Rome het fic recs

Octavian/Octavia  Posca/Jocasta  Pullo/Eirene 

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Octavian/Octavia INCEST
"can nature change the seasons of the years" by kat PG -- A heartbreaking take on the relationship between Octavian and his sister, and the transformation through the years.

"Grasping" by aphrodite_mine R -- He has scroll after scroll filled with poetry to a beautiful maiden, a girl with flowing hair and greenish eyes, thin arms and a sharp wit. One who stumbles so gracefully through the art of seduction that her prey cannot help but fall.

"Learning to Make Fire" by artyartie PG -- When they have no one but each other, Posca and Jocasta find something deeper in their marriage of inconvenience.

"But in the Suburbs" by yunitsa PG-13 -- "Why did you not marry him?" (Pullo/Vorenus)