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Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles 

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Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles

"Still the Prettiest in the Land" by hackthis R -- Being pretty is fucking hard work, but nobody appreciates this. Ever. No one ever looks at Tom and thinks "I bet he scratches himself in inappropriate places" or "Hey, I bet he's really good at quantum physics." (also Smallville RPS)

"never bargained for you" by estrella30 R -- The first time it happens they’re both drunk and maybe more than a little stoned.

"You Break It, You Bought It, And Other Rules to Live By" by Leonore NC17 -- Rules were meant to be broken.

"South of the Border" by Leonore NC17 -- Tequila shots. Bondage. Boys on vacation.

"Morning Light" by estrella30 NC17 -- Epilogue of sorts to

Six Degrees.

"Six Degrees" by estrella30 NC17 -- Everyone knows everyone else. And then there's sex.

"Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt: You’re breaking my heart" by elmo_loves_me NC17 -- Jensen hates promotional parties. There’s no way around it, he just flat out, no holds barred, check your coat at the door because it’s going to be a rough night hates them. WIP

"It Always Seems Like a Good Idea at the Time" by joyfulgirl41 NC17 -- Jensen sees Jared every fucking day, every day they film, and somehow on their days off too.

"Finding His Place" by dhvana NC17 -- Jared inadvertently creates a rift between himself and Jensen, and he has to find out whether or not it can be closed.

"Second Thoughts" by dhvana NC17 -- JJared woke the next morning to find himself half smothered beneath Jensen’s weight, his mind swimming with confusion as he roused himself from his waking haze. -- the sequel to

Finding His Place

"The Dukes, a 'stang and the Six Degrees get Closer" by writeontarget NC17 -- Jared sits perched above the dance floor, little more than a space that’s been cleared amongst the bodies, fake laughter and ice swans.

"Body Language (all three parts)" by elmo_loves_me NC17 -- Watching Jared squirm on that couch, a couch made of what looked like the same leather as Dean’s coat, was some sort of supreme torture.

"Cover" by nevcolleil NC17 -- Jensen didn’t often have a problem with the co-star thing, but he knew it happened.

"the moon is chasing me" by estrella30 NC17 --- Jensen’s had just enough to drink that Jared’s tongue in his mouth isn’t weird, but necessary.

"Count the Ways" by estrella30 NC17 --- He looks over toward the set wondering what the hell's keeping Jared, and sees that Jared, apparently, wasn't done with his scene yet..

"Where It Starts" by estrella30 NC17 --- It’s like this. Jensen’s lying on his back blowing smoke rings up at the ceiling.

"Leaving The Known Highway" by HalfshellVenus R --- There’s acting and then there’s being, and seeing the difference and crossing that bridge are two different things; why does Jensen have to make it look so easy?

"End of Our Days" by writeontarget and kissedbythegods -- They find another radio station, so quiet through the static that Jensen has to press his ear against the speaker to hear it. They catch fragmented words, like gossip in a game of Telephone. Disease. Virus. Terrorism. Three hours. Scientist. Apocalypse. Prayer. Goodbye.

"Untitled" by ethrosdemon -- “I don’t like fighting.” His voice is chewed up. There’s something there that Jensen doesn’t want to get into while standing in the parking lot of a bar. Or while Mike’s around.Jensen’s fucking stunned when Jared shows up with a cast on his hand Monday

"Wherein Jared is Totally and Completely Secure in His Sexuality, Thanks. Part 1)" by keepaofthecheez R -- Jared was completely secure in his sexuality. He wore pink and flip-flops even when he wasn’t at the beach, and had no difficulty expressing his emotions or affection to other guys.

"Wherein Jensen Plays Hard to Get, and Jared is Determined. Part 2)" by keepaofthecheez NC 17 -- Jensen considered himself a pretty laid back individual. He didn’t get upset over things a warm beer and pizza could fix, and he tended to shake of the stuff that it couldn’t. Spastic freak-outs weren’t his style; he left those to his co-star.

"Wherein Jared Breaks Up With Sandy and her Awesome Boobs, and Jensen Gets Really Really Drunk. Again. Part 3)" by keepaofthecheez NC 17 -- Jared loved network parties.

"The One Where Jensen Rises to the Occasion." by keepaofthecheez NC 17 -- Jensen fucking hated waking up before the sun.

"Special Circumstances apply" by veronamay R -- Jensen, Jared, and a guitar lesson.

"On the Cusp. The Hem. (or: Two Megapixel Hero)" by the_oscar_cat NC 17 -- The first picture is pretty blurred and doesn't make a whole lotta sense. It looks kinda like a small woodland creature, all up-close, like Jensen fell on it or something and the camera in his phone went off

"Policy" by annella NC 17 -- Jared's been home for two minutes, and he's already got his dick buried in Jensen's throat.

"Not By Half" by estrella30 NC 17 -- Which is why, when him and Jared start fucking around, Jensen thinks he's officially lost his mind.

"Well They Said You Was High Class (all three parts)" by Impertinence NC17 -- Jensen doesn't know much, but he does know this: there is no way on God's green earth he is ever going to sleep with Jared.

"Jared wasn’t really sure what the hell he was thinking, coming here" by keepaofthecheez NC17 -- GilmoreGirls!Jared and Smallville!Jensen meet for the first time.First story in this verse, all other parts are

linked here! (scroll down to start at the beginning). New OTP!verse

Part 1 "Merrily On High",

Part 2 "Almost Midnight",

Part 3 "...and if this is the only thing I want" by estrella30 NC17 -- bartender!Jensen, student!Jared - Bar!verse AU;

"In this moment" by destina NC17 -- Jensen/Jared comfortfic.

"Tequila - A Love Story" by Tuuli (tuuli1109) NC17 -- Tequila can make you do the most unpredictable things...

"A Cold Vancouver Night" by Piratelf G -- You’d just have to come up with your own reasons as to why they’re sleeping in the same bed.

" "superhero" " by jezzabe PG13 -- In which Jensen is a superhero. Or not.

"The Courtship of One Jared Padalecki or How Jensen Ackles Drives Men to Sexual Deviancy " by notthequiettype NC17 -- Jared and Jensen go on their first date. And their second. And their third. Jensen's a gentleman and Jared wants to change that

"Dangerously" by annella NC17 -- student!Jared and teacher!Jensen (Jared's hot new teacher, Mr Ackles, is a pushover). AU - First story in this verse, all other parts are

linked here! (scroll down to start at the beginning). More stories in this verse can be found

here. "Catalogue of kisses" by missyjack PG13 -- Kisses mean different things in Hollywood and Vancouver

"Please Leave Your Taste On My Tongue" by waterofthemoon R -- Boys making out and being schmoopy and sexy. Also, lazy morning humping.

"Plain to See" by 22by7 PG13 -- Plain to See Or, Jensen’s Long-Postponed Eye Checkup

"Find That Handsome Devil" by watersword NC17 -- When Jensen tilts over and kisses him, wet and soft and needy, Jared just goes with it, and kisses back. He can freak out later

"I Think He Likes Me" by immoralilly R -- Now my body is shaking like a wave on the water./And I guess that I'm beginning to grin.

"Jen, They're Just Girls" by frances_veritas R -- Jensen is scared of fangirls. Jared tries to soothe him.

"Coming Clean" by kentucka PG -- Many rumors ranked around the relationship.

"Figured You Out" by la_bond_girl NC17 -- Jared thinks he's got Jensen figured out. Except that he has not.

"A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed" Part I and

Part II by albydarned NC17 -- Sundays are Jared’s favorite day of the week – unlimited sleeping, video games, and Jensen.

"I'd Rather Be The Elephant" by lissa-bear R -- On nights like this, he's just another good 'ol boy—they all are—and with Mike and Jared arm wrestling, leaning over the table, cussing and shit talking, Tommy egging them on, it's easy for Jensen to pretend that the rest of the world sees them that way, too.

"if we live to see the other side of this" by light-up R -- Three months of off time come and go. Jared spent a month in LA, sleeping, drinking, and eating, until he and Sandy finally called it quits.

"no burden is he, to bear [we’ll get there]" by mijmeraar R -- Jared’s in the foyer in those grey, threadbare sweatpants that hangloose on his hips; same one’s Jensen likes to wear, the cuffs frayingfrom length.

"Good night, Moon." by Emilia PG -- Jared is sad and Jensen tries to cheer him up.

"Better Than Birthday Cake [Having It and Eating It]" by Mari NC17 -- Written in honor of Jensen's birthday, March 1.

"Hard Candy" by Audra Rose R -- Unconventional use of chocolate...

"Extra, Extra (Read All About It)" by sarcasticpixie PG-13 -- A network season in the lives of our two Noble Heroes, told epistolary/scrapbook-style.

"In Which jared Becomes A Disney Princess" by larouxvixen R -- In which Jared has a massive girly crush on Jensen, gently stalks him, spittakes all over a bar, gets told by Chris, and discovers that Freud would have a lot to say about both his and Jensen's psyches.

"More Than You Know" by nutkin R -- Jared and Jensen go on a roadtrip.

"Try not to Breath" by nu-breed NC-17 -- Jensen always crushes on straight boys. Jared always flirts. Jensen thinks too much. Jared doesn’t really think at all.

"A Winter's Distance" by liath NC-17 -- It's too cold in L.A., but Jensen's even colder in Texas. Jared just wants things to be the way they should.

"Don't Have To Be." by digitalized_ R -- Jensen sort of sucks at relationships. And he thinks that Jared's actually a girl.

"Tom-Watching" by Tasabian NC-17 -- Jared isn't sure how he feels about Tom and Jensen's friendship.

"Sources [and those Unidentified Famous Oddballs]." by mijmeraar PG-13-- Sources say Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, from the CW’s Supernatural, were out shopping together yesterday. For His and Her towels, I wonder?

"To" by Tasabian NC-17 -- Jared isn't sure how he feels about Tom and Jensen's friendship.

"To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts" and the follow-up

"Say What You Need" by lostt1 NC-17 -- College AU. Jared is a DJ at the South Texas University radio station. Jensen is a grad student with a thing for the sophomore DJ. Things happen. and Jared's graduation should be a time of celebration. Of course, things don't always go as planned.

"A Breath Away From Where We Are (Parts I to IV)" by annkiri NC-17 -- Sometimes it takes a while to see what is right in front of you.

"The Nearness of You" by annkiri PG-13 -- Breakfast in bed.

"This, that and them." by mijmeraar R -- It’s not about the second chances. It’s about the thirds, fourths, fifths, forever.

"Derelict" by tru_faith_lost NC-17 -- Jared buys a ring and realizes too late he gave it to the wrong person.

"Gypsy Prophesies And Scientific Studies Of Celestial Objects" by caramel_maddy R -- What happens when a psychic tells two straight guys that they're soul mates?

"It's Pronounced Husband and Husband" by dev-earl NC-17 -- jared padalecki is arranged to marry jensen ackles. no matter how hot the guy is, he's not keen on the idea. nope.

"Open Doors" by light-up NC-17 -- They've been heading this way since the beginning, really, and part of him wishes it could've happened last year, when they were on a high and the show still felt like it was theirs. After that, everything went downhill.

"User Friendly" by Brenda NC-17 -- When you've got a big dick and charm to spare, you can get away with almost anything.

"Camping" by calleigh_dee NC-17 -- Prompt: Cleaning up - Slash, Rimming.

"At Your Doorstep" by nutkin NC-17 -- AU - Jared is unemployed and addicted to the Home Shopping Network; Jensen works for UPS.

"Tilted" and

"Tilted: Out of True" by thehighwaywoman NC-17 -- AU, other parts are linked in the story -- It's freezing outside, chill fingers of arctic ocean breeze seeping in through the cracks in doors and windows, but if anyone asked Jared right now he'd have to admit he's not bothered by the cold at all.

"L.A. Story" by kestrelsan NC-17 -- Jensen's kind of clueless

"When You Call My Name, I Know My Life's Begun" by verbalavalanche NC-17 -- All his life as an actor, Jared has only ever lied in an interview once.

"here i am (and here comes the landslide)" by notthequiettype NC-17 -- December fifth comes faster than Jensen expects it to. There's a small wrap party type thing, but most of the crew is too worried about paying bills and finding other work to even consider enjoying themselves.

"Witching Hour" by Kiera Kingsley NC-17 -- What happens one night, on Hallowe’en and late in a cold September.

"Because of the wonderful things he does" by sazzlette NC-17 -- Jensen needs a new agent.

"The Pendulum Appears to Swing Back and Forth" by verbalavalanche NC-17 -- They say be careful what you wish for. (Sam/Dean)

"The Eyelash Effect" by runedgirl R -- A day ago standing in Jensen’s kitchen, holding beers, hanging out would have been normal. But because an eyelash fell onto the cheek of an actor in an Indian restaurant in Vancouver Canada all bets are off.

"One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…Oh Damn" by Mandy NC-17 -- Wherein tequila makes Jared really horny and Jensen gay.

"Coffeemaker Fettuccini and a Silver Ring" by thehighwaywoman PG-13 -- In which Jared decides he wants to propose and discovers that it's not as easy as it sounds.

"Sleep In Heavenly Peace" by laceandgrace PG-13 -- Jensen sings Jared to sleep..

"Buy One, Get One Free" by stellamira NC-17 -- Jensen gives Jared a very special Christmas present..

"trust me not to think (and not to sleep around)" by audrarose (NC-17) -- Jensen's a little drunk and Jared's a lot jealous. NEW

"Five Times Jared Gets Jealous" by villiageidiot (NC-17) -- Five Times Jared Gets Jealous NEW

"I Love The Unknown" by finn21 (PG-13) -- The worst case scenario by Jensen Ackles. NEW

"The Games Men Play" by dark_reaction and miss_begonia (NC-17) -- Remember Footloose? Boy on boy vis a vis TRACTORS? Well, we got rid of the tractors. NEW

"Hate, Hate, Hate, Double Hate, Loathe Entirely" by dollydolittle (R) -- Jensen hates Jared and Jared hates Jensen. If it’s opposite day.. NEW

"If I Were Gay" by dollydolittle (R) -- AlternateReality - Jared decides he's gay and for some reason Jensen has to be his support system while he's dating. NEW

"Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers!" by crackedbuthappy (NC-17) -- Jensen is a disgruntled uncle on a mission for the perfect tee ball mitt, Jared is the weird guy who hands out stickers at the Wal-Mart entrance – who may or may not be a little slow. He smiles a lot, okay! NEW

"I'm Ready to Change My Facebook Relationship Status If You Are" by chash (R) -- Jensen is never hooking up with a prospective student again. NEW