Without a trace het fic recs

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"Don't cry, you can't kill the dead" by abrupte R - So, I've been hanging out with your dead girlfriend, she's pretty cool.

"All Fall Down" by Brinny R -- The first five times that Dean meets Jo, he doesn't love her.

"Just a girl" by niz4 NC 17 -- Phone calls and hatred and something else.

"The Boy Who Fell" by flipmontigirl R -- He falls in love four times. - The story deals too easily with the incest issue for my taste but I really like the style and the first three parts.

"The Extremely Smooth Seduction (And Donít Let Anyone Ever Tell You Otherwise) Of Dr. Badass" by trollprincess NC 17 - Jo does not want to be a virgin when she heads off to college, and what good is a best friend if not for a back-up plan?

"Straight On 'Til Morning" by trollprincess R -- Mary survived.

"A Little White Lie Here And There Never Hurt Anybody" by trollprincess R -- Twenty things Jessica Moore never told Sam Winchester.

"No, Make Something Up" by trollprincess R -- You think being honest is hard, but then again, so are most things that save lives. AU

"this ain't the world we live in, kids" by trollprincess PG -- Sam knows Jessica's father.

"'Tis A Gift To Be Simple, My Ass" by trollprincess R -- Jess and Sam's relationship is a tapestry of lies.

"tangled tongues and lips" by estrella30 NC 17 -- This is what she can do.

"count the headlights on the highway" by elohvee R -- He didn't expect them to talk.

"like a bubble heading for a spike" by oxoniensis R - He likes to pretend the mystery doesn't excite him, but it does. He thinks she probably knows.

"Grandcars" by derryderrydown PG -- "Your car got my truck pregnant." - Crack fic.