SGA RPS fic recs

Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett 

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Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett
"A Thousand Natural Shocks" by propaganda and SA PG 13 -- They start doing it after really charged scenes, the script points that are so full of the weird sexual energy of their characters. First little pecks, tentative and chaste, with furtive looks afterwards–both of them wondering what the hell they’re doing.

"dude, you were so wasted last night " by iphignia939 R -- Everyone knew, and no one talked about it; and David and Joe got to fuck around with whoever they wanted, but not each other.

"Find You Out" by Lilysaid R -- Creative collaboration, blurred lines, tongue-kissing.

"The Telltale Stories in Your Eyes" by Tora NC-17 -- David’s eyes are very blue and his eyelashes are ridiculously long. These are things Joe’s known for years now, but he never gets tired of rediscovering them. He’s never yet managed to get tired of looking at David, and that’s what freaks him out.

"Degrees of Semantics" by princess-bunny NC-17 -- It doesn't count if they don't touch.

"That Inevitable Awkward Question" by Lacey McBain PG-13 -- Joe's getting really tired of the kissing thing.

"When Joe Met David" by Lacey McBain NC-17 -- They've had a little trouble casting the part of African-American astrophysicist Dr. Ingram.

"Thirteen Letters for Maybe" by dirty diana PG-13 -- Sometimes Joe thinks he's way too old for this. Sometimes they're the best people he's ever known.

"Safety Check" by lilysaid NC-17 -- An evolution of sorts.

"Milestones" by forcryinoutloud NC-17 -- The room is full of black balloons, cut-out tombstones scattered here and there and a truly dismal looking cake adorns one of the tables by the wall.

"Better Ways to Die" by valderys R -- "Don't worry," Torri whispers into his ear, "There are always better deaths."

"Across The Border Into Arkansas" by Mona R -- Joe has stopped telling people that he doesn't watch television.

"Stumble" by NC-17 -- Joe should stop this, stop offering, because David’s not strong enough to say no. NEW