Supernatural gen fic recs

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"You Get What You Give" by alethialia PG 13 -- Obviously Halloween had turned his baby brother into some kind of hell-demon from, like, hell, here to torture him when all he wanted to do was keep people safe and not be a friggin’ M&M.

"All Coiled Up and Hissin'" by coffee-in-bed PG -- Jo likes sharp things.

"No Excuse for a Wasted Life" by cofax PG 13 - Jo Harvelle picks her battles.

"Goodbye in Many Languages" by sevenfists PG 13 - Things change; people change; people leave. Jo left. She's still leaving—still calling, still thinking about home. She's not all the way gone.

"Some Sounds You'll Sleep Through" by trollprincess PG 13 -- "Yes, Dean, I sent your dog a subliminal message to pee all over the Impala," he says, "and you might want to check your favorite boots while you're at it." - Sam's first week at college isn't only hard on him.

"Where You Land" by sevenfists PG -- "And on the seventh day, He rested," Sam said out loud. - The week after Jess' death.

"Paradise Where You Choose It" by scribblinlenore PG -- Paradise is open to interpretation.

"Grass Don't Grow" by lithium_doll PG -- A case file that could have happened on the show. The brothers, their problems and their way to deal with them are completely in character.

"under a haystack" by janissa11 R -- A curse turns Dean into a 7 year old and Sam has to deal with it.

"Bargains" by marinarusalka PG-13 -- I have just sent a bird to make me an appointment with the queen of Faerie so that I can trade my brother for a couple of feathers. My life is now officially too fucking weird.

"Five minutes to the end of the world (whatcha gonna do?)" by Selena R -- “You know, if you ignore the fact that we’re gonna die, it’s actually pretty.” - Ten years from now, Sam and Dean face the end of the world like they face everything else.

"The Only People for Me Are the Mad Ones" by ignipes PG 13 -- The demon is gone. The job is finished. And life goes on. It sure as hell ain't happily ever after, but it's close enough.

"A Stand-Up Man" by alethialia PG -- It was times like these that Sam thought he really did have the weirdest brother on Earth.

"Untitled" by boonies PG -- "I fail to see how raising a kid with my dead brother is normal."

"Like Riding a Bike" by astrothsknot -- Partly takes place Christmas 1982/October 2001, In which Sam and Dean Winchester learn to Ride a Bike

"Nothing Else Matters" by kelex -- The tighter you hold onto something, the faster it slips through your fingers.

"Crash" by maygra R -- Sam has no choices. And neither does Dean. Not in this. - The brothers after the crash.

"The Late Late Late Show" by cadhla PG -- Dean and Sam need to stop an invasion of zombies that doesn't technically exist.

"First Time Dean met Sam" by shallowz PG -- The first time Dean met Sam

"Because I Could Not Stop for Death (He Kindly Stopped for Me)" by kroki-refur R - Sam and Dean are dead. Except they're kind of not.

"One Shot" by trolllogicfics PG 13 -- “You sold me a haunted car, Bobby.”

"Possessions" by etben PG -- By Sam's count, the car's been possessed four times since they got it.

"Unfinished Business" by trollprincess PG -- AU following "In My Time of Dying", in which things go very, very wrong. Okay, even more wrong.

"The Density of Blood" by Guede Mazaka R -- They’re all bastards, she thinks as she grinds the heels of her hands into her eyes. They all stop coming back.

"Soonest Mended" by amchara PG - Dealing with the fallout, the best way she knows- head-on. Coda for Episode 14: Born Under A Bad Sign

The Demon, John
"Tchaikovsky's Another One Bites The Dust" by uschickens G -- "Ain't that a kick in the intellectual construction." The demon and John in hell. - Crack!Fic

Sherri "When The Mirror Is Empty" by trollprincess PG 13 -- She says she doesn’t have a sister and is pretty sure they don’t believe her.

original characters, the Winchesters "Accidents Will Happen" by Holli PG - Some Goth teenagers accidentally resurrect John Winchester. No, seriously.

Seri "Don't Look Back" by cupiscent PG 13 - It's amazing how much your life can be shaped by one incident, and a little heavy knowledge.

God, Lilith "And Find for Herself a Place of Rest" by meyerlemon PG 13 - “Yes, Lilith. You are my daughter. But Adam is my son.” NEW