Stargate:Atlantis het fic recs

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"Asgard Tact" by kellifer-fic PG -- “Anyway, he thought if I could see that you were okay then I would stop...being concerned,” Novak finished and Lorne recognised the look of a woman desperate for the Earth to open up and swallow her whole. - Cute story. I don't know how people came up with this pairing, but never mind that.

"Hello, Nurse!" by Zeplum PG 13 -- Lorne, Novak and a battle. Another cute story.

"Moved to Distraction" by kellifer-fic PG -- “The reason I ask is because when you don’t think anyone is watching, you’re completely different.”

"The Idea of Tomorrow" by autumn-whispers and "What's Behind Us And What Lies Ahead" by autumn-whispers R -- Lorne and Novak are taken prisoner.

"Something Definitive (Or Lack Thereof)" by Zeplum PG 13 -- Lorne forgets about his girlfriend. Stupid rocks.

"All Roads Lead" by trinityofone PG 13 -- Five ways Laura Cadman eventually slept with Rodney McKay.

"Glints in the Night" and "Commas and Ampersands" by Lallybroch NC-17 -- She couldn't even say 'one thing led to another' because she's still not quite sure how she ended up with her panties around her ankles, having a spectacularly loud orgasm in the middle of Lab 4.

"Hopscotch" by amitee R -- It's like they're eight year olds with playground crushes.

"Ten Times Doctor Rodney McKay Stopped at the Starbucks on the Way to Work" by Vega PG -- Rodney McKay is seriously the worst customer ever.

McKay/Carter: "And So It Goes" by kHo R -- "Yes, she likes having sex with me," Rodney says, voice becoming bitter and hard. "I'm actually quite good at that. What I mean is, I don't think she likes me very much." (Mckay/Sheppard)

"Five things Sgt. Bates wants to tell Teyla, but never does" by raven-lore PG-13 -- The list goes on and on and keeps growing every day.

"Dust Devil Dancing" by Suaine PG -- He's only watching to avoid paperwork.

"Kodachrome" by Smitty PG-13 -- "I didn't want to trust you," he said. "I didn't want to be the fool who got everyone killed for not being careful enough."

"A Fool And His Folly" by tielan PG-13 -- Bates has decided that the Pegasus Galaxy doesn't like him.

"Hunger" by amireal NC-17 -- Post 'Common Ground': The most violent appetites in all creatures are lust and hunger; the first is a perpetual call upon them to propagate their kind, the latter to preserve themselves. Joseph Addison

"Hunter Caught by the Prey" by Seldear NC-17 -- The hunter becomes the hunted and nowhere is safe.

"Sensitivity" by Tielan PG-13 -- Something strange is going on in Atlantis.

"Yield" by Tielan NC-17 -- They will never break him. To yield means to give in; to give in means to give up. John won't give up.

"Shatter" by Ladyjax PG-13 -- More friendship than anything -- She tries not to think about John.

"Anger Management" by snoggingpicard K -- After a confrontation with Sergeant Bates, Teyla escapes to where she feels most comfortable, but it turns out that she isn’t going to be alone for long.

"Sojourn" by ltlj NC-17 -- John said, "You're not a Wraith."

"Through The Looking Glass" by Purple_cube NC-17 -- A sex scene with a twist.

"Flint and Steel" by kageygirl PG -- Keep rubbing a pair of wooden sticks together, and something is bound to kindle...

Teyla/Ronon "The Bee-Charmer" by Hth PG 13 -- Finding out who they are and who they will be.

"This Tardiest Explorer" by Mirabile Dictu -- All good love stories begin with a kiss. - Mckay/Sheppard

Teyla/McKay "Variations on Loneliness" by canadian_snoopy G -- Before, she had never been one to seek solitude.

Teyla/Beckett "Semantics" by icantfollow PG-13 -- The evolution of John and Rodney's relationship seen through Teyla's eyes as she struggles with feelings of loss, and the effort to understand and communicate. (McKay/Sheppard)

Teyla/various "Five Men Who Never Wanted Teyla Emmagen" by Tielan PG -- The line between attraction and action is fine. At least five men in Atlantis walk it very closely.

"The Next Few Lines" by mmmchelle NC-17 -- John does something he doesn't know how to live with, testing both his relationship with Elizabeth and his friendship with Rodney. (Mckay/Sheppard)

"Ascent" by mylittleredgirl PG-13 -- First of all, they have to survive.

"Dark Reflections" by rhienelleth NC-17 -- Quantum mirror universe. Pirate!Villain!John. What, that doesn’t make you want to read all by itself?

"Angels Without Wings" by Helent NC-17 -- Set late Season 2. Off-kilter and jittery about her questionable relationship with Sheppard, Elizabeth seeks distraction by deciphering the Ancient text found on a mysterious device. However, handling it has unexpected consequences for both her and John.

"Veracity" by Mylittleredgirl R -- When something traumatic happens to John Sheppard off-world, he is no longer the only one affected.

"The Other Side" by peanutbutterer PG-13 -- She thinks that maybe in another life she would have been someone - done something.

"Suspension" by Mylittleredgirl R -- She knows this is her fault.

"Local Customs" by Mierca_c PG-13 -- During a trade negotiation, Weir and Sheppard are "obliged to take part in an indigenous ritual affirming a clan-bond." Then things go really sideways.

"That’s My Girl" by Helent NC-17 -- Think of it as an alternative to ‘The Alien made them do it’.

"Business As Usual" by siegeofangels R -- Rodney shuts his eyes, because he's seen the look on Sheppard's face before, and he can't look at it, never wants to associate Sheppard's dead eyes with this parody of an act of love. (Mckay/Sheppard)

"What I See" by Miera_c NC-17 -- "Duet" AU. Elizabeth is trapped in John's body. As they struggle to maintain their professional relationship, certain boundaries get crossed.

"Seven Days" by Cyclone pg-13 -- Fluff. If he hadn’t been covered from head to toe in ugly pus-filled blisters that itched like crazy, he probably would have enjoyed the attention.

"What It Meant" by Lone_pyramid R -- Angst. Smut. He wondered what it meant. Or: why no-strings-attached sex never works.

"Candy Hearts" by hyacinthian NC-17 -- Smut. How could Elizabeth have forgotten it was Valentine's Day?

"Four Times John Almost Kisses Elizabeth and One Time He Does" by the_alianne, angelqueen04, lone_pyramid, miera_c, and peanutbutterer - *points at title*

"New Jersey as Icebreaker" by Slodwick PG 13 -- An evening on the mainland, music and alcohol.

"A week Later" by tigs PG -- A week later, after all, and she was just starting to feel as if she was still able to fill her own skin.

"Camouflage" by lunasky NC-17 -- Everything in nature has some sort of defense mechanism.

"No Man's Land" by M PG 13 - "The best peacemakers are the most familiar with war."

"To Serve A Queen" by Tielan NC-17 -- She could do what she liked with him, but she couldn't make him change his nature.

Weir/Ronon "The Singer and the Song" by toomuchplor NC-17 -- "Sometimes I feel like I could spend my whole life getting to know you," Elizabeth said, and Ronon heard it like a tone scale in the pretinh mode, deep indigo and heavy with sadness. Weir/Caldwell "Permission" by lamardeuse PG-13 -- Elizabeth gives herself permission.

Weir/Sumner "One to Let Go" by Smittywing NC-17 -- "May take two to tango, but boy it takes one to let go."

Weir/Mckay "Underneath" by Elnea PG-13 -- John blames himself for the presumed death of McKay and Weir. Meanwhile, Rodney struggles to save Elizabeth in a forgotten harbor deep in the substructure of Atlantis

Weir/various "Five Military Men That Elizabeth Should Never Have Slept With" by irony_rocks PG-13

"Meals on the Run" by control-freak80 PG 13 -- “Obviously I want that as well, but if one of us has to get eaten, it should be me." “Are we seriously having this conversation? Did you really just say you would make the noble sacrifice and be eaten for me? As sweet as that is, we need to find a way out of here!”

Lorne/Cadman "Springtime for Atlantis" by eternallycait PG-13 -- Sex produces babies, even if you don’t get pregnant. This is the most hilarious thing ever. I laughed so hard I was in stitches! (Mckay/Sheppard)

Lorne/Sora "Humid Star Language" by Voleuse PG 13 - We initiate the angel becoming its wings, invented so as not to deny themselves.

Sheppard/Carter "Practice Makes Perfect" by ayamgila PG -- Sam gripped the sticks tightly, feeling the burn in her biceps. Now was not the time to start doubting herself.

Ronon/Keller "Stars Fall Down" by Smitty PG -- Post-ep to 4x03 "Reunion".

Ronon/Keller "to fight aloud is very brave" by siriaeve PG-13 - "So I was wondering," she continues, "If you'd teach me how to fight."

Ronon/Keller: "Ten Years' Waiting" by sheafrotherdon NC-17 -- "You still miss her," Jennifer says softly as they walk from the mess toward her quarters.

Ronon/Carter: "Guardians of a rare thing" by Livia (PG) -- Takes place after "The Return, pt 1," in an AU where Ronon came to Earth with the others instead of staying in Pegasus with Teyla. NEW

Sheppard/Nancy: "Still Haven't Found" by X-parrot PG-13 -- "Already done that. Not very good at it." Three years of friendship and marriage and love and heartbreak.