Pirates of the Caribbean slash fic recs

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"Men of Our Word " by L.M. Griffin "Acts of Piracy" by L.M. Griffin "Rooting For You." by L.M. Griffin -- Norrington faces off with a party filled with socialite sharks and the dread annoying pirate Sparrow. However, as Fate sometimes decrees, things don't happen just as he planned...

"A Most Accommodating Commodore" by Webcrowmancer --A repressed British Naval officer and a bound, unwell pirate captive in need of care. The question is, who has been caught, and who is owned?

"The Mercy series " by Webcrowmancer--Norrington catches up with Jack Sparrow. But what is he to do with him, once he's caught him?

"Full Moon" "Tides" "Drowning" "Currents" by firesignwriter NC 17-- The characterisation is spot on and I like the way intimacy is built between these two opposites. Might require tissues.

"Drifting" by Garnet--He was caught between the sea and the sun and both of them were his sworn enemies.

"Persuasion." by webcrowmancer and monkeypuzzle--It just about tops the list as the hottest PWP J/N piece out there. Presence of cold water nearby encouraged while reading. I'm not really coherent enough to do it justice, other than saying please go read it now, you won't forget it easily.

"Best Laid Plans / " A Plan Well-Laid by Webcrowmancer and hija_paloma NC 17 -- The best plans for getting laid are usually spontaneously and serendipitously formed...

"Nigh Uncatchable" by cinzia -- Norrington dreams; Elizabeth wonders; Jack sets things straight.

"Silent As the Grave" by serafina20 -- Jack is having problems coming up with meanings for "silent as the grave".

"Carnival by isagel NC 17 -- A chance meeting at a masquerade...

"Be Careful What You Wish For" by Melusina and the_stowaway and "Surrender" by fabu and the_stowaway NC 17 -- There's powerful magic messing with Norrington's head, and the Commodore is left without memory or knowledge of his own identity. Enter Jack Sparrow...

"The Part You Throw Away" by isagel PG 13 -- Time is just memory mixed with desire

"If the Rum Were Not Gone" by elessil R -- Minor AU, in which Norrington is taken hostage during the commandeering of the Interceptor. In the turn of events, it is Norrington and Jack who are marooned on the island.

"Ruse de Guerre" by Cassyl PG-13 -- There is something James Norrington wants so badly it aches...

"The Loquacious Dead" by Dee PG-13 -- One night a year the dead talk, unless you're James Norrington.

"Judas Kiss" by Guede Mazaka R -- Missing scene(s. Jack and Norrington have their own moment of mutual recognition.

"Honor" by serafina20 R -- Equals now, James goes to Jack on the Black Pearl.

"A Little Like Death" by abra bacon-trask R -- James wants those letters too. Oh yes. Those tempting, tanned, sexually ambiguous... letters.

"Overboard" by pokeh NC-17 -- A broken Commodore Norrington falls into the hands of Jack Sparrow.

"One Hundred Ways" by Anya PG-13 -- "I'll show you one hundred ways, t'fall in love wi' a freeman's life," Sparrow says, leaning forward, his eyes half-lidding.

"Sex and Temperament in the Primitive World" by termagantwrites NC-17 -- James Norrington's sole consolation, as he reflected on the exceedingly sorry state of affairs in which he seemed to have found himself, was that a marriage ceremony performed against one's will by the chief of the Bugaluru tribe was unlikely to be recognized under British law.

"Hourglass" by lucianus_kae NC-17 -- Immortality isn't the same as eternity.

"Final Arrangements" by Argyle PG-13 -- Last meals aren't all they're cracked up to be.

"His Place" by Anne HigginsNC 17-- Just what is Will's place?

"Obsession" by Brenda AntrimNC 17-- Brenda Antrim writes PotC just as amazingly as she writes everything. Go. Read. Wibble.

"A Good Man" by Plaid Poppet R-- Elizabeth remembers what she learned the night she spent marooned with Jack.

"Blooded" by Guede Mazaka NC-17 -- Norrington goes to order a new sword, and instead gets a new direction.

"Ways and Means" by "termagantwrites" R -- James and Will, after it all.

Jack/Elizabeth, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will, Elizabeth/Norrington, Will/Norrington:
"Five Ways of Running for Home" by penknife NC-17 -- Five things that might happen on the way back from the end of the world.

Will/Norrington, Elizabeth/Norrington, Elizabeth/Will overtones: "Bent Rule" by aris_writing NC-17 -- Will and Elizabeth both want to get closer together... even if it's only metaphorically.