Prison Break slash fic recs

Michael/Abruzzi  Michael/Mahone  Michael/T-Bag  T-Bag/Abruzzi 

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"Quid Pro Quo" by Rhysenn PG-13 -- After he gets the news about Phil Falzone, Abruzzi goes to Michael's cell.

"The Weaker Position" by clair_de_lune PG-13 -- He's a lot of things, but naïve hasn't been one of them for a long time, so he doesn't fool himself into believing this is anything more than a hate/fascination sort of appeal. NEW

"I've Been Half-Asleep" by Cerebel NC-17 -- The frustration has cooled, crystallized to ice-fear in Michael's stomach. There are no other agents in the car. Mahone isn't taking the highway. There's something wrong. NEW

"The Second And Last) Love Song of Alexander Mahone" by cerebel NC-17 -- AU from 2.10 "Rendezvous". Mahone tries to inhale through his mouth, his jaw stretched uncomfortably, and he half-chokes. Dirty cloth, he realizes, jammed between his teeth – he claws at it, yanks it away, panting in abruptly relieved panic. NEW

"Your Life Can Change In Twenty Seconds" by Cerebel NC-17 -- Michael finds Alex alone, on a boat so much an echo of the Christina Rose that, for a moment, Michael wonders if Alex liberated the her from Panamanian custody. NEW

"First Time It Shouldn't Taste Like Blood" by Bliss NC-17 -- It's all about control. NEW

"Run Like a Villain" by PG-13 -- Pam's dead and Cameron's dead and he has nothing but the comfortable fit of a handgun in his palm and a neon Post-It with Bill Kim's home address, hastily scrawled with a red pen. NEW

"Panopticon" by R -- Mahone doesn't know which he's more obsessed with -- the man, or the tattoo. NEW

"Form, Not Meaning" by Annie NC-17 -- "Keep staring like that," Mahone growls as he walks by, "and they'll get the wrong impression." NEW

"Lost and Found" by Isagel NC-17 -- There is no knife this time, only the bulk and heat of Mahone's body pinning him to the wall. NEW

"Lightning Strikes Not Once But Twice" by alazysod R -- T-Bag and Michael, a motel room, and a pair of handcuffs.

"Insults Under The Table" by Dionne NC-17 -- "Just sit still, Pretty. T-Bag's gonna take good care of you," he whispered, and Michael shivered.

"Good Times, Bad Times" by alazysod R -- Good thing about working with John is, there’s everything he could ever need.