clutch" by Betty Plotnick -- The one where Justin lays eggs... There are four parts to this, all very cute and again, amusing.

Nick/... "The Man Within Me" by marythefan -- Nick and a very special date.

Nick/Lance "Tethered" by velma -- Boredom and a new friend

Nick/Justin "Woo" by Georgina -- One of the cutest stories I ever read.I like their relationship talk at the end.

Nick/Justin "well, you see, I met this boy..." by Althea -- Just a really cute story

Nick/Justin "Anything/Nothing" by Bethany -- Nick hates Justin. This is why.

Nick/Justin "Persuasion" by Georgina -- He's also pretty sure he hadn't intended his first time with a guy to be like this

Nick/Justin "Ripple" by Georgina -- Alleys, blowjobs, semi-straight boyband members and complicated relationships

Linkin Park
"Exegesis" by alibi_factory -- The author really has a way with symbols. Lovely turns of phrase that insinuate and capture subtle nuance. Sparse and beautiful.

"Giving Up The Ghost" by Icebun & Pablo -- Being second-best is never good enough.

Chris Kirkpatrick/Lance Bass "Be Your Own Best Friend" by Betty Plotnick -- Funny and serious in turns, convoluted emotional attachments, smut where required and golf but little music.

Damon Albarn/Liam Gallagher
"Gimme Some Truth" by libertinette R -- That is simply how itís done.