Numb3rs slash fic recs

Don/Charlie  Don/Coop 

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Don/Charlie - WARNING: Incest
"Dumbstruck" by Dira Sudis -- Charlie can't speak and Don finds out about a secret

"Scrape" by Dira Sudis -- It's not much but it hurts Charlie to see it.

"Perfect" by spikedluv -- Don has a tough case that Charlie canít help him with.

"A Different World" by castalie -- He always knew life was numbers.

"Parallel Connections Over Symmetric Spaces" by Dale Edmonds -- It's not about what is right. It's about what they need.

"Something Stupid" by dsudis R -- Don broke up with his first girlfriend in a fight over Charlie.

"What Happens in Vegas" by Dira Sudis NC 17 -- If there were a twelve-step program for fucking your brother, he should at least want to lock himself in the bathroom and call it right about now.

"Markov Chain" by Titti PG 13 -- Random events lead to one unexpected outcome.