Queer as Folk US RPS fic recs


Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"Insert Mouth" by altricial G -- Fab sorta kinda found out about the Gale and Randy.

"Three Cigarettes To Smoke My Tears Away" by Mojokitten NC-17 -- Gale Harold is a good actor.

"Modern Romance" by Mojokitten NC-17 -- The first time Randy kissed him – actually kissed him – it was August and Gale was sitting on the steps outside the studio, drinking water by the gallon and sweating.

"So I Was Thinking..." by Lierdumoa NC-17 -- Gale has issues. Randy gets caught in the wake. And then much sex is had. Oh, the humanity.

"My Medicine" by Rhiannonhero NC-17 -- Gale was the one who started it and if he tells you something different, he's lying.

"Familiarity" by Rhiannonhero NC-17 -- There was an old saying, "Familiarity breeds contempt." Gale didn’t find that to be true at all.

"Just Acting" by xhaleslowly PG-13 -- Set during the filming of the end scene of episode 219.

"New York City" by Kathryn J. Zapatka NC-17 -- The boys have a get-together in New York City.

"Happy Families" by knittedshadow NC-17 -- In the first year after the show ended they kept in touch, postcards, letters, often meeting, sometimes the whole gang, sometimes just them. Movies, bars, first nights at theatres, the old easiness together always returned by the end of the evening.

"Those Waking Moments" by knittedshadow R -- They wake up half a block away from each other, lying in their separate rooms, hungover as hell.

"Last Take" by irisgirl12000 R -- What happens on the set stays on the set, especially after the last wrap party.