Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick slash fic recs

Riddick/Johns  Riddick/Vaako 

Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"Evolution" by FutureKitty PG--A deconstruction of the film that departs from canon and focuses on Riddick and Johns.

"Different" by Tiriel NC 17-- I died because I was an addict.

"Pulse" by Paula KNC 17-- Examining Riddick's and Johns' tumultous relationship prior to Pitch Black.

"End Game " by Paula KNC 17-- Riddick has some not so pretty flashbacks of his relationship with Johns.

"Every Man's Dream" by FutureKittyR--Ever wonder what SLAM inmates talk about at night?

"Chomping At The Bit" by KoanjuR--Riddick and Johns have a past. But they ain't got much of a future.

"The Rules of the Beast" by Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge NC 17 -- Riddick takes on the responsibility of the Lord Marshal and reaps the benefits.