William Shakespeare slash fic recs

Hamlet  Othello  Romeo & Juliet 

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"Tricks of the Wind" by rainbowjehan PG -- The wind in Denmark never stops blowing.

Hamlet/Horatio "Joys Ne'er Begun" by silverdragon262 PG -- A moment of comfort.

Hamlet/Horatio "Guestright" by prodigy G -- On his first visit to Castle Elsinore, Horatio finds it not entirely to his liking. - Beautifully written, and Horatio's jealousy for Laertes and his infatuation with his prince are so very palpable.

Hamlet/Horatio "Good Night, Sweet Prince" by Meltha R -- Horatio has survived and goes forth to tell Hamlet's story, but there is another story he will never tell.

Hamlet/Laertes "To-morrow, and To-morrow, and To-morrow" by rainbowjehan PG 13 -- It's too dark. It's too quiet. It's too cold. It doesn't matter.

Hamlet/Laertes "Variations on a Theme" by karla_yonit PG-13 -- Laertes/Hamlet in eight 20-word pieces.

"Forsaken" by Helens R -- Iago contemplates the bond between him and Othello, and Othello's ultimate betrayal.

Romeo & Juliet
Mercutio/Romeo, Mercutio/Tybalt
"Waste Our Lights In Vain" by Nifra Idril R -- Romeo will be as Romeo will be, and Mercutio will always be near at hand.

Mercutio/Benvolio "Brave Mercutio" by lark57 PG -- Mercutio does not dream.

Mercutio/Benvolio "Letters in the Dust" by cbizkit PG -- They had come to a point where they almost never went a day without seeing each other. Sometimes they spoke; sometimes they felt no need, even Mercutio, who lived to hear his own voice twist words to his whims."

Mercutio/Tybalt "50 Secret Meetings" by misao-kunoichi R -- Mercutio and Tybalt, a tragedy in 50 sentences.