Phantom of the opera slash fic recs


Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"Beneath All" by beckyincharge R -- No reason lies in the sheets between himself and his enemy.

"Crawl" by beckyincharge R -- "She will never forgive you."

"Eyes of the Jackal" by beckyincharge NC 17 -- The kiss that saved Raoul and Christine never took place. Enraged, heart broken, driven to madness, Erik has thrown Christine aside and taken Raoul hostage. Slash, written in a series of vignettes and drabbles.

"Seeking Madness" by lonespark PG 13 -- He remembered the feel of those hands on his own skin, those lips so near his face, warm breath and haunting voice so close and strong.

"The Art of Imperfection" by Cherusha R -- In the dead of night, Raoul fights his own personal demons.

"Frailty, Thy Name Is Desire" by lannamichaels R -- There is nothing appealing about the Viscount, Erik tries to tell himself.