Scrubs slash fic recs

J.D/Cox   Cox/Ben 

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"My Sleepy Blue Ocean" by sandy R -- There are six stages of grief

"My Big Breakup" by iamsab -- You never wake up saying, "today, my world will be rocked."

"My Distraction" by thegreatesthits PG

"My Escape" and its sequel "My Demands" by Riona R -- As so many of my stories seem to, this one starts with 'It was really all the Janitorís fault'.

"My Explanation" by Riona PG-13 -- "Barbie," Dr. Cox says, laughing in his I'm-going-to-kill-you way, " the mere suggestion that I would try something on with Newbie here is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard."

"The Line" by kHo PG-13 -- "I can't believe I'm sitting here, in a bar, with you, why God in heaven with you, and moping," Perry moaned.

"Five Things JD Doesn't Like About Dr Cox (no he doesn't, no of course not, why would you say that?)" by kat_lair PG-13 -- "I bet you can't name five things about Dr. Cox that you don't like," Turk said and just kept on coming.

"Things You Have To Get Used To When John Dorian Is Your Boyfriend" by puritybrown R - Established relationship; four ways Dr Cox's life has changed.

His Bed" by Takoon PG -- He knows which bed he wants to sleep in. The fact that it's occupied is irrelevant.

My Problem" by Riona. PG-13 -- He's had some pretty weird daydreams before, but this is just ridiculous.

"My Thing" by Propaganda NC 17 -- "I'm sorry for not leaving earlier and I'm sorry that I didn't do what you asked and I'm sorry for not taking care of my patients and I'm sorry that Ben's got leukemia and I'm sorry I drank too much beer last night and I'm sorry for walking in on you and I'm sorry I chewed on your bulldozer, Ben, it tasted really nice."