Smallville slash fic recs

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"Watch," by W Hawthorne R -- Heat+Hormones+Telescope=this PWP that grew out of a chatroom conversation about Clark and Lex, and who likes to watch.

"Genesis,"by A Hack Writer PG-13 --

"Gotham Underground," by Dana NC-17 --Lionel threatens Clark; Lex offers protection. Special guest appearances by Bruce Wayne and his trusty manservant.

"Float," by Te NC-17 -- Self image and expression.

"A Life More Ordinary," by jenn R -- It wasn't sudden, and Lex didn't know it was happening until it had. And then he did. This story makes me smile. =)

"Numb," by midnightBlue0162 R -- Lex learns forgiveness.

"Beyond," by Moonlight Spike PG -- Love conquers all.

"Getting to Know You,"by ingrid R -- Getting to know all about you.

"Drift," by Rose Ferguson PG-13 -- Clark dreams. Although I'm not sure I agree with the Lana characterization, this story left me sighing happily nonetheless.

"Rainbows, Puppies, and Other Miracles,"by Alexia Eve G -- Lana and Clark need to have a Talk. Just a fun little discussion piece from fox1013

"The Silly Press Conference Story," by chelle PG-13--The title says it all.

"One Hundred Years," by oxoniensis R --*She uses such flowing narrative to create these simple, lovely moments. The images are alternately sharp and soft, painful and sweet, but they're all crystal-clear.*)-Beginnings inevitably lead to endings, but there is joy in the journey.-

"Wonderland," by rhiannonhero' NC-17-- PWP. First time-ish.

"Agenda," by lanning R -- *This story makes much more sense if you've read the rest of Lanning's Identical SV series, which I highly recommend in its entirety anyway. Every story in the series has excellent characterization, lots of details, and even more emotional breadth & depth.*)-In which many motives are revealed.-

"Primary," by velvetglove NC-17 --Colors. First in sequence. Most important. Clark and Lex thirteen years after their first meeting on the riverbank.

"Married Sex," by lexcorp_hope NC-17 -- Lex and Clark in pursuit of connubial bliss. Ten connected drabbles, at Thamiris' request.

"Not Less Than Everything," by Isagel NC-17 -- A condition of complete simplicity / (Costing not less than everything)

"Uncle Einar," by shrift PG-13 -- his story makes me grin madly every time I read it.)-Three meddling relatives, two adrenaline junkies, and one plate of attack potato salad.

"Cumulus," by Kat Reitz and tzigane PG-13 -- This story made me happy; its sequel really, really did not, so I'm not recommending or even linking it. -- the third story in the series, however, made things better again. Check out "Cirrostratus."])-Clark takes a muddy path to forgiveness.

"Inside Out," by corinna_5R -- AU Also check out her unofficial sequel -Hot town, summer in the city. June 1969 at the Stonewall. (Written for Nerodi's Historical Fiction Challenge.)

"What You Are Like In the Rain," by nifra_idril PG -- This is the night and this is Clark’s hand, outlined against your skin

"The Hands of Orpheus," by thamiris NC-17 -- Includes second season spoilers. As usual, Tham wrote something so full of vivid imagery that it left my head spinning.) Clark goes on a rescue-mission to Hell. This is what happens when Cocteau's Orpheus and Marlowe's Dr. Faustus meet in my brain.

"I and This Mystery," by kormanfanNC-17--*I and this mystery*/*here we stand*

"Mending," by alax NC-17 -- Lex mends. Clark helps.-

"I Am the Cheese," by bexless R -- This story is really funny, although I should warn you that you may never look at Swiss cheese the same way afterward -Written as an answer to The Literary Challenge. Lex is drunk. Clark is hungry. Title stolen without anything resembling permission from Robert Cormier. Everything else stolen from DC. Etc.

"Luthor Detail," by vissyNC-17 -- SVFF Challenge: Clark/Lex -- Futurefic. What if Clark never became Superman when he went to Metropolis, but instead really was bumbling reporter, Clark Kent? Since Lex is not Clark's arch nemesis, how would this affect their relationship?

"Orpheus And Icarus In Metropolis" by zahra-- No one is going to win when this is all over: Lex will still want revenge and Clark is still going to feel however he feels.

"The Rules of Blue" by Thamiris NC-17-- [Smallville/Superman] Romanti-porn comedyish future-fic thing. Of boys and rules, heroes and bombs

"Rebuilding Pinocchio: A Real Boy Funky Remix" by Mara Celes PG 13-- Walk on water, walk through walls.

"Rainbow Sign" by RivkaT -- "I'm looking for Clark Kent," he said.

"Demarcation" by Livia -- Lex gets Superman and Clark might get Lex.

"Meanwhile, back in Metropolis..." by Punk NC-17 -- You are not exclusively the brawn, and he is not always the brains.

"The Milk and Cookies War" by Punk PG -- Lex Luthor's Penthouse for Wayward Boys.

"Bugging Clark" by Jojo PG -- Clark says sorry

"Sleep while I drive" by Jenn NC 17 -- Clark, Lex, a road trip and decisions.

"Spare Change" by crimsonclad PG -- There was a time when Lex knew nothing about the magic of exact change.

"A Figure in Hiding" by Lady Angel R -- Lex is accused of murder and the CSI team figures things out. And watches.

"Doomsday" by suzvoy PG 13 -- "The enemy has been destroyed." His voice was surprisingly strong, considering.

"Photographic Evidence" by Soraya R -- President Luthor cheats on his husband. Only he doesn't.

"Promise" by Ruby PG -- After all, Lex had promised and Lex never breaks his promises, not to Clark anyway.

"Not Yet" by Ruby NC 17 -- Clark and Lex take the next step. Sequel to "Promise"

"Don't Cry" by xoverau PG 13 -- Diabetics and vampires beware. There's sweetness and light ahead, and a touch of sad too. I'd almost say AU, 'cept I like to think this is one possibility. Takes place a matter of days after Jitters.

"Karma Demands" by Shrift NC 17 -- "Well, Clark, I can't imagine walking with anyone else on a rural road outside of Smallville in the middle of the night after my car's been sexually molested by a rogue farm animal."

"Purple" by Dayspring NC 17 -- Lex is hurt, Clark helps and Martha watches.

"Sleeping on the Wing" by Brancher PG 13 -- Lex figures it out.

"Snow, Poets, Rum and Love" by mako PG -- Rich boy toys, Shakespeare, hot cocoa and Clex. Happy and quiet and good. :)

"Ties" by Jojo NC 17 -- Clark is busy, believes Lois and arguments start

"Le Dormeur du Val" by Pun NC 17 -- It's not easy being Superman and sometimes Clark just needs to stop.

"The Terrible Conflagration Up at the Place" by zahra R -- Chocolate powder? It's the best idea ever. Lex tries to cook, Clark helps out.

"And Warrior Angel Makes Three" by zahra PG -- Lex doesn't really like the Superman costume.

"Marry Into The Family" by Julad PG 13 -- Lex stands up and puts an arm each around his father and Clark. "Isn't this wonderful? Two minutes after the announcement, and we're already behaving like a proper Luthor family."

"The Pragmatist" by nifra-idril PG 13 -- Learning to follow in ten steps.

"Kill Switch" by sa NC 17 -- Lex gets what he wants. Angsty.

"Kryptobiology" by Meret NC 17 -- A new facet of alien puberty, or rather, Clark's dick starts talking to him. Crack!fic

"Even Honesty is Financial Speculation" by Zahara NC 17 -- "I may not tell the truth, but I don't lie."

Multiple pairings
"Five Ways Clark Kent Didn't Get Laid," by Celli Lane NC-17 -- Clark/Lana, Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lucas, Clark/Helen, Clark/Lex Five AU post-eps for "Suspect," "Rush," "Prodigal," "Fever," and "Rosetta." In each, Clark has sex ... maybe