OZ slash fic recs

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Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"Hands" by Hecate PG -- After it happened he dreamed in shades of red, old blood and technicolour, sunsets and fires, all behind his eyes when he slept.

"Sweetness" by debchan NC 17 -- Beecher and Operation Andy

"What We Have Instead" by Epigone R -- So this is where the dream could end: but not yet.

"Close Up by mandysbitch NC 17 -- Chris will remember how much he likes being the centre of attention.

"Tied" by CatHeights R -- Keller torments Beecher with a bit of suggested kink, while Beecher tries to figure out what's expected of him in this latest game of Keller's.

"No Holds Barred" by Riley C R -- Post-lockdown wrestling.

"Two Truths and a Lie" by Adastra R -- Keller admits to Beecher two things that are true and one thing that is not.

"Under Your Gaze" by CatHeights NC 17 -- A power play instigated by Keller doesn't go exactly as planned. Takes place early season 4.2.

"Last Rites" by serialkeller R -- Keller. Dying

"Fantastic" by mandysbitch NC 17 -- "One day he will walk out of Oz and he will need to remember who he is on the outside."

"First Time For Everything" by dorilon NC 17 -- A novelization of the New Year's Eve scene.

"Deprivation" by Actizera PG -- "If you were right and I was wrong / Why are you the one who's gone / And I'm still here" - Beecher tries to deal with living in the aftermath of Keller's last game.

"Caught" by alinewrites R -- How if *this* moment in season 3 had gone otherwise?

"Actions Speak Louder" by cheights NC-17 -- Keller couldn't let go.

"Five Words Chris Keller Never Said" by foxxcub R

"Between Stone and Sky" by sistersleep NC 17 -- Dreams and reality. Need and denial. Ryan has a late night during Season 1.

"Mea Culpa" by mandysbitch NC-17 -- "...better to have loved and lost than to be held down over a pool table and fucked up the ass or something like that."

"Choirboy" by Mairead Triste NC 17 -- When you're crazy, people don't understand that you can still think.

"Prelude" by actizera R -- “So how ‘bout it?”

"Close Up" by mandysbitch NC 17 -- Chris will remember how much he likes being the centre of attention.

"Unexpected" by rustler -- He hadn’t really intended to show up at Sean’s place after midnight, either. But that was the address he wound up slurring out to the cabbie after a long pause when asked, “where to?”

"Five Offers Sean Murphy Turned Down " by cmk418 PG-13

"The Look" by violaswamp R -- An angry confrontation that gets physical

"Office Space" by 'dalia PG 13 -- I've searched long and hard for McManus/Said slash, and 'dalia managed to get it done without going OOC.

"Snakebite" by violaswamp R -- You couldn't have everything you wanted.

"Two Things" by geneticallydead NC 17 -- There are always two things: what you want and what you get.

"State of Mind" by miladygrey -- Straight’s a state of mind.

"Hanging On" by Titti NC 17 -- Over the months, Miguel and Ryan need to rely on each other to survive

"Shadow Boxing" by Jenn NC 17 -- He loved watching Ryan.

"Settling" by Jen R -- Wherein Murphy has a hard time resisting the temptation.

"Parting of the Ways" by Jen R -- Scott Ross, through Schillinger's eyes.

"Double Negatives" by cmk418 R -- Ryan O'Reily had never touched another guy's dick in his life. But... thinking about it? Well, that was another thing entirely.

Dino Ortolani/Ryan O'Reily "Tuesday" by "dustandroses" NC-17 -- One of these days soon, he'd show O'Reily who the faggot was.

Miguel/Torquemada "Untitled" by oz-magi NC/17 - Miguel succumbs to Destiny. NEW