Spiderman slash fic recs


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"All Roads Lead to Rome" by hackthis PG 13 -- Still, it's not like Peter catches Harry looking through his stuff, but he just seems to know anyway. He doesn't accuse Harry or anything, he just looks at him with those eyes, and Harry goes out and gets shit-faced drunk.

"Recompense" by akussa -- Don't hurt Peter.

"The Bed You Made" by hackthis -- This is not how itís supposed to go.

"My Name is Inigo Montoya" by hackthis -- Spider-Man blinks. Nothing has to change.

"House of Cards" by Sinister Emporium -- Non Con "To friends, Peter," he faintly remembers Harry saying.

"Resolution" by CCCarioca PG 13 -- A chance meeting on a graveyard...

"Impatiently For The Lord" by Abaddon R -- Remembering.