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"Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room" by Pru NC 17 -- AU - Possibly the most amusing SGA fic I've read so far, and that's saying a lot

"Under the Sea" by Shalott -- AU, in which Rodney goes to a frat party, and ends up tutoring everyone in Physics...

"I hope you take seriously the suggestion of undressing" by someinstant -- Athosian rotgut - "As Good Going Down As It Is Coming Up!"

"Last Will and Testament" by sperenza -- Rodney's father dies, and that's only the beginning. Absolutely HILARIOUS.

"Scenes from an Accidental Courtship" by ToraK NC-17 -- Years later, John would make a speech at their wedding in which he said it made perfect sense that their first kiss had been an accident.

"The Top of the List" by Helen R -- Rodney tries hard.

"Oblivious" by shalott -- In which Rodney and John fail to pay attention.

"Loves Me Not" by shalott -- It was just such an obvious train wreck in the making.

"A Not-So-Modest Proposal 1/2" by reccea and "A Not-So-Modest Proposal 2/2" by reccea NC 17 -- "I'm pretty much left with you as the only reasonable person to assume the mantle of protecting my mind in perpetuity. So we should get married before I'm speared to death by some alien with rudimentary weapons and statistically improbable aim."

"Residual Heat" by bluenight361 and "Heat Source" by bluenight361 PG -- “Thank you for staying alive.”

"Referencing Gilbert Ryle" by Brighid and "Dork Side of the Moon" by Brighid NC 17 -- Ghosts, muffins and Invader Zim

"Dal Sengo " by rogue-planet and "DS al Coda" by rogue-planet PG -- Rodney came home. - A crossover with Dr. Who

"Over the edge" by Danvers and "Under the skin" by Danvers R -- Time makes the wounds easier to bear.

"Day Break 1/2 by giddygeek and "Day Break - 2/2" by giddygeek NC 17 -- Mckay gets a remote control, Sheppard suffers from it, and idiot day is on repeat.

"Neither an Ocelot Nor a Raccoon Be." by basingstoke PG 13 -- They just didn't make trees sturdy in the Pegasus galaxy.

"Owl Eyes" by salieri R -- There's a monster. There's Sheppard.

"The Education of Rodney McKay" by cupidsbow R -- Sometimes life just seemed to happen to Rodney without any warning.

"Such Is The Way To The Stars" by Otter PG 13 -- Getting by in a world of finite resources. More or less.

"Proof by Contradiction" by shalott NC 17 -- The aftermath of 'Aliens made them do it'. Great look at Sheppard and Mckay.

"Existence As Interesting As Possible" by Wax Jism R -- Dragons, okay. He drew the line at unicorns. - Sheppard and Mckay are stuck on a planet, trying to get home.

"Ceasefire" by basingstoke PG 13 -- They're alive.

"On Waking" by sweetvalleyslut PG -- Everything will be fine.

"AS" by Frostfire PG -- John and Rodney are guys.

"About a lamp " by Torch NC 17 -- "Yeah, well, you know what the man said, any sufficiently advanced technology..." - Weird Ancient technology, wishes coming true and things getting worse before they get better.

"Sometime Soon Would Be Nice" by MaisieRita R -- He’s hanging so far up that the ground's invisible, and all John can do is work out how fast he'll be falling when he hits it.

"The Other Half of the Equation" by lamardeuse NC 17 -- “Do you realize this is the first time I’ve attempted something new knowing there was no way I was going to excel at it? I’m perfectly well aware that I’m one of the most inadequate warriors who ever walked the corridors of Atlantis. But I have to try, because most days I walk around feeling like I—I’m only half of what I need to be. I suppose that doesn’t make any sense to a professional hero like you, does it?”

"Do Not Use High Beams In Fog" by basingstoke PG 13 -- "You are extremely high maintenance," Rodney informed him, and then John started laughing and didn't stop for a long while, long after Rodney left in a huff, and then when he thought of it lying in bed later, he laughed himself to sleep.

"Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending" by Helen NC 17 -- Life and relationships aren't easy in Atlantis.

"The Reverse of Fascination" by Shrift NC 17 -- "Is that Morse code for 'I forgot to pack any form of recreation for a two-and-a-half week trip in an enclosed space', Major?" - The Daedalus trip back to Atlantis.

"Icing on the Cake" by Zoe Rayne R -- Everybody wants Rodney. Well, almost everybody.

"Rewarming" by kitestringer G -- A blizzard, a head injury but no frostbite.

"Small mammals " by Torch R -- "--and what kind of an idea is that, anyway, having sex with the first person you meet?" - A short but cute story.

"The Dangers of Chocolate, or Rodney en-chocolated" by troyswann PG 13 -- Chocolate causes sex.

"Layover" by Kylie Lee NC 17 -- On Earth, after 2.01 "Siege 3," McKay stops by Sheppard's on his way to Canada.

"Universal" by giddygeek PG -- A quiet moment after The Siege.

"When the Universe Tries to Tell You Something" by giddygeek PG -- On P4L-997, McKay was befriended by a giant bird thing.

"Double Occupancy" by Isis Colo NC 17 -- Bodysharing - "Duet" McShep style, not just another version of the episode but the idea used in a different context.

"terra firma" by scribblesinsand R -- Rodney pulls the plug on the phone, puts a sign on the door that says: I will kill you if you wake me up. Death, dismemberment, blowing up your puddlejumper. I mean it, Major!! and ignores the world until late afternoon.

"Visiting Hours" by Lily NC 17 -- John is inside a mountain and Rodney is not a mental health professional.

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (give or take)" by Merry R -- "I'd started developing a theoretical model for harnessing solar energy through the gate to supercharge the City's shields, but it involves stealing a second stargate and parking it in orbit around the sun. Unfortunately we just got killed by a sea monster, and I don't think Zelenka's going to be able to follow the math." - Sheppard and Rodney underwater

"Of Hockey" by imogenedisease PG -- "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the treachery!" - Just a normal McShep day, short but cute.

"Finding the Fine Print" by Giddygeek PG -- "It'll be like climbing Mt. Everest," John says. "It'll be an adventure, and it's just the high tower. It's right in our own backyard, so to speak. How can you say no?" - Rodney and Sheppard explore Atlantis and things get strange. As usual.

"Untalented And Completely Unprepared, But Giving It His Best Shot Anyway" by Dasha R -- "I don't know how I'd cope. If you died. I don't know what I'd do. Which really is sort of a problem. You're a stupid fuck, and I'm pretty sure you're going to get yourself killed."

"Slow and Steady" by kellifer-fic PG -- A gradual wearing down of barriers.

"Advantage" by Resonant NC 17 -- "And so we got nowhere, revealed our presence, and showed them the gate and the jumper for nothing, and now Major Sheppard thinks he's my slave, and just please, please tell me you can undo this, Carson, because I can't have him tagging after me like an oversized kid brother."

"Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You!" by trinityofone R -- “Why is there a Starbucks in Atlantis?” - Crack Fic.

"Dragon Spin" by Night Spring R -- When Rodney woke up, he was a dragon. - Crack Fic.

"An SGA Fairy-Tale" by lavvyan R -- When Rodney complains that no one really gets him, a fairy helps him find his soul mate. - Crack Fic.

"Don't Mention the Wookies" by sheafrotherdon PG -- "Star Wars is real somewhere?" - Crack Fic.

"Abstain" by Resonant NC-17 -- The one where aliens made them not have sex.

"Rodney McKay and the Hot-Blooded Pilot" by Fabula Rasa NC-17 -- Amazon doesn't make shipments to the Pegasus Galaxy. What's a Harry Potter fan to do?

"Kid A" by Speranza NC-17 -- "I'm not gay, Rodney," John says, and it's awkward to have to say it, but it really has to be said.

"Missionary Position" by trinityofone NC-17 -- Kind of what the Season 3 premiere would be like, if it were written by Douglas Adams. And he was on crack.

"Star in the Dust" by Regann PG -- John thinks about three days and nights without Rodney. Coda for 'Trinity'.

"Daily Grind" by Sorrel R -- He fucking hated when Sheppard got like this, and he was pretty sure that half the time, Sheppard was doing it on purpose just to piss him off.

"The Ratio of Burning" by Stillane NC-17 -- Rodney comes back damaged. They handed over a fully functioning, loudmouthed genius with a penchant for sarcasm and slight irrationality. They get back a fully functioning, polite savant with a penchant for silence and serenity.

"Hold Hands and Try To Look Sincere" by minervacat NC-17 -- In which aliens make them do itexcept when they don't, Ford almost accidentally buys a time-share, and Rodney lives in denial.

"Defining Dissolution" and "Dreaming Discourse" by Regann PG-13 -- John and Rodney during those final few moments of 'The Siege II'.

"Blind Leading the Blind" by Regann PG -- Words in the darkness. Rodney doesn't do confession anymore but John might give it a try.

"At Sea" by Tigerlady PG-13 -- Post-'Trinity'. John watches the sea, and thinks.

"The Wheel, Atlantis, Wars And So On" by Speranza PG-13 -- "Eeee! Eeeee! Eee-ee!" the dolphin said, and the shell echoed back, "Oh my God! You people are so stupid!"

"Rodney's Last Message" by Speranza PG-13 -- "Hey, do me a favor, will you? Don't check your email for a while."

"Opposition of the Stars" by kageygirl PG-13 -- There's nothing there in the dark that wasn't there in the light.

"Verb, Transitive" by kageygirl NC 17 -- Rodney, Sheppard and definitions.

"Complicated" by Danvers R -- "Try to avoid falling into any vaginas. I know how tough that can be."

"Face Value" by minnow1212 R -- "Yes, I think one telepath per Atlantis is enough," Elizabeth said. One too many, she murmured internally.

"Caffeinated" by frostfire NC 17 -- Rodney's addicted and John's a sex object.

"Transcendental" by shalott NC 17 -- "How are you doing?" "Oh, the usual," Rodney said. "Haven't eaten, haven't slept, nearly killed seventeen million people. Also, my boyfriend outed me." - This story? Is above awesome. I love Rodney as commander of Atlantis while Weir is gone, I love the power dynamics of the McKay/Sheppard relationship, and I adore the Bates/Teyla thing going on in the background. The characters are so very in character, the writing is great and the plot is just so very exiting. *is in love*

"Working Double Time On The Seduction Line" by minervacat R -- In which Rodney commits a social blunder, John acquires a pair of leather pants, Ronon wrestles a tiger, and Cadman always gets the last word.

"Letting go" by Gaia NC 17 -- Rodney is not convinced that Cadman is completely gone from his head. She's clearly responsible for turning him gay.

"Beware of the Pretty People" by maryavatar PG 13 -- "The mating dance of the geek. Horrifying, isn't it?"

"Unicorns and Dragons and Bears, Oh My!" by hackthis PG 13 -- "I am not a cocktease," he hisses angrily at Rodney while they're supposed to be hiding from the rabid polar bears on Tetron.

"the sky'd be so big that it broke my soul" by endora_taylor NC-17 -- Life in the Pegasus Galaxy.

"Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead" by Speranza NC-17 -- "Any plans for shore leave?" Rodney asks, and this time Sheppard doesn't even look at him.

"On the Cusp" by kageygirl PG -- "How close was it, really?" John asks.

"Resistant" by indigorhapsody PG -- Post-'Irresistible'. Rodney should have expected something like this to happen.

"Depth of Need" by tigerlady NC-17 -- While on a mission to find Ancient technology, John and Rodney trigger something that triggers...something between them. Now Beckett has to figure out what's going on.

"Consider the Great Wall of China by Esse PG-13 -- Rodney's anonymous correspondent would appreciate Gibran: "The reality of the other person is not in what he reveals to you, but in what he cannot reveal to you. Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what he says but rather what he does not say."

"All of Eden by laytoncolt R -- Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between sunset and the sunrise.

"Good Luck Charm by lamardeuse NC-17 -- The material slid against his skin, hugging him like a lover, and he realized with a start that this was the softest damned t-shirt he had ever worn in his life.

"There Is No Reason Why by skoosiepants PG-13 -- Zelenka was as hysterical as a man could be without actually making any sounds, and John was not freaking out. He absolutely wasn't.

"Close Encounters by amireal NC-17 -- "It's just a goddamned crush!"

"Damage Control by kageygirl NC-17 -- "I'm kind of getting the impression that you're not too happy with me, Rodney," Sheppard said.

"Probably Mistaken by lavvyan PG-13 -- It's not always easy to meet expectations. Sometimes, it's even harder not to.

"Untitled by toomuchplor PG-13 -- "Jesus, what did Carson say to you?" John asked, stunned. "Did he tell you that you were about to get cancer or something?"

"You Can't Always Get by MrsHamill G -- It's like the Rolling Stones said, isn't it?

"A Fortress in Colorado" by cottontail73 R -- The SGA team returns to Earth for rest and relaxation. A funeral leads to an invitation to spend time with the SG-1 team at General Landry's house. All in John's POV, much angst and soul searching about his life ensues, with some humor and McShep mixed in.

"Not Quite An Explosion" by lavvyan PG-13 -- Rodney's had enough.

"Looking Glass" by chelle PG-13 -- The Rinthra were the ones who had put Rodney into this state. It was their idea of a thank you, a reward for Rodney's help in repairing the Ancient outpost on their planet. They called it a learning trance and claimed that Rodney would awaken as soon as he had learned what he needed to.

"Opening Moves" by chelle PG -- "Meditation ritual," John repeated. Teyla nodded. "That doesn't sound so bad."

"Thrill Ride" by cupidsbow NC-17 -- "I can count the people I find interesting on one hand," said Rodney, holding one hand up, all five fingers spread out.

"Definition of Unsubtly" by tigerlady NC-17 -- John and Rodney get stranded on a planet together. Rodney's cranky, pissed, and sore--until John offers him a backrub.

"Like Running Through Water" by Jenn PG-13 -- As far as McKay was concerned, John was a really nifty remote control for Ancient toys. It would have been offensive if John had tried to be anything else.

"With A Whimper" by eternallycait PG-13 -- The end of the world was supposed to be fire and brimstone, explosions and sonic booms. Not this stillness.

"Enlightenment" by Luthien PG -- On what should have been a routine mission, Elizabeth is unexpectedly reminded that people are unpredictable and things are not always what they seem. McKay/Sheppard

"Hunger" by amireal NC-17 -- Post 'Common Ground': The most violent appetites in all creatures are lust and hunger; the first is a perpetual call upon them to propagate their kind, the latter to preserve themselves. Joseph Addison

"Conjunction" by Pollitt R -- The third time that Rodney died in as many weeks, John decided enough was enough.

"How To Jump" by leah k PG -- "I've suddenly got superpowers and all this guy's thinking about is his grandmother's china."

"Return to Normalcy" by mmmchelle R -- The rules change and adjusting isn't as easy as John and Rodney thought it would be.

"Sons of Adam" by trinityofone PG -- They both read until the books betrayed them.

"Serpentine Curves" by Signe NC 17 -- They can't hear him. They can't see him. They can't even feel him.

"Against Necessity" by Kitty Fisher and "Against Hope" by Kitty Fisher NC 17 -- Not even the gods war against necessity.

"Of Polar Bears" by 30toseoul NC-17 -- Stupid telepathy machines.

"The Hollow Men" by trinityofone PG -- “Here comes our guardian angel,” John heard one of the Marines say as Rodney passed. Only half-kidding. There goes my ghost, John thought, not kidding at all.

"Reporting for Duty" by Pollitt PG-13 -- "Common Ground" coda. Sheppard tries, rather unsuccessfully, to get his mission report written. McKay helps.

"Within Reach" by Zeelee NC-17 -- As Major Lorne tells it, John had stayed behind to buy them time and defuse the bomb—it had been Ancient, and thus of course he'd assumed that it would do whatever he told it to.

"science discipline" by 30toseoul R -- Sometimes Rodney wonders if anyone else has noticed that he's the only person John Sheppard touches on a regular basis.

"Finally Found" by torakowalski PG-13 -- They don't meet for three years after they come back to Earth.

"Infinite Probability Has Been's, Would Be's and Never Were's" by Tora R -- It wasn't until Zelenka disappeared that he realised something more than stupidity was at work here.

"i have loved you all along" by x-sleeptodream PG-13 -- When they've done all they could, fought for years and held onto the last sliver of hope that the next mission would bring a ZPM, they leave, a lucky few venturing further into the galaxy and the rest returning home aboard the Daedalus.

"The Dark Side" by astolat R -- "You're not a very good Jedi, are you?" Star Wars AU. Funny and fitting.

"Arizona" by Jenn and "Puerto Vallarta" by Jenn NC 17 -- Maybe it's just the movies that have given him an unrealistic expectation of assassins, but unless this guy's the most incompetent assassin *ever*--and considering who Rodney McKay is, they wouldn't hire someone *dumb* would they?--really, Rodney should be dead. AU

"Polynomials and Fixed Points" by diluvian PG 13 -- "It seems that one of the scientists created a computer program to predict the best romantic partners for everyone in Atlantis, and there is some... dispute about the outcome."

"And Sometimes You Get Toasters" by giddygeek R -- "Don't look at me like that, I can't help it if you've become an adrenaline junkie."

"As you wish" by Nel R -- He was trapped in a cramped room with the most annoying man in the universe.

"Unanticipated Outcomes" by thegrrrl NC 17 -- Rodney was exactly where he belonged. It was the last place he ever expected to find himself.

"264 Hours" by scribblinlenore NC 17 -- Post-Siege. Sleep deprivation, shock and need.

"Said and Unsaid" by thegrrrl R -- The morning after a fight.

"Fifth Kiss" by brighidestone PG 13 -- And so, while he never actually articulated this to anyone, not even himself, Rodney decided to only remember kisses that counted. Mckay/OC

"Experience" by Resonant NC-17 -- "There really ought to be a school slut," he told the new kid, whose name was John. "All the movies and TV shows specifically promise a school slut." This is a really interesting fic because the reader has a totally different idea to the character about what's really going on.

"Lost In Waiting" by Lacey McBain NC-17 -- "You can’t have it both ways, Colonel. If you haven't had any relationships, either you're having the occasional one-night stand or you're not having sex at all."

"By Any Other Name" by sori1773 R -- "It'd become the background accompaniment to John's life, revving John up and settling him down and bringing him home."

"The First Time" by lillyjk NC-17 -- John. Rodney. Assorted first times.

"Sheppardizing" by lillyjk NC-17 -- He's made it through thirty- five years without having more than a passing sexual thought about another man.

"Items May Have Shifted During Transport" by thingswithwings NC- 17 -- John and Rodney do not get stuck in an elevator.

"A Change of Seasons" by cupidsbow NC-17 -- Five ways Rodney seduced John.

"Necromancy for the Living" by Icarus R -- How does John write a mission report about something no one wants to hear?

"Absolute Corruption" by Cypher R -- AU-ish. "He was well trained, took almost twenty hours to tear all the intel from his mind. He’s not much use to me anymore. So, I give him to you. A gift, a pet. Treat him as you want."

"Learn Something New" by Speranza NC-17 -- You learned something new every day, and today Rodney learned that Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, military commander of Atlantis, liked to sing in the car.

"Baseball Games and Carnivals" by x-sleeptodream PG -- John carefully traces their intended route with one of Rodney's markers – Parachute to Salt Lake City, up to Boise, Idaho, then across Oregon to Portland, and straight up the interstate to Vancouver.

"The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Aliens (And Ancient Devices And That Damn Athosian Hooch Made Them Do It" by whetherwoman NC-17 -- Stumbling, drooling, clear green eyes and. Um. Tentacles.

"From Debris" by danawoods PG -- In which laundry is dealt with, Pi is harped on, Rodney panics, and John has the outline of an analogy he'll never quite finish.

"Attack Of The Giant Robot From Outer Space" by skoosiepants PG -- Talking robots and weird kinks - The characters feel a bit OOC (or rather as if they were on drugs) but this made me laugh so much that I had to rec it. Crack!Fic.

"Sex With Your Drugged Team Leader: Is It Really Such A Bad Idea?" by imperfectcircle PG 13 -- In which aliens drug them. Repeatedly.

"John Never Thought of Rodney That Way (Except When He Did)" by apple-pi NC 17 -- “I do not believe that Dr. McKay will allow me to remove him from your, ah, proximity, Colonel.”

"Coping Mechanisms" by Amireal NC 17 -- "Just because the universe is headed towards entropy is no reason to think that it won't get better."

"Three Months, Six Days, and Twenty-one Hours" by khohen1 R -- Everyone took it differently. Everyone had their own coping techniques.

"Crush" by Soraya PG 13 -- "Speaking of the Major, have you noticed the massive man-crush he has on Dr. McKay?"

"Corruption" by thegrrrl R -- Missing scene from 'Conversion'.

"Decompression" by Miss Pamela NC-17 -- Rodney didn't expect this, but the first week after getting back from Atlantis was the easiest. Spoilers for 'The Return'.

"Five Impossible Things Rodney McKay Did Before Breakfast" by Lacey McBain PG-13 -- Rodney hates that this is the day he’s going to disappoint everyone, and it’s little consolation he probably won’t be around to deal with the fall-out.

"As the Stars Fade Out" by Cottontail73 R -- SG-1 drags the Atlantis team out to a Wraith infested planet in the Pegasus galaxy in hopes of tracking down some Ancient text to help in the war against the Ori. Everything goes wrong from the start and Rodney discovers something he should have always known.

"Mai Tai's and Coconut Sunscreen" by Elandria Lore PG-13 -- "Storms every seven years, heat waves every four. What the hell kind of planet did we move to?"

"Five Ways that Sheppard Says 'I Love You'" by scribblinlenore NC-17 -- Moving Forward.

"Five People John and Rodney Really Are Fooling" by miasnape PG 13 -- *points at title*

"Six Weeks" by justbreathe80 R -- "Hey. Miss me?" Yeah, I've missed you since the day we came back to this stupid fucking planet and my whole life went to shit. I miss you so much I can't even think straight, he thought.

"Learning to Fly" by Cottontail73 R -- After Atlantis is destroyed John has a midlife crisis. Rodney pulls him away from the SGC and takes him home for the holidays where John learns life’s adventures are more than just flying cool aircraft and shooting aliens.

"The Holiday Season" by out_there PG -- John suffers a series of Christmas misadventures and he's sure Rodney's to blame.

"Flawed" by mandysbitch PG -- Rodney's been thinking about disasters lately.

"Pentateuch" by icantfollow PG -- The Gospel of John According to Rodney

"Everything Except Temptation" by amireal and everagaby NC-17 -- "Are you kicking me out of my own room?"

"Casual Easy Thing" by lamardeuse R -- John contemplates the possibilities.

"Vania" by LadyCat PG-13 -- Post-Trinity. In so many ways, it's not different at all.

"Failsafe" by ana-grrl PG-13 -- It starts with a power spike, late at night.

"Count" by toft_froggy NC-17 -- "Wait, you count our relationship from the first time we had sex in a bed?"

"Broadcast Signal" by jenn NC-17 -- It's not that Rodney blames himself-- exactly--but he does wonder if perhaps making Sheppard wade into the foggy residue to rescue his laptop was maybe a bit of a mistake.

"Chronologic" by Purna NC-17 -- Finding the charged ZPM was just the start.

"A Five-Things Sequence" [ Parts 1 & 2 | Part 3 ]" by Macky NC-17 -- John's not dead, but only he knows that.

"2 am" by kHo NC-17 -- Their phone calls have become a nightly habit, and Rodney is fully aware of how dangerous it is to feel this needy for a phone call.

"Classified" by toomuchplor NC-17 -- "Wait," Rodney says, snapping his fingers and blinking. "You were looking at porn, right? I totally caught you looking at porn!

" "Five Times Rodney McKay Surprised the Hell Out of John Sheppard" by franticsga R

"They're Advertising in the Skies for People Like Us" by kel R -- If you can leave something unsaid with anyone, it ought to be a carbon copy of yourself from another dimension.

"Bros Before Hoes" by hackthis PG-13 -- Hypothesis: Straight men sometimes act like boys acting like girls. / Conclusion: This is bromance. / Find examples to prove or disprove your theory.

"Dream a Little Dream of You" by MrsHamill NC-17 -- Rodney is dead and John misses him.

"#435, The Atlantis Local Stitch'n'Bitch Chapter" by rageprufrock PG -- They stitch. They bitch. And Rodney steals a scarf.

"Advantage" by Resonant NC-17 -- This slave-owner thing was a lot of responsibility.

"Nothing Like the Real Thing" by tigerlady PG-13 -- Guys' night out always leads to talking about kinky shit, right? "Cohesion" by Stillane NC-17 -- The smart ones never play fair.

"Linguistics" by Stillane NC-17 -- Finding the words.

"Eight Ways John and Rodney Gave Themselves Away" by trinityofone PG -- Nothing is secret which shall not be made manifest.

"A House is not a Home" by volefan NC-17 -- "I keep thinking of it as a mission," Rodney says, voice muffled against John's shoulder. "That we're going back soon." Post 'The Return'.

"Handout" by lilysaid -- Post Lost-Boys enzyme-fic.

"Visiting Hours" by lilysaid -- John is inside a mountain and Rodney is not a mental health professional.

"This Tardiest Explorer" by Mirabile Dictu -- All good love stories begin with a kiss. - McKay/Teyla

"The One Quiet Night of the Year" by heygirlie PG-13 -- On Halloween, their friends turn into the creatures they were costumed as, and it’s up to Rodney and Ronon to save the night.

"The X Factor" by kageygirl NC-17 -- Intellectually, John got that Rodney shouldn't have been anywhere near as attractive as he was.

"Checklist" by mercuriosity NC-17 -- John never sees it coming.

"Hail Mary" by Kat Reitz and Perryvic R -- He said he didn't want to talk about it. About her, his Thera and so... they didn't.

"Here In This Lonely Place" by Brighid E. Stone R -- Dark future fic. "So. When do I get the red pill?" - Rodney blinked, then snorted. "This is the red pill version, Colonel."

"Traces Through Time" by Icarus PG-13 -- A technological misfire has John digging through Rodney's diary to rescue him.

"5 things John never wanted Rodney to know about his past and why Rodney does" by Lilas PG-13

"Sometimes" by LadyCat PG-13 -- Sometimes, when it's just the two of them in the 'jumper, the chairs kind of... move.

"Shed Your Skin" by jenn NC-17 -- Beneath the sheet, his hands twists together, trying to rub away the alien in him, like last time, that led to sedation and Heightmeyer and Carson's worried bandaging of blood-slick hands and promises of restraints once upon a few days ago.

"In Which Rodney Dates, John is Curious, and Cadman Helps" by chelle NC-17 -- "What was it like, kissing another guy?"- "How would I know?" Rodney snapped.

"Five People John Sheppard Slept With After Leaving Atlantis" by auburnnothenna R -- also Sheppard/various

"War of the Roses" by eretria and murron PG-13 -- "McKay, you're not moving into my room because I am not moving out." - "Says who?"

"Unusual Attitude" by Mirabile Dictu R -- "Why do people keep saying we're lucky?" John asked irritably. "We were injured; that hardly strikes me as lucky."

"One of Those Universes" by mmmchelle PG -- Rod returns home and discusses his stay in the alternate universe with John.

"Vertigo" by Beadtific NC-17 -- Sheppard gets knocked a little off balance.

"Shared Salvation" by Lantean_drift NC-17 -- This is sort of a coda to Common Ground, the bit of the episode they neglected to air – when John and Rodney are dealing with the fallout.

"Exceptionally Vivid" by etben PG-13 -- "What I can't figure out," he says, leaning heavily on Sheppard's non-shoulder, "is why I'm hallucinating you at all."

"Granted" by LadyCat NC-17 -- John isn't drunk. He's only had one beer. It's just that his tolerance has vanished, since he's never been fond of vodka and the rotgut on level four was worse, so maybe it's not that he's *drunk*. Just... tipsy. Loose. Relaxed.

"Patience" by Ras Elased G -- John is not a patient man.

"Close Your Eyes and Think of Ascension" by icantfollow PG-13 -- Episode Tag - "The way one friend feels about another friend." Yeah, right.

"Gun Safety" by Propaganda NC-17 -- Target practise.

"Hurt" by darkhavens PG-13 -- Rodney confronts a newly de-bugged John.

"Finding Zen" by Zoë Rayne NC-17 -- "Do you trust me?" Sheppard finally asked. "Really trust me?"

"Five Ways Tao of Rodney Could Have Ended" by Ras Elased PG-13 -- Alternative ending scenarios for 'Tao of Rodney'.

"The Fire This Time" by Spacebabe NC-17 -- One mission too many ends with McKay almost biting the dust, and Sheppard snaps.

"Care in the Holding" by Lacey McBain R -- Everything comes down to the weight of a gun in his hand.

"Typical" by Tora R -- 'The Game' episode tag. "So," John said at last, not realizing he was about to speak, just following on from a thought he'd had. "Did you realize we hadn't told anyone about this place?"

"And to All A Good Night" by lamardeuse NC-17 -- "I've never been very good at Christmas." - "Yeah," John agreed, walking down the hall to Rodney's quarters, "me neither."

"Two Guys" by alyse PG-13 -- So, two guys walk into a bar...

"Christmas in Kansas City" by Ras Elased NC-17 -- It was 6:30 at night, Earth time, when John dragged Rodney into the rental parked in the SGC lot, tossing their bags in the trunk. "You still haven't told me where we're going."

"Talking Dirty" by toft_froggy NC-17 -- "It's a major obstacle to successful porn dialogue that there are so few attractive words to describe anything to do with sex."

"The Other Side of the Year" by Diana PG-13 -- A midnight Jumper ride on New Year's Eve. Set directly after Grace Under Pressure.

"Points of Reference" by lamardeuse PG-13 -- John loved hanging out at the geek parties.

"The Forest People" by jenn NC-17 -- He can still hear the beat of drums, matching the hard beat of his heart, and catching his breath, Rodney keeps running.

"Four New Year's Resolutions John Breaks, And One He Doesn't" by Ras Elased NC-17 -- Every year, John makes a New Year's resolution regarding his feelings for Rodney. Somehow, it never quite goes as he's planned.

"You're Pretty Good Looking For a Girl" by trinityofone NC-17 -- Rodney crossed his arms under his breasts. "Well, this is stupid. And typical. Both my opportunities for hot gay sex and hot heterosexual sex are ruined!"

"Encroachment" by thegrrrl NC-17 -- It's morning and John wakes to a heavy weight pressing him down into the mattress.

"Words, Words, Words" by briar_pipe NC-17 -- It was easier than carrying around a book.

"Weapons of Some Distraction" by Shrift NC-17 -- "At least it wasn't a Russian mail order bride." Set during those mostly-missing six weeks on Earth in episode 3x10 - The Return, Part 1.

"Flinch" by maisierita R -- Rodney can't read people, Rodney is always oblivious, so Rodney had always been safe, would have never figured it out, but now he knows, and when John had touched him, he'd flinched.

"sky is falling" by mboyd PG-13 -- "Come on, what's the worst thing that could happen?" While he's forming his response and mentally listing all the ways this could go spectacularly wrong, Elizabeth gives him a sweet smile and walks out of her office, and John would swear good money he could see a copy of Martha Stewart Living peeking out from behind a copy of Diplomacy Today.

"Over the Hill" by lamardeuse PG-13 -- John knew it was going to be a bad day when the flamingos showed up at his door.

"Eighty Days Give Or Take" by lavvyan R -- "We call it the NIMHE-room. It's a neural interfacing multidimensional holographic environment." -- John sat up straight. "A holodeck."

"The Bitch-Slapping Tao of Rodney McKay" by siriaeve and sheafrotherdon NC-17 -- If The Tao of Rodney had ended differently – this would have happened. Says us.

"Something to Remind You" and "Something New" by CJ Andre NC-17 -- Rodney can't sleep.

"Irrational Weather" by murron R -- Maybe they didn’t work without the threat of potential death in the mix.

"A Little Off to the Side" by sheafrotherdon PG-13 -- A different ending to The Tao of McKay. John, absence, presence, and peace.

"Come Back Later" by cottontail73 R -- Pretend Rodney actually ascended in Tao of Rodney. John returns to Earth to deal with the memorial and his own issues with the loss. Eventually Rodney comes back down from ascension. John must help him remember who he is and who they are to each other.

"The Next Few Lines" by mmmchelle NC-17 -- John does something he doesn't know how to live with, testing both his relationship with Elizabeth and his friendship with Rodney. (Sheppard/Weir)

"Semantics" by icantfollow PG-13 -- The evolution of John and Rodney's relationship seen through Teyla's eyes as she struggles with feelings of loss, and the effort to understand and communicate. (Teyla/Beckett)

"Like This" by Aria PG-13 -- John Sheppard doesn't need anyone. He never really has, either. It's a thing.

"Those who Wander" by Fiamaya PG-13 -- Having no idea what he ought to be doing, Rodney pulled a powerbar out of his pack, knelt down, and slipped it into Sheppard's mouth, which wasn't as easy as it sounded with all the flailing around.

"Fractures" by Fletcher Fox R -- Post Trinity. Things must be broken before they can be fixed.

"His Way Through the Constellation" by Tora PG-13 -- They've looked and looked for the past six months and found nothing, no clue. Then Katie Brown and a couple of the new Marines go off-world to investigate some alien flora, get distracted by a market and find him there...

"Only Grumpier and With Darker Hair" by Lenore NC-17 -- Who knows what you'll find on the path to personal discovery? - Gender-switch fic.

"Residences" by lallybroch NC-17 -- He reached for his waistband, and this was really really Elizabeth's cue to stop watching and click away, but she was still there when he finished wiggling out of his pants.

"I'd Go Home If I Knew How To Get There" by minervacat R -- In which John keeps waking up with concussions, and Rodney keeps handing him glasses of water.

"Stand-In" by lamardeuse NC-17 -- John hesitated. "Well, I did meet this woman Friday night…"

"Benched" by Speranza NC-17 -- He hadn't told her the part where Rodney had kissed him before shoving him through the gate, which was about as close to a suicide note as John had ever gotten from anyone.

"What You Might Call Obvious" by Giddy R -- "Just so you know, you've ruined your chances of ever getting me to sleep with you," Rodney said, standing in John's doorway .

"Bang" by rageprufrock NC-17 -- When John wakes up in the ER--again--his first words are, "God damn it."

"Where I Lay My Head" by jenn NC-17 -- John feels himself sway, but the sharp edge in Rodney's voice reminds him to keep upright, and Rodney's back, wiping something warm across his face that he leans into with a groan that reaches his toes.

"Parry and Thrust" by chopchica NC-17 -- John liked to pretend that he enjoyed relaxing by reading a good book, but the truth was, reading wasn’t really high on his list of entertainment, a list that was currently topped by two things: stick-fighting, and baiting Rodney.

"Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room" by rageprufrock NC-17 -- AU. In his rational mind, Rodney knew that following a girl who'd just dumped you into a strip club was really, really pathetic.

"Stupid" by Lallybroch NC-17 -- John had a stupid...thing about Rodney.

"Shielded In My Armor" by nakedwesley NC-17 -- John doesn’t like to be touched.

"The Trouble with Endothermia" by Crysothemis NC-17 -- Sleeping bag fic without the sleeping bag.

"I'm a Stranger Here Myself" by HF PG-13 -- He wants to laugh at this, two guys on the wrong side of forty, and forget midlife crisis – this is midlife hell.

"Every Hope At Any Cost" by minervacat R -- i guess you don't want me to think/so instead i'll dream and drink.

"We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Crisis" by siegeofangels R -- This is a story about sex and power. And, um, monkeys and PowerPoint. And love.

"Rock the Boat" by Elandria R -- 'The Ark' episode tag. Rodney firmed his jaw and said, "Two words: death wish."

"Remember Paul Van Riper" by Esse PG-13 -- And in much the same way John made most of his important decisions -- on the fly, from the gut, and not always the best idea ever -- he made a decision about himself. And Rodney.

"Got Lost Sometimes" by Ekaterinn NC-17 -- "Hi, Rodney," he said, sounding so completely unlike the still figure in the infirmary bed that Rodney nearly laughed with relief, "Miss me?"

"Unsuitable Men" by Lacey McBain R -- "You'd be surprised, but sometimes the suitors father finds aren't all that happy to be here."

"Some Things Stay With You" by Huggle R -- 'Conversion' tag. Sheppard was stripped bare, his clothes and the clean towels pooled around his feet. He stood in front of the full length mirror, fingers splayed across his skin, digging in hard enough to leave the flesh stained purple when they moved on.

"Wake" by Speranza NC-17 -- John's more than a little buzzed by the time he decides to go through with it. (Sheppard/OMC)

"Keeping Watch" by franticsga PG -- The fallout from 'Sunday'.

"For This One Wish" by cottontail73 PG -- Rodney's badly wounded. He shares a few final thoughts and regrets with Teyla.

"Smouldering" by velocitygras> PG-13 -- Greg had learned early that playing with fire was better done where no one would notice.

Holding the Line [ "Part 1" | "Part 2" | "Part 3" | "Part 4" ] by Lady Anne PG-13 -- This is an AU tag for the Long Goodbye. Thalen just doesn't want to let go.

"Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room" by rageprufrock NC-17 -- AU. In his rational mind, Rodney knew that following a girl who'd just dumped you into a strip club was really, really pathetic.

"Stupid" by Lallybroch NC-17 -- John had a stupid...thing about Rodney.

"Shielded In My Armor" by nakedwesley NC-17 -- John doesn’t like to be touched.

"The Trouble with Endothermia" by Crysothemis NC-17 -- Sleeping bag fic without the sleeping bag.

"I'm a Stranger Here Myself" by HF PG-13 -- He wants to laugh at this, two guys on the wrong side of forty, and forget midlife crisis – this is midlife hell.

"Every Hope At Any Cost" by minervacat R -- i guess you don't want me to think/so instead i'll dream and drink.

"We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Crisis" by siegeofangels R -- This is a story about sex and power. And, um, monkeys and PowerPoint. And love.

"Rock the Boat" by Elandria R -- 'The Ark' episode tag. Rodney firmed his jaw and said, "Two words: death wish."

"Remember Paul Van Riper" by Esse PG-13 -- And in much the same way John made most of his important decisions -- on the fly, from the gut, and not always the best idea ever -- he made a decision about himself. And Rodney.

"Got Lost Sometimes" by Ekaterinn NC-17 -- "Hi, Rodney," he said, sounding so completely unlike the still figure in the infirmary bed that Rodney nearly laughed with relief, "Miss me?"

"Unsuitable Men" by Lacey McBain R -- "You'd be surprised, but sometimes the suitors father finds aren't all that happy to be here."

"Some Things Stay With You" by Huggle R -- 'Conversion' tag. Sheppard was stripped bare, his clothes and the clean towels pooled around his feet. He stood in front of the full length mirror, fingers splayed across his skin, digging in hard enough to leave the flesh stained purple when they moved on.

"Wake" by Speranza NC-17 -- John's more than a little buzzed by the time he decides to go through with it. (Sheppard/OMC)

"Keeping Watch" by franticsga PG -- The fallout from 'Sunday'.

"For This One Wish" by cottontail73 PG -- Rodney's badly wounded. He shares a few final thoughts and regrets with Teyla.

"Smouldering" by velocitygras> PG-13 -- Greg had learned early that playing with fire was better done where no one would notice.

Holding the Line [ "Part 1" | "Part 2" | "Part 3" | "Part 4" ] by Lady Anne PG-13 -- This is an AU tag for the Long Goodbye. Thalen just doesn't want to let go.

"Business As Usual" by siegeofangels R -- Rodney shuts his eyes, because he's seen the look on Sheppard's face before, and he can't look at it, never wants to associate Sheppard's dead eyes with this parody of an act of love. (Sheppard/Weir)

"All Places Are Alike to Me" by volefan PG-13 -- The one where Sheppard turns into a cat.

"None of Us Are Free" by twincy PG-13 -- Rodney loses hope shortly after he loses track of time.

"What Price" by musigneus NC-17 -- Sex for a ZPM? It wouldn't really be that easy.

"Telling My Dreams to the Scarecrow" by paradise_city PG -- There are things he wants Rodney wants to know, but doesn't want to say.

"Sports and Other Metaphors" bytrinityofone R -- Life throws John curveballs; will he step up to the plate?

"When the Universe Tries to Tell You Something" by Giddy PG-13 -- -On P4L-997, McKay was befriended by a giant bird thing.

"The Tipping Point" by Alizarin NC-17 -- John wants.

"Textbook" by cerebel NC-17 -- Rodney is kind of a loner, it’s true. He prefers his own company to that of others – textbook introvert definition. He should know; he looked it up.

"Grandfather Paradox" by ras_fic G -- "But what if you were able to go back in your own timeline," Chuck interrupted, "and kill your own grandfather. If you were never conceived, would you just…disappear?" - (Chuck)

"A Brief Layover" by cottontail73 R -- There's a lot of commercial air travel, layovers, jet lag, hotels, too much drinking and a morning after.

"always should be someone you really love" by thingswithwings NC-17 -- John wakes up in someone else's body.

"We Cannot Live Within" by trakkie NC-17 -- John grinned. "So McKay's attractive to everyone?"

"Momentary Things" by cerebel NC-17 -- The first time John kissed Rodney, it was kind of by accident.

"By the End of April" by lavvyan NC-17 -- AU, in which Rodney has the hots for Mr. May from the FireFighters Calendar, and gets involved in a subway train accident.

"How to Date an Asshole" by runpunkrun NC-17 -- Rodney doesn't have many hang-ups -- he once stuck his entire hand up John's ass -- so it's a surprise when Rodney squirms away from him and nearly falls off the bed protecting his virtue.

"A Short History of Dog Tags" by runpunkrun R -- Rodney never understood why people fetishize military paraphernalia until he meets Samantha Carter and spends a lot of time looking at her tits.

"Morituri te Salutant" by Ras Elased NC-17 -- AU. John is a gladiator in Ancient Rome, and Rodney is a Roman Senator who falls in love with him after he sees him fight in the Colosseum.

"Burning Bridges" by MoodyMuse19 PG -- He's faced Wraith, Genii, replicators, and just about everything the Pegasus Galaxy had to offer from the darker side of the moral spectrum. Now he's nervous because the Colonel is flying in for a weekend.

"M(eredith+1) Theory" by Lallybroch NC-17 -- "You don't have a Dr. McKay?" he demanded, trying to keep his voice steady and trying not to imagine any one of the terrible things that must have happened for him to not be here. Radek gave him a curious look. "No, we do. But who are you?"

"In the Shadows" by Maisierita NC-17 -- The Earthers don't talk about the missions where they end up taking their clothes off, because they have their Milky Way customs and taboos, but they are human too. Life in Pegasus is brutal and short and scary and stressful, and sometimes, anonymous sex with amenable strangers makes it a little more bearable.

"By Night One Way, By Day Another" by MoodyMuse19 PG -- Rodney knows him better than this.

"As Hands Do" by runpunkrun G -- "Oh god," Rodney croaks, waking up, "the infirmary again?"

SGA, Mckay/Sheppard "Fair" by minnow1212 R - Once upon a time, there were two boys. And, of course, a wish.

"Golden Boy" by chopchica R -- 5 times that John wanted to come out.

"Do I know you from a frat mixer or from another galaxy?" by Kat Reitz and Tzigane NC-17 -- No one there knew he was fourteen, which was the best part. Someone had guessed he was eighteen, and he'd let them think that he was that old, old enough to have probably been drinking the booze in his parents' cupboards.

The 12 Days of Christmas" by lunasky PG 13 -- Someone's sending Rodney the 12 Days of Christmas and to no one's surprise, he's allergic to birds.

"Only grumpier and with Darker Hair" by Lenore NC 17 -- Rodney gets turned into a girl, and takes some time to realise that men are pigs.

"A Dangerous Desire (Regency AU)" By Janne D. -- Extremely hot!

"Showboat" by panisdead NC 17 -- John gives Rodney a little show. Awkward and then hot.

"Complementary Colors" by Yin R -- AU. "You are exactly what I need," Rodney said. "Take off your clothes."

"Straight as a Circle" by toomuchplor NC-17 -- John Sheppard wakes up straight.

"The Life You Lead" by thegrrrl2002 NC-17 -- "This place is really weird," John said. "Can I go home now?" Not that he had any idea where home was for him.

"At the End of the Tour" by Corinna PG -- At the end of the tour, when the road disappears...

"The Really Good Boyfriend" by chelle NC-17 -- Madison's small face twisted into a frown. "He's your boy friend, but not your boyfriend."

"Buffalo Wings" by omglawdork R -- AU. "Mmmm, no comments about my fat ass? You're off your game, McKay - and you were humming when you came in." Cadman leaned in over his desk, grinning wickedly. "Someone's got a daaaaaaate."

"Emergency Responses" by sirkate"> and "bard_mercutio R -- Rodney and John have a misunderstanding that leads to making up and then making out.

"Jelly Side Up" by Devil Doll R -- What had Sheppard been doing?

"Where the Sun Don't Shine" by toomuchplor R -- The gate on M5R-Y34 was perfectly ordinary except for the way it took off the gate team’s clothes as they stepped through the event horizon.

"Having Love" by Astrid Maisiuil PG -- John hadn't known friendship could be like this. The stammer of Rodney's touch on his shoulder says he hadn't either.

"Golden Gate Strait" by Pouncer NC-17 -- John knew Rodney, his strengths and weaknesses and blind spots, the way he'd push past his limits while they were facing certain doom, the smug tilt of his chin when he was proved right. So John could pinpoint the reason Rodney was giving into neuroses about Rod's presence on Atlantis, could sigh and decide he really did need to meddle, just this once.

"I'm Taking This Loop Off" by toomuchplor PG-13 -- "I'm almost positive that this crap never happened to General O'Neill."

"International Klein Blue vs. the Standard Model" by zoetrope NC-17 -- "You're taking leave. You. Leave." Rodney's eyebrows were near his hairline. "You. A holiday."

"Only You" by ras_elased NC-17 -- Alternative ending to 'McKay and Mrs. Miller', where Rodney goes to Rod's alternate universe instead.

"Beam Me Up, Caldy" by clouder R -- But John imagines anyway, that one of these days, when he does give in and do something stupid, it’ll probably be one of those end-of-the-universe-as-we-know-it or we-have-38.5473-hours-left-to-live things so it won’t be like he’ll have too long to live with the shock and possible disappointment he’ll have to face.

"Robin Egg" by jade_1459 PG-13 -- Does Rodney think about the John Sheppard in Rod’s version of reality?

"Like You Touch Me" by j_giles_band PG-13 -- It's hard to lie with touch, but John and Rodney give it their best shot.

"Kahs-Wan The Long Cold Road Out of Hell Remix)" by dangermars PG-13 -- "Branches," John says suddenly. Rodney turns around, but he's still alone. Right. They've started the hallucination portion of the day. Just great.

"Descent of Man" by Kat Reitz & tzigane PG-13 -- Post "Tao of Rodney". Rodney has ascended, and John gets himself stuck with a pet.

"Animalia Sequence" by Leah PG 13 -- In which Daniel gets turned into a monkey and then John and Rodney get turned into penguins. This fic has won prizes because it's just that funny. Gay penguin sex. Now you have to read it.

"I Am Your Image Dressed as the World" by Mirabile Dictu PG-13 -- All these months and months alone in the jumper had driven him crazy.

"The Spaces in Between" by Luthien NC-17 -- Episode tag for Common Ground. "You really do look younger than you did before, you know," Rodney says.

"Rodney's Bad Day" by boochicken NC-17 -- Rodney gets turned into a vampire. Just your average day in the Pegasus galaxy.

"Fireball" by Celli Lane NC-17 -- Ladies and gentlemen, your driver of the Number 21 Air Force Ford Fusion, John Sheppard. AU.

"Counting the Days" by Saber ShadowKitten NC-17 -- The third day, John eyed the roll of duct tape with longing.

"The Hottest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-Making Boyfriend Prize" by Auburn R -- "Okay, new rule," John murmured against Rodney's throat at one point. "No cooking and making out anymore or we'll end up burning the kitchen down."

"An Equation for Perfect Beauty" by aesc R -- He will find it one day in a laboratory near the stasis chambers, dull silver-blue with jointed legs like a spider’s. The database will tell him what it is and what it does, and he will set it aside, but keep it close at hand.

"Right Hand Red" by Black Goddess PG-13 -- Rodney is informed that he needs to boost morale, and decides that making people play Twister is the way to do this.

"Where We Ought to Be" by wojelah R -- Post-Sunday. He was stuck in a cottage in the middle of Scotland with people he didn't know and one highly problematic lieutenant colonel and Carson wasn't even around to blame for it.

"Accidentally In Love" by "shetiger" NC-17 -- John still doesn't quite understand how one crazy assumption completely turned his life upside down. But that's okay. He's pretty happy, all the same.

"Rainy Days and Mondays" by "miasnape" NC-17 -- It could have happened like this. Rodney post-Sunday.

"Like No Other Child" by "cottontail" R -- The unplanned domestic life John never expected to have out in the middle of the Pegasus galaxy. Includes love, loss, grief, eventual acceptance and hope.

"Memento Mimeographa" by "liketheriverrun" PG-13 -- Ends up the green scanning beam wasn't an alien answering maching after all.

"Done Before, Never Done At All" by "maisierita" R -- It makes his head hurt, because he's out and this is real and he has to believe that, but there's still a part of him that keeps whispering, 'Are you sure, John? Are you really sure?'

"Running Mate" by lamardeuse NC-17 -- Rodney wasn’t too happy when John woke him up at oh six hundred for their first run, but since he’d already consented to having Ronon beat him up regularly with sticks, John pointed out that this would at least be a lot less painful.

"Cross My Heart" by chelle NC-17 -- John and Rodney aren't the only ones affected by Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

"Guns and Butter" by 2ndary_author R -- a small post-it note is added offering a date with Major John Sheppard. In tiny print at the bottom, it reads: if he’s good enough for alien princesses, he’s good enough for you.

"A Whole World of Trouble" by sheafrotherdon NC-17 -- AU. John Sheppard's a singer in the local honky-tonk; Rodney McKay's newly moved into town.

"Dating on a Grand Scale" by itsuki9 R -- If he chose to become the type of scientist he despised and not return to Atlantis, nobody would blame him.

"Transference" by semivowel NC-17 -- John doesn't like to be touched. Except by certain people. Rodney doesn't get it at first. Then he does.

"Incentives" by shrift PG-13 -- Bribery will get you somewhere.

"That Untravell'd World" by Kass PG-13 -- When did 'home' become 'wherever Sheppard is?

"All These Places We Have Met" by Toft NC-17 -- "You take me to the nicest places, McKay."

"Freefall" by scribblinlenore NC-17 -- On the fourth day, he lures Rodney to his room under false pretenses, a convenient lie about pre-mission data for their next offworld visit--and his restraint just snaps, what he wants tumbling out of him, all of it, urgency and details messily intertwined.

"Springtime for Atlantis" by eternallycait PG-13 -- Sex produces babies, even if you don’t get pregnant. This is the most hilarious thing ever. I laughed so hard I was in stitches! (Lorne/Cadman)

"And So It Goes" by kHo R -- "Yes, she likes having sex with me," Rodney says, voice becoming bitter and hard. "I'm actually quite good at that. What I mean is, I don't think she likes me very much." (Mckay/Carter)

"The Hitchiker's Guide to the Grunt and his Scientist" by kHo & foxxcub PG-13 -- Rule # 1: For every scientist, there is a grunt who loves them.

"Standard Deviations" by rustler NC-17 -- "Look, I'm always John Sheppard. That's not the problem."

"Mirrors" by liketheriver PG-13 -- "Remembrance and sharing," the Chief told us again. "The talisman has great powers. It allows those that touch the Rememberer to see those things that are most important in his life, good and bad."

"Unforgiving Bend" by siegeofangels PG-13 -- "Okay, okay, so maybe I've indulged in fantasies about cold planets and shared body heat."

"Ellis" by Nixa Jane PG-13 -- They lie and say the people told them never to return. They label the planet as hostile and lock the coordinates away with all the other places they'll never visit again.

"Better Off" by Nixa Jane PG -- Rodney's always found it slightly unsettling the way John can blend in.

"Turns Out Jackie Collins Got it Right" by kHo R -- "So…" John said, his words taking on that elongated quality that comes with too much alcohol. "It's possible I'm drunk."

"In Your Sleep Dream Us Home" by lavvyan PG -- "Sheppard. John. Please wake up."

"Hello, I Must Be Going" by stormheller NC-17 -- "Dentist. Theoretical astrophysicist. It’s a fine line, really."

"If I Knew You Were Coming" by Kass PG-13 -- "What, did Jeannie tell you I have a thing for al fresco dining and sunburn?"

"True To You In My Fashion)" by immoralilly R -- Everyone wants John. The end. (Sheppard/various)

"Aleysian Fields" by Fia Reynne NC-17 -- On a routine trade mission, the team gets drawn into a fertility celebration with unpredictable results. Unpredictable, at least, for the non-Pegasus natives among them.

"The Importance of Including Fruit in your Diet" by moodymuse19 PG-13 -- John watches Rodney eat the last of that new purple fruit the Athosians had discovered, practically having sex with it, a small drop of juice dripping down his chin.

"Hold the Curve of One Position" by Chelle R -- Thing was, when McKay finally took a break, so did everyone else. And the result was silence.

"Monday to Friday, Saturday on Agreement" by lavvyan PG-13 -- "I'll take Absurd Alien Lifeforms for 200, Alex," Rodney whispered to Sheppard.

"The Botanist and His Major" by Ryann Blackwood R - Parrish becomes Lorne's scientist. (Lorne/Parrish)

"Five Reasons Why John and Rodney Hate Sleeping Together" by toomuchplor PG 13 - Snoring, internal clocks and wild hair...

"All These Places We Have Met" by toft_froggy NC 17 - "You take me to the nicest places, McKay."

"Mail myself to you" by taesc R - He has a crush. He has a big, ridiculous, hairy crush on the delivery guy – John. John the barely-clothed UPS man of doom. John the leg-flashing book handler of lewdness. John the scorching-hot, aviator-sunglasses-wearing strumpet. - AU

"How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Dr. Rodney McKay" by lamardeuse NC-17 -- "Trust me," Sheppard said. And that was Rodney's first clue that he was about to venture into the mysterious territory known as Sheppard's World, otherwise known as the place on the maps where they wrote Here There Be Dragons.

"Where You Want To Be" by semivowel R -- John's used to not getting what he wants. Includes: public sex, the good drugs, the bad drugs, penis-shaped fruit, Dancing!Rodney, and the ping pong ball from hell.

"Some Things Are Better With Wings" by immoralilly R -- John and Rodney get what they really want.

"After the Drought" by monanotlisa PG-13 -- John raised a single eyebrow. "Which is why we came to help in the first place. Or well, we came, we saw dusty plains, and you had a man-versus-nature victory."

"Affaire du Coeur" by tzi"> and zaganthi PG-13 -- John had shown up at his apartment all of three weeks ago with his suitcases and his fucked up face wearing his dress uniform.

"Entangled Particles" by Zinnith PG-13 -- "I don't usually take my groupies out for dinner, but you're pretty and you seem to have some kind of brain underneath all that hair, and I hate eating alone."

"Marginally Obtuse" by pocky-slash PG -- John discovers that it's possible to be a bad boyfriend even when you don't know it.

"The Street Musician" by themadedevil PG-13 -- AU. There's a new street musician in town.

"It Takes a Week to Form an Ulcer" by paw_tracks NC-17 -- AU. Rodney McKay has never been good with relationships, so when his current 'significant other' Katie Brown forces him into Couples Therapy he thinks things can't get much worse--until he meets his therapist: Dr. John Sheppard.

"Making Friends And Influencing People, AKA Rodney and John's Excellent Adventures at University" by immoralilly PG -- College AU, wherein Rodney and John are unwilling roommates, Elizabeth and Teyla go jogging, Ronon gets a crush, Zelenka gets sexiled, Ford has a halloween party, and Carson is loved by all the ladies.

"I May Be Some Time" by bluflamingo PG -- "You know," John says, "When I said I thought we were due a vacation, I was kind of hoping for somewhere –" "Warmer?" McKay suggests.

"The Ten Commandments of Rodney McKay" by moonlettuce NC-17 -- Speak thou with us, and we will hear...

"Acidimia" by sheafrotherdon PG - John runs.

"Ascending Order" by argosy NC 17 - "Why build something that, you know, kills you if you can't Ascend? Seems like a pretty big design flaw."

"Catch-19" by mmmchelle R - The IOA wants to replace John, but never fear, Rodney has a plan.

"Clear Blue Skies" by lamardeuse R - John spread his arms wide, encompassing the beach and the waves beyond. "Can't you see the potential? Club Med Pegasus." Rodney's hand traced a headline in the air. "'Sun! Surf! Sand! Life-Sucking Alien Vampires!'"

"Invisible Prisoner" by dancinbutterfly NC 17 - How can you be rescued if no one knows you're gone?

"Midnight Shakes the Memory" by foxxcub PG 13 - Sheppard doesn't remember who he is, but he remembers Rodney.

"Not a Love Song" by thegrrrl2002 NC 17 - "I'm not gay, all right?" John announced, dropping his tray on the table with a thud.

"Overture" by maverick4oz PG - “I played piano. I was quite good. Or so I thought. Technically proficient but lacking passion, my teacher informed me."

"Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Down" by blinkiesays PG - John only has a moment to boggle at the fact that Elizabeth knows what a Tyrolese Grey is and what it looks like before he boggles harder at the fact that they've ended up in an uninhabited parallel Stargate-less universe with cows.

"None Can Quite Extinguish" by Cate NC 17 - Sateda wasn't culled to extinction. New allies, new dangers and the beginning of a relationship.

"A Supermarket in California" by taffetablue R - John ends up refurbishing a supermarket two blocks from campus, and finds that this might be home. Completely AU.

"Bump In The Night " by unamaga PG 13 - “In every generation, there is a Chosen One. Sh – uh, he alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. He is the Slayer.” - AU

"Lessons in Waking Up" by siriaeve NC-17 -- Episode coda for 'Doppelganger': John runs a hand over his face, trying not to feel the exhaustion that's invading the grey spaces at his mind's edge.

"And All the Seas" and "Prodigal Sails" by MrsHamill PG-13 -- It is difficult to write a paradise when all the superficial indications are that you ought to write an apocalypse. It is obviously much easier to find inhabitants for an inferno or even a purgatorio. (Ezra Pound)

"Of Duct Tape and Prayer" by drkquail PG-13 -- Episode coda for 'Lifeline': When Rodney opens the door to the South Tower balcony, he's only half surprised to find that it's already occupied.

"Rebuilding Babel" by the_drifter R -- He wondered if this was how it felt to go crazy -- you didn't lose your mind, it just stopped synching up with the world around you. The Pegasus galaxy makes Rodney an expert in what he can survive without.

"The Protection Racket" by Pares NC-17 -- He found the ad in miscellaneous: Any Job. Sliding scale.

"Poker Night" by Nixa Jane PG-13 -- Rodney could make little girls cry, but he couldn't seem to cut John down.

"Nothing Irreversible" by thingswithwings PG-13 -- "We. Didn't. Have. Sex." John insists, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Compromise" by Velocitygrass PG -- 'Doppelganger' tag: With every passing night the certainty that this was the nightmare and his dream reality grew.

"Ways to Die in the Pegasus Galaxy" by Crysothemis R -- Since when was sleeping together -- really, just sleeping -- some kind of a kink?

"When Moored to the Sky" by rinsbane NC-17 -- In which Rodney gets wings. Because I was reading SGA wingfic and thought, hey, why’s it usually, though not always, John who gets the wings? If Rodney got them, John would be So. Jealous.

"Dorian's Children" by "sheafrotherdon" PG -- A long, focused, leading up to taking the leap towards being together.

"Decision" by "sheafrotherdon" R -- "You missed what it was like for us to watch you," she says carefully. "To watch you fed upon by an enemy."

"Between the Lines" by "liketheriverrun" PG-13 -- Sometimes wrinkles speak louder than words.

"Five Ancient Devices Rodney McKay Wishes He'd Never Discovered" by Kyizi PG-13 -- Ancient machines kinda suck.

"Something in the Water" by toomuchplor PG-13 -- No one's coming out for 'screw around with the jumpers' night anymore, and John and Rodney can't figure out why.

"Jump" by velocitygrass PG-13 -- Never in a million years had he suspected that Sheppard wasn't straight.

"Down to Earth" by yolsaffbridge R -- "I mean, Colonel, no more ATA gene. No more advanced medical procedures, no more puddlejumpers, no more space gates, no more Super Chair Weapon, no more pretty much anything."

"The Experiment" by lunasky NC-17 -- They wake up to find themselves in a grey room. A plain, grey room with no windows or doors.

"Homunculus" by siriaeve R -- You don't always find what you're looking for.

"Iteration" by kitt PG-13 -- Sheppard shuddered in his arms and Rodney closed his eyes and pressed the button on the face of the device. His Trial, whatever it would be, had begun.

"Metamorphosis" by kassrachel NC-17 -- "When Rodney woke from anxious dreams, he was wearing a woman's body."

"The One With the Staplers" by icantfollow PG-13 -- John Sheppard is the receptionist for Pegasus Software, Inc. and Rodney McKay's their top computer programmer. They've been best friends for years, causing as much mayhem in the office as they dare under the watchful eye of regional manager Elizabeth Weir. Lately, though, John's been having these strange dreams about something called the Stargate Program and even stranger feelings for Rodney...

"Rock, Paper No Scissors)" by zelempa R -- "First of all--as impressed as I am by the nonchalance with which you can just decide to risk life and limb, 'Oh, I think I'll escape from the prison camp today,' the way most people say 'I think I'll wear the blue tie'--as impressive as that admittedly is!--you do realize, don't you, that by writing to me about your daring escape plans, you're putting me in the delicate position of having to literally eat your words?"

"Sing the City Electric" by trinityofone PG -- "You know the Ancients loved to leave warning labels. Especially the ones that say, 'Caution—may cause everyone to spontaneously burst into song.'"

"Two Men and a Baby" by tx_tart> and lamardeuse NC-17 -- "Oh, no, no, no, no, no," Rodney said, as the high priestess handed him the baby.

"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" by ras_elased NC-17 -- After being kicked out of the Air Force, John puts his covert military skills to use as a professional thief. John's final job before he retires is to steal Rodney's research, but when Rodney's life is threatened by the same man who hired John, John must make a decision between himself and the man he's falling for.

"Atlantis City Limits" by sardonicsmiley R -- Of course, John's personal favorite nights are the ones where Rodney gets into it, where he takes one song and drags it out for an hour or more. Just playing with the notes and rhythm, building patterns and shapes that John can almost see, making them something original and perfect.

"Shall Receive" by LadyCat NC-17 -- Rodney had breaking points just like everyone else, although his, of course, were bizarrely quixotic.

"Touching, Strange Things" by kageygirl PG -- Episode tag for "Doppelganger". Three days out, Rodney's the only one who still shows up and joins John in the mess hall in the middle of the night.

"The Relative Merits of Wanting and Getting" by cupidsbow PG -- "Ha!" Rodney said, as he threw a pair of boots into the closet. "What's so wrong with denial, anyway?"

"Harvesting the Waking Moments" by Drkquail PG-13 -- Written for sheafrotherdon's "Hush! John and Rodney are Sleeping!" Challenge. Post-episode for Doppelganger.

"Taking the Cake" by Drkquail PG -- AU. "Huh!" John said. "Well, that's kind of an unusual birthday greeting."

"Had We But Universe Enough and Time" by MrsHamill NC-17 -- A couple of Rodney McKays have a few really bad days.

"Night Shift" by Lenore PG -- Their secret is safe with Lorne.

"Saving John" by Layton Colt PG-13 -- Rodney's still not sure how John never manages to get as mud splattered as the rest of them.

"The Labeling Approach" by deltacephei PG -- When they reached the lab, they found a yellow post-it note stuck to the door. It read 'door' in capital letters, and Rodney knew his day had just gotten worse.

"When Can't and Won't Are the Same Thing" by kHo PG-13 -- Episode tag for "Miller's Crossing". John doesn't really think about it until he's back on Atlantis.

"To Have and To Hold" by Caro PG-13 -- John really does believe that the best thing to get Rodney's mind off the upcoming wedding is work. That's why it sorta sucks that the very next time they go into the field they end up dropping in on the middle of a wedding ceremony.

"That Flesh is Heir To" by barely_bean PG -- Coda for SGA 4X10: This Mortal Coil.

"Plan B" by Sihaya Black NC-17 -- "There will come a time," said the Holiest of Holy Ones, "when your Beloved will ask you to..."

"Arrows or Guns" by clockstopper R -- John has rules to keep him from falling into deep when it comes to Rodney. They don't always work.

"Cure For Insomnia" by keefaq PG-13 -- The first time it happened it really was an accident.

"The Te of John" by Speranza NC-17 -- "I think I want to go." John just sat there, staring up at McKay. "To ascend," McKay clarified, as if John maybe thought he meant to go to Sears, or something: Disneyland.

"Plan C, or How Rodney McKay Lost His Wife and Gained a Galaxy" by toomuchplor NC-17 -- When dot com billionaire Rodney McKay learns that his soon-to-be-ex-wife, the beautiful and brilliant Samantha Carter, has taken up with a new man, he resolves to come between them any way he can. Can Rodney use his manly powers of seduction to lure handsome John Sheppard out of his wife's bed and into his? And, most importantly, who will get custody of the cat in the divorce?

"Unconventional Heroism" by sardonicsmiley R -- Genius billionaire Rodney McKay has his share of secrets, investigative reporter John Sheppard is determined to get to the bottom of them. He'd also like to figure out who the hell the man in the metal suit that keeps saving his life is.

"Talking in Your Sleep // Somniloquy" by MK PG -- "No, I think he's got it right, McKay. Maybe the problem isn't that Carter isn’t your type. She is, it's just that your type is wrong."

"Tourist" by Sara NC-17 -- The last time they went down to Earth was unplanned and unwanted. They were basically forced out, and each of them was shoved under a mountain, where there was no ocean, no waves and the air smelled wrong.

"Senior Staff" by siriaeve> and sheafrotherdon PG -- Sometimes John brings his laptop to meetings.

"Thanatology, or, God's Play" by soleil NC-17 -- "Your man Silva was speaking to the leader of your people near the Ancestral Ring when suddenly he turned and ran into the forest. We have not seen him or the rest of your people since."

"Edacious" by LadyCat NC-17 -- And, okay, it's probably just boredom and trying to ease an ass that falls asleep surprisingly frequently when Sheppard sits in regular desk chairs—the dumbest excuse Rodney's ever heard and wildly effective—but Rodney is bored, ridiculously, mind-tearingly bored, and he can't help it if it leads him towards the surest cure for boredom he's ever discovered in not quite 37 years of conscious life.

"E-mail Tag" by Fia Reynne PG-13 -- Jeannie harasses Rodney about the Katie Brown conversation and he lets John spill the beans. A story told by e-mail.

"Consolation" by Cate PG-13 -- John's instinct was to throw a punch with his free hand, yank himself free, tussle right there in a goddamn hallway, but Rodney was pulling hard, twisting his own body, staring John in the face, vibrating with stubborn pride.

"Coffee Klatch" by LadyCat PG -- "I just wanted you to know that I get it," Carter says.

"Who Can Turn The World On (With Her Smile)?" by Argosy PG 13 - Jeannie comes to Atlantis.

"Nothing New" by deltacephei PG-13 -- City exploration was one giant waste of time.

"Aerodynamics" by busaikko PG -- Sheppard was recalled to Earth five years ago; nothing personal, just one of those things the military did.

"Check Yes or No, Or, Christmas in Atlantis, With a Side of Snark" by ferret_kitty PG-13 -- "Has anyone every explained the 'league' system to you? 'Cause he's like here," she held her hand above her head by a good twenty centimeters, "and you're maybe… here," and she dropped her hand at least thirty centimeters, to right around her chin.

"Half a Possibility" by sheafrotherdon PG -- But there are new men in their company now, and his father indulges his wish to study their ways. "There is much we can learn from others," Halling tells him. "Be thoughtful as you observe."

"There is No Map" by unamaga R -- Sometimes, he hates this job.

"Nadine and Billy Bob Welcome You to M76-343" by sheafrotherdon PG-13 -- Rodney doesn't realize he has a thing for John's neck right up until the moment that he does.

"I think we've moved past the "necking" stage, Colonel" by Apple Pi NC-17 -- Follow-up to "Nadine and Billy Bob Welcome You to M76-343"

"Best Laid Plans" by Argosy PG -- John didn't really believe the date was going to happen--Carter would come to her senses, or Rodney would chicken out, or--if worse came to worse--Atlantis itself would recognize it for the abomination it was and sink into the ocean.

"Set Afloat" by cottontail73 R -- Forced into exile on Earth, Team Sheppard must adjust to life without Atlantis. John learns to forgive and start over.

"Static Interference" by toomuchplor NC-17 -- John has pretty much perfected the art of ignoring Rodney.

"Connection" by kassrachel NC-17 -- When the gate bridge goes down, what kinds of connections arise?

"One Piece At A Time" by argosy PG -- If one more scientist reported to work with that vaguely manic gleam in his eye, and the phrase "workbench jig" under his breath, Rodney was going to have to ban visits to Sheppard's little playground.

"Class: Insecta" by cupidsbow NC-17 -- John figures Beckett's magic pill will make all the side-effects fade away, so that he's just standard-issue John Sheppard again, all the way through.

"Stuck in the Middle With You" by pollitt PG -- Basically, the gates aren't talking to one another. Something isn't interfacing correctly." -- "Like a Mac and a PC." -- "No. Not like." -- John leveled an expectant look at Rodney. -- "Yes. Okay, yes, like that." Rodney conceded.

"Penis Envy, And Other Things Meredith McKay Doesn't Actually Have" by thedeadparrot PG-13 -- Meredith McKay gets turned into a man. John Sheppard has a sexual identity crisis. Hijinks ensue.

"Involuntary Dog" by bergann PG-13 -- "Colonel, what was that?" Carter's voice is the first thing he hears on the other side, except John is already chasing the terrier down the steps and into the hallway, while behind him he can hear Teyla state that she believed it was what Carter would call a dog.

"Not Really All That Random" by Crysothemis PG-13 -- He wasn't avoiding anyone. No, seriously. Episode tag for "Quarantine".

"Not on the Market" by apple_pi PG-13 -- Rodney looked at him sharply. "Very classy, Colonel. I just screwed up probably my best shot at a white picket fence and you mock me." Episode tag for "Quarantine".

"@lantis - Incidentally, a Love Story." by immoralilly PG-13 -- From: To:,, Subject: Greater openness between team members I suddenly realised that we're not really making use of Atlantis's excellent email system one, I hasten to add, that I played a pivotal role in the creation of, so I thought I'd start things off.

"Working Out" by tacit_uk PG-13 -- If McKay wanted to get his heart rate up he just had to hang around in the experiment suites on xenomunitions day, he didn't need to pant and sweat in the city gym.

"Accident Prone" by Lady Ra PG-13 -- Something goes wrong during one of John's missions with his new Stargate team.

"When Life Gives You Turtles..." by lierdumoa NC-17 -- Post 3x17 "Sunday." John grieves in his own way.

"Fix" by toft_froggy NC-17 -- John's in a fix.

"It's What You Don't See" by telesilla NC-17 -- AU. Rodney McKay's been a loner for close to 400 years now, which is why it makes no sense when he falls hard for a Blood Bank worker named John Sheppard.

"Forty-Two" by cathalin NC-17 -- Rodney realizes something, and takes a risk. Episode tag for "Quarantine".

"Best Somethings" by shrift PG-13 -- In which John and Rodney are idiots, although perhaps not more so than usual. Post-ep for "Quarantine".

"Not in a Dream, Much Less in the Real World" by deltacephei NC-17 -- "Do you even know," Sheppard asks in a low voice, "why John puts up with you, with your abrasive personality, your enormous ego, your wannabe omniscience, your pathetic whining and complaining, every fucking day of his miserable life?" Alternate ending and tag for Doppelganger.

"To Know You're Alive" by callmerizzo NC-17 -- Post-Siege fallout.

"Lucid" by fiercelydreamed NC-17 -- Can you make it until 3 a.m.? he'd asked. I should be able to figure something out by then.

"The First Cut Still Bleeds" by shetiger PG -- Rodney never shows up for that beer. (Sheppard/Lorne)

"Deal" by Cate PG -- Set after The Tao of Rodney. John tracks Rodney down.

"The Twenty Year Thaw" by denynothing1 R -- Spectacular scenery awaits you at Pegasus Ski Resort, with its uniquely beautiful setting that is both vast and varied. Located in the heart of the majestic, historic Athosian Reservation, Pegasus offers world class terrain for all abilities of skiers and riders. We also offer world class slalom, mogul, downhill and snowboarding instruction and specialize in off-piste adventures, led by knowledgeable local guides. Après ski facilities feature our award-winning spa, Atlantis, as well as fine dining and dancing. For an out of this world experience you'll never forget, book your winter getaway to Pegasus today!

"Uncharted Territories" by Pouncer NC-17 -- Post-ep for "Condemned". The word, the tone, commands obedience and Rodney is startled at the thrill that zings through him.

"Waiting for Hermiod" by Pouncer PG-13 -- Send in the clones.

"An Unconventional Romance in Five Planets including home" by devikun PG-13 -- John is possibly the only person in two galaxies who doesn't know when he's being seduced.

"The Home Front" by aesc NC-17 -- "This had better be the Sheppard residence," Rodney says, brilliant, agitated life and volume against a monotonous day and Dave's subdued welcome, "because I've been driving around for hours and if I ever find the woman who did the voice on my GPS system I'm going to personally amputate her vocal cords."

"Post-Nuptial" by rageprufrock NC-17 -- "What the fuck, McKay!" John yelled. "I can't take you anywhere!"

"How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It" by katjad NC-17 -- If you asked John, the part where he had to marry Rodney to save him from the poisoned brownie he ate off-world? It never happened.

"Godzilla vs. Tokyo" by sundancekid PG-13 -- In fact, the most serious challenge seems to be the city itself. Herself? Himself? The city does appear to be gay for Sheppard.

"Par for the Course" by deltacephei R -- Later, John isn't sure how it happened, or even why exactly.

"A Hundred Words for Snow" by icantfollow PG-13 -- 'They say Eskimos have a hundred words for snow...'

"Drinking Game" by lamardeuse PG-13 -- "Okay, so, I figure the thing we need to do is to get drunk," Rodney said, holding up the bottle of whiskey. Outcast episode tag.

"Delicate Man" by LadyCat PG-13 -- The problem was that rope-burns didn't just burn the palm, but the fingers as well. Those didn't get soothed with ointment or clucked over by a still-strangely attentive Dr. Keller.

"Soap and Water" by Blackchaps R -- Rodney's eyes fluttered shut. "You'd do this for anyone. Doesn't mean anything." Episode tag for "Trio".

"Later" by franticsga R -- Boring meetings mean lots of fantasizing.

"Foretold" by thegrrrl R -- What if John had taken the Seer's hand? What would he have seen?

"conversations that could've happened in 'midway' but didn't" by _kiden PG-13 -- The thirty-fourth hour is when Rodney starts thinking that maybe he never made it off Midway at all. Maybe he's dead, and this is hell: An eternity trapped in a Puddlejumper with Kavanaugh, having to listen to him talk talk talk nonstop, about nothing anyone could ever want to hear about.

"Just Like Schrödinger's Cat" by lamardeuse NC-17 -- The act of observation changes the outcome.

"Prehistory" by spuffyduds NC-17 -- John says, "You ever notice, all these dinosaur planets we end up on, there's never a cavewoman running around in a fur bikini?"

"Mr. Karaoke" by Pares NC-17 -- Rodney banged on his door at 5:30 AM with his laptop cradled under his arm and a crumpled printout clutched in one hand. "Naturally, as my best friend, it's in your interest to see me happily married, so get dressed, I need your help with this."

"Suffer Me Not to Be Separated" by Auburn R -- They destroyed the city when they left it.

"Ordinary Life" by Shalott and Speranza NC-17 -- "Rodney's getting dressed. I'm John," John said, and then he added, awkwardly: "I'm his mathematician."

"Never Have I Asked an August Sky" by Hth PG-13 -- "Major," Rodney said by way of a greeting, which sucked and was stupid and oh my God, if there was room left for this to get more pathetic, then absolutely the way to get there was to call the man by his military title, as if he’d driven seven hundred and thirty miles through fucking Kansas for some kind of horrifically awkward war-buddy reunion moment.

"Rewind" by lizzypaul PG-13 -- Rodney is stuck in an endless Monday.

"As Wide as the Sky" by Seperis NC-17 -- Elizabeth leans into his desk, smiling down at him with the kind of calm authority that won her two terms as the first female president of the United States. "We want you to run."

"Explosions " by Layton Colt PG-13 -- "It's like suddenly I'm in a James Bond movie. Only I'm a Bond girl and not 007."

"The Stonemason's Buildings Want For His Hands Again" by Synecdochic PG-13 -- John realizes his fingers are deforming a paperclip, nudging and twisting and turning it over, and forces himself to stillness. "We were stranded," he says. "Shipwrecked. Jumper-wrecked, I suppose."

"there is no mystery left" by _kiden R -- The truth is no matter how much you know that after a few weeks the joke is going to get old, the first few days of being stuck in a time loop are hilarious.

"(Really Just That Obvious" by Crysothemis NC-17 -- Rodney committed the egregious mistake of opening his eyes. There were rough stone walls all around him. He was wearing exactly nothing. And Sheppard was lying next to him, as bare-ass naked as he was and sporting a seriously impressive woody.

"There's A New Kid In Town" by scribblinlenore (PG-13) -- A new vampire is taking L.A. by storm, and he has an offer to make vampire hunter John Sheppard. NEW

"Dream a Little Dream" by tzzzz (PG-13) -- Rodney asked Carson if he wanted to dream. He didn't bother to ask John. Big spoilers for "The Last Man". NEW

"At Least in This" by Chandri MacLeod (PG-13) -- "The Last Man" episode tag. It's funny, because he can imagine Rodney's outrage when he realised that of all things, the soul was the one thing that couldn't be measured NEW

"John Kong" by sardonicsmiley (R) -- John is channeling King Kong. Rodney does his best to resist being shoved into Fay Wray's role. Wacky hijinks ensue. NEW

"Unexpected" by sgamadison (NC-17) -- Rodney was a member of his team. You don't eat team members. NEW

"Decreasing Radii" by Cathalin (NC-17) -- Sometimes the only thing to do is to steepen the bank, lean further into the turn. NEW

"Perchance to Dream" by Madison (NC-17) -- This was not happening. Not again. NEW

"Sleepless" by Nny (R) -- "--those of you who are just joining us, I'm Dr. Kate Heightmeyer, broadcasting across America from the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago, and tonight we're talking about wishes and dreams. We're speaking to Jinto from Seattle, who has a wish for his Uncle John who, he thinks, is in need of a new wife." NEW

"Say It With Bullets" by (R) -- In John's head, the following sentence runs something like: "My ex-wife said that among other flaws, I have the emotional maturity of cake, which is the only thing I will ever be able to hold a meaningful relationship with. But I guess if you're also doomed to be alone, maybe we'll be able to sort something out?" In actuality, he says, "You see, I’m. I’m kinda like cake in - in some way, so, uh. Maybe I'll keep you company?" NEW

"Phi" by and (NC-17) -- The one where John's a supermodel. NEW

"I'm With Genius" by (NC-17) -- Rodney was still grumpy when John walked into his room that night, put a hand on the back of his neck and kissed him, slow and thorough and demanding. NEW

"Oasis" by (PG-13) -- While the team was split up, John and Ronon thought that Teyla and Rodney died in the exploding Wraith base; as it turns out, Teyla and Rodney thought that John and Ronon had died in the exploding hive ship. So when they all meet up again, it's kind of awkward. NEW

"Simulacrum" by (PG) -- Tag for "The Last Man". He wants to reach out and touch Rodney's face, ghost his fingers over the curve where his mouth slopes downward, but he can't. NEW

"The Other's Each" by LadyCat (PG) -- John was aware that he stood awkwardly in the middle of someone else’s living room, cast in beleaguered grays, a remnant from another place and time. Madison was a sharp contrast, standing in the doorway leading towards the kitchen, thumb-prints smudged on clean white paint. She thrummed with life. NEW

"John Sheppard's Guide to Surviving Project Runway" by (PG-13) -- AU. When John Sheppard applies for season six of Project Runway, it's mostly because he's bored. NEW

"Superpower No. 16" by lamardeuse (NC-17) -- As a kid, Rodney had given some thought to what it would be like to have superpowers. NEW

"With Intent" by Shaenie (NC-17) -- John has never successfully talked about anything in his entire life, and while Rodney would probably tell him that means he's statistically due for success, John isn't keen on risking it. NEW

"He Got a TV Eye On Me" by Cypher (R) -- AU. "So, I was chatting with my contact over at KW--you know, the Warner Brothers-Paramount merged channel? I was talking to my contact, and she mentioned looking for a scriptwriter for a this new dramedy..." NEW

"The Art of Losing" by Kass (NC-17) -- "You're not making me do anything," John says. He means it as defiance, but after the words come out he realizes it sounds like he's doing this because he wants to. NEW

"frog prince" by _kiden (G) -- Sheppard has been turned into a toad! Whatever shall the team do! NEW

"Galatea" by Purna (PG-13) -- An accident on the Apollo reunites the team with an old friend. NEW

"Gravity" by Rheanna (PG) -- Seventeen years, eight months and nine days after Sheppard closed himself into the stasis chamber, Rodney has an idea. NEW

"Coherency" by (PG-13) -- An all-Atlantis SG-1? This should be an interesting briefing. NEW

"Happily Ever After" by (PG-13) -- One glass slipper alien device. One romantic quest typical Atlantis lab accident. One revelation of true love something far more ironic. NEW

"Five Things Rodney Hates in a First Kiss" by cathalin (R) -- It's their first kiss, and if it were anyone other than John, it’d be their last. NEW

"Bootlaces" by siriaeve (PG-13) -- John doesn't recognise the first time as a kiss until much later. NEW

"Five Times John Sheppard Kissed Rodney McKay" by ninefics (PG-13) -- John tells himself that this is okay as long as they don't think about it, and as long as they don't talk about it, and as long as it doesn't go past this, and if it doesn't ever happen again. NEW

"Six Kinds of Comfort" by (R) -- Because Rodney is a super-genius of the almost infinitely rare [as in, one instance in millions] variety, and because he is aware of the workings of the universe to the level that would make most theoretical physicists curl up and suck on their blankies, it comes as something of a surprise to him to discover he has missed something completely obvious. NEW

"Interpersonal Dynamics" by Kass (NC-17) -- com·fort Pronunciation: \'k?m(p)-f?rt\ From Late Latin confortare to strengthen greatly. NEW

"Cassandra Never Did (But John Will)" by Devera (PG-13) -- Knowing or not. Saying or not. Life is as simple and as difficult as that. NEW

"(Don't Take Money) To Ride This Train" by paradise_city PG -- "Kidnapping! Coercion! And that Rod person sexually harassed me!" And yet somehow, John joined the expedition after all.

"Life, The Universe, and Everything" by nakedwesley R -- What would it take for Mensa!Sheppard to make a move on Rod?

"Absurdity Theory" by julad NC 17 -- "Maybe our unconscious bodies are lying on the floor of the conference room, and this is all a wacky dream." Zelenka looked at him. "I hate when stories end that way." - Hysterically funny.

"Begin Here" by otter NC 17 -- What scientists do when they're finished with all that saving-the-world business.

"The taste of maybe" by kat_lair PG 13 -- Scientists and food.

"The Secret Life of Scientists" by Julad R -- Cartoons and scientists and deadly situations. Funny and bittersweet.

"Connection" by Frostfire R -- He could work with Radek Zelenka the rest of his life and never, ever get bored.

"Beneath the Roses" by Julad PG 13 -- "You two, go rendezvous with Bates, tell him we found our lost sheep and the sheep is chewing out McKay for losing him in the first place." - Zelenka/Rodney and a jealous Sheppard

"Tanlines & Dogtags" by Icarus NC-17 -- Something about the moment struck Lorne and, as they say, old habits die hard. He eased the camera gently from its case in his pack and snapped the picture with a soft click.

"Just This Guy" by miss-zedem R - Phase one of getting over Major Lorne is easy...

"Empty Baseball Park" by dirty-diana NC 17 - Funny then, that he turns up here, and he's sleeping with his commanding officer again. Lorne wonders if there is a place that they can transfer him that's further from Earth.

"Across State Lines" by bluflamingo R -- "See you around," the guy says after, sitting at the bar and watching John shrug on his coat, and John thinks, or not.

"The First Cut Still Bleeds" by shetiger PG -- Rodney never shows up for that beer. (Sheppard/Mckay)

"Unspoken" by Anna PG-13 -- A training mission, and Ronon has his own ideas.

"Line of Command" by JaneDavitt R -- It takes him a lot longer than it should to work out why Ronon caves so readily when he's given a direct, uncompromising order.

"The secret garden" by emma_in_oz G -- A developing relationship

"Lesser Homes And Gardens" by wickedwords PG 13 -- A small injury leads to more.

"Unsingable Name" by 30toseoul NC-17 -- "He doesn't exactly make a habit of asking his commanders about their personal feelings toward fags."

"Day In, Day Out" by ana_grrl PG 13 -- Lorne is a precise man.

"A Solitary Tree" by ana-grrl PG -- Lorne likes trees. Still, there's something disconcerting about watching someone turn into a tree.

"Androdioecious" by Rachael Sabotini PG-13 -- Parrish has a roommate who can't tolerate plants.

"The Hitchiker's Guide to the Grunt and his Scientist" by kHo & foxxcub PG-13 -- Rule # 1: For every scientist, there is a grunt who loves them. (Mckay/Sheppard)

"The Botanist and His Major" by Ryann Blackwood R - Parrish becomes Lorne's scientist. (Mckay/Sheppard)

"Tree of Life" by lamardeuse NC-17 -- If Sheppard was sometimes a mystery to Evan, Parrish was a total cipher, but then a lot of the scientists were.

"A-Wandering" by l57371 (NC-17) -- "It's more than raining up here, Lieutenant. I think I saw Noah building a boat." NEW

"Crush" by Soraya PG 13 -- "Speaking of the Major, have you noticed the massive man-crush he has on Dr. McKay?"

Markham/Stackhouse "the first day" by 30toseoul R -- He didn't go after Markham. He didn't go after God either. He just lay there in the middle, like always.

Markham/Stackhouse "Shadows Hold Their Breath" by the old briar pipe PG 13 - Markham shouldn't have been there. Mckay/Lorne "crooked little mouth" by kHo NC 17 -- Rodney and Lorne get closer, Sheppard watches.

Mckay/Lorne "Eighteen Things Major Lorne (More or Less) Hates About the Pegasus Galaxy" by ana-grrl PG 13 - Sometimes things get really annoying.

Mckay/Ronon "Romancing Rodney (Or, Ronon Dex Gets His Man)" by msgordo PG 13 -- “I want your permission to court McKay.” - Crack Fic.

Mckay/Ronon "Team Spirit" by msgordo PG 13 -- It takes them a while but they're getting there.

Mckay/Ronon "Anomalies" by Sori NC 17 - The next day, they celebrated the successful activation of the system with sex against a tree. Or at least, Rodney celebrated and Ronon went along for the orgasm.

Lorne/Zelenka "Friday I'm In Love" by summerfling PG -- Looking at Rodney and the colonel, Zelenka thought, That isn't all gene. Looking at Lorne standing beside him, he thought, Perhaps this isn't, either.

Lorne/Zelenka "Falling" by lamardeuse R -- It was either a stroke or love. Right at the moment, it would have been difficult for Radek to say which was more inconvenient.

Lorne/Ronon "Top Gun isn’t gay (Okay maybe a little)" by bloodygoodgirl PG 13 - Ronon takes his romantic cues from one of the greatest movies ever. Made of silliness and fluff.

Lorne/m "The Good Kind of Mystery and Anticipation" by ana-grrl PG 13 - Lorne finds the stone outside of his quarters.

Ronon/Zelenka "Idioglossia" by mirabile dictu R -- They knew, Radek understood; they knew his fear and maybe shared it, but they were ready to go on.

Bates/Sumner "Apparent Horizon" by crimsonclad R -- It isn't until he gets the manifest that Sumner figures out that Atlantis is a suicide mission.

Bates/Sheppard "Don't Ask" by Sperrywink (NC-17) -- Aliens (Made Them Do It) challenge. Bates can't believe that Sheppard expects him to go through with this. NEW

Bates/Zelenka "Universal Constants" by alyse NC 17 -- He likes Zelenka a little too much but he's a little too naked to be going there.

Sheppard/Caldwell "Retromancy" by JiM NC-17 -- Steven Caldwell, if he were being honest, didn't really think he'd planned on sex with John Sheppard. Then Rodney finds out.

Sheppard/other, with Sheppard/McKay overtones: "Alexandria" by Gaia R -- Much has changed since John came to them through the portal, though he won't say where he came from or why.

Steve/Sheppard (sort of) "My Soul From Out That Shadow" by Frostfire PG-13 -- Steve has some issues.

McKay/Todd "post traumatic stress syndrome without the 'post'" by americanleaguer R -- He's going to have a miserable headache tomorrow morning. He narrows his eyes at Todd. "Why do I have Wraith memories in my head?"