Pirates of the Caribbean het fic recs

Elizabeth/Barbossa  Elizabeth/Will  various 

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"A Better Woman" by "wyrd-1" R -- Where did Elizabeth go after Will left on the Dutchman?

"With Her Hands" by Abby PG-13 -- Her oil-soaked hands sought out his face, cupping the tops of his cheeks in their smallish palms. "Well, then. Besides apples, what else do you yearn or have you yearned for?"

"Remove" by FaeriQuene R -- Upon arriving in Singapore, Elizabeth and Barbossa are asked to turn over their weapons. Elizabeth, however, must give up a bit more than her pistols.

"Shackles" by FaeriQuene R -- Sequel to "Remove". When Elizabeth sleeps, she dreams of shackles, so she finds it preferable to simply not sleep.

"Cursed" by FaeriQuene PG-13 -- "I bear a curse of my own. Everyone who kisses me dies." 2 years after the events of AWE, Elizabeth returns to the Pearl, haunted by memories.

"Two of Swords" by penknife PG -- Elizabeth's learning.

Jack/Elizabeth, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will, Elizabeth/Norrington, Will/Norrington:
"Five Ways of Running for Home" by penknife NC-17 -- Five things that might happen on the way back from the end of the world.

Will/Norrington, Elizabeth/Norrington, Elizabeth/Will overtones: "Bent Rule" by aris_writing NC-17 -- Will and Elizabeth both want to get closer together... even if it's only metaphorically.