Stargate:Atlantis femslash fic recs

Other  Teyla/Sora 

Links will open in a window / Stories are rated from PG- NC 17

"The Crane Wife" by Brighid PG 13 -- Cranes for long life, and for marriage.

"When the War Is Over" by Lily NC-17 -- They can't afford to keep making the same mistakes.

"Waking Up Rapunzels" by shetiger PG -- On a simple shopping expedition, Teyla spots an old acquaintance, and gets pulled into a convoluted plot she can only try to talk herself out of.

"When the war is over" by Lily NC 17 - “And am I the girl or the wolf?”

"Noble Form" by bluflamingo PG 13 - Teyla runs into a familiar face on an off-world trip.