Rome slash fic recs

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"Falling Forever" by cerebel NC-17 -- Cicero dies for Brutus.

"The Shadow of a Memory" by cerebel PG-13 -- One day the Forum will be naught but dust, sparkling in the air, not even a shadow of a memory of what it once was. Everything man makes crumbles, but what endures?

Brutus/Marc Anthony
"Treason" by cerebel R -- Marc Antony steps into the Senate chamber, and in that instant he knows; he knows precisely what had happened.

"Vengeance Disguised" by cerebel R -- “So, you offer us the hand of friendship, Antony,” Brutus says, through his teeth, something unnamable filling his voice.

"The Cocks of Powerful Men" by babel NC-17 -- He has this habit of smiling at you.

"Cloak" by babel NC-17 -- Antony finds the body, and it is not what he expected.

"Not A Game" by cerebel NC-17 -- It starts as a game. Antony wants to break Brutus; Brutus wants to prove he's better than Antony. To himself, as much as anyone else.

Marc Anthony/Lucius Vorenus
"Soldier" by Katt R -- Mark Antony was a soldier. Ever since Aulus Gabinius had made him a cavalry commander when he was twenty-two and had sent him to Judea it was all he knew. It was all he wanted to know.

"Qui Tacet Consentit" by Melina NC 17 -- Mark Antony has a moral compass, but as a young soldier named Lucius Vorenus discovers, its needle doesn't point due north. - A compelling tale of Antony's and Vorenus' first encounter, which explains just how Lucius' made his oath of loyalty to Antony. Spot-on Antony characterization and, despite happening years before the TV show, very canon.

"Ilysseum To Italy" by thegreatesthits R -- Antony knows that getting what he wants is simply a matter of knowing how.

"Encounters" by Merle NC-17 -- When Marc Antony first noticed – really noticed – Vorenus, he was busy with the punishment of Legionnaire Titus Pullo.

"Oath of Loyalty" by babel R -- Duty has nothing to do with loyalty.

"Veritas" by Miss Pamela PG 13 -- Missing scene from "An Owl in a Thornbush." Pullo lectures Vorenus about what he needs.

"Ad Lib" by The Spike PG 13 -- He doesn't know what it is, this thing that burst and broke in his chest like a pot of searing oil, but it's done and he's raw inside and changed.

"semper hic erro" by Bastet NC 17 -- Titus Pullo is nothing if not incredibly nosy.

"The First Prayers of Man" by destina -- There is nothing now but the hum and pitch of his life as events unfold around him, as other men cast the stones and build their legacies on the backs of those who laid the foundations.

"But in the Suburbs" by yunitsa PG-13 -- "Why did you not marry him?" (Pullo/Eirene)

"Pax Augusta" by yunitsa> R -- Happy, historically vague futurefic.

"Facio Bis" by aberforthsgoat R -- Pullo knew how to serve, but he knew that good service was not its own reward.

"Incipit vita nova" and "Not unbecoming men that strove with Gods" by yunitsa PG -- In the year of the great Census, word is brought to the imperator Augustus Caesar that Lucius Vorenus is alive. (Octavian)

"Personal History" by Gigi Sinclair R -- The first time it nearly happened, it was Pullo's fault.

Brutus/Cassius, Brutus/Caesar, Brutus/Antony, Brutus/Cicero:
"Four Men Brutus Could Have Slept With" by cerebel R -- What the title says

Antony/Caesar "Now and Again" by cerebel NC-17 -- The first time, it was a struggle.

Antony/Cicero "A Fate Suitable to His Deserts" by artyartie R -- Explaining "A woman's role always suited you best", from Cicero's speech delivered in absentia.

Antony/Octavian "Lessons In War, Starting With The Basics" by randomeliza NC-17 -- "We'll talk strategy," he tells the messenger. "Let him learn a thing or two about how we'll make his uncle's murderers die screaming."