Smallville het fic recs

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"Riding Lessons" by Christie PG-13 -- Lex teaches Lana one of his life philosophies.

Chloe/Lex "The First Smell" by Cam PG -- Lex smells . . . really well.

Lex/Chloe "What You Don't Know" (R) or "What You Don't Know (PG-13)" by Skauble -- She’s lost her memory. He’s lost his patience. Lex takes advantage of the opportunity that fate hands him, but how will he react to someone who doesn’t know enough to hate him?

Lex/Chloe "Would You Like Some Java With Your Snark?" by Plum_evil PG-13 -- The sharing of hot caffinated beverages leads to sharing of a different kind.

Clark/Chloe "Inhale" by Te NC 17 -- Clark's new power causes problems; Chloe is the solution.

Multiple pairings
"Five Ways Clark Kent Didn't Get Laid," by Celli Lane NC-17 -- Clark/Lana, Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lucas, Clark/Helen, Clark/Lex Five AU post-eps for "Suspect," "Rush," "Prodigal," "Fever," and "Rosetta." In each, Clark has sex ... maybe